R. Dollieslager's English 111
Weekly Schedule, Spring 2003

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This schedule will be updated frequently, so check it often.

Week One

Tuesday, 1/14 In class: 1). Set up an email account you can access from anywhere; 2). Geocities registration and workshop
a.) Instructions for registering with Geocities for web page building.
b.) Instructions for uploading a document file to Geocities Web Page Builder.
c.) Instructions for uploading a picture or other .jpg image to Geocities Web Page Builder.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 1/16: First, take this link to the Guide to Grammar and Writing and read about how to identify thesis statements. Then press the back key to return here.
Second, read this essay about succeeding as a student, and write out the thesis or identify the paragraph in which the thesis is located.
Third, read about "webfolio" projects, and identify or paraphrase the thesis of the article.

Thursday, 1/16 In class: Discuss readings
Homework for Tuesday, 1/21: Read these two on-line essays and turn in the readings quiz at the start of class.

Week Two

Tuesday, 1/21 Turn in a copy of your readings quiz at the start of class. I will return them to you "graded" on Thursday along with an evaluation sheet which shows which course objectives were met in the assignment.
Homework for Thursday 1/23: Make a timeline of milestones, significant events, rites of passage, and other defining moments in your life.

Thursday, 1/23 1.) Discuss guidelines for evaluation of the critical reading exercise. 2.) Discuss the grading contract methods and procedures. 3.) Discuss topics for the first paper, a personal experience essay about a defining moment in your life.
Homework for Tuesday 1/23: Draft of the "defining moment" personal experience essay is due at the start of class. Section 11, (9:30-10:45), use the timelines you made to select one incident that you have experienced which you wish to write about as a defining moment. Anyone who did not make class on Thursday, in either section 11 or section 14, send me an email (dollier@tncc.vccs.edu) about what your topic is, and check your email afterwards to get my feedback and approval of the topic. Please bear in mind, folks, that you can't compress three years of life experience into a three-page essay.
Guidelines for production and evaluation of the personal experience essay.

Week Three

Tuesday, 1/28 Writing workshop: Discuss first drafts of the "defining moment" essay. Begin peer review.

Thursday, 1/30 Writing workshops:
Section 11 (9:30-10:45), discuss first drafts of the "defining moment" essay. Begin peer review.
Revision/peer review readings: Use the posted "Guidelines" document for this assignment. In addition, Read this revision and editing advice and checklist from the Guide to Grammar and Writing at Capital Community and Technical College in Hartford, Connecticut.
Essays will be turned in after peer review at the end of class next Tuesday, 2/4.

Section 14 (11:00-12:15), Read this revision and editing advice and checklist from the Guide to Grammar and Writing at Capital Community and Technical College in Hartford, Connecticut.
Peer review and final revisions and editing of defining moment essay. Essays will be turned in for my evaluation today.

Homework for Tuesday 2/4 (both sections)--Readings on electronic research and learning: 1). The new text. Is it new?
2). Learning at a distance, then and now.
Readings on anaylzing Internet resourses: 1) Advice from educational technologist Alan November.
2). Guidelines from technology research librarians Esther Grassian (UCLA) and
3). Elizabeth Kirk (Johns Hopkins)

Week Four

Tuesday, 2/4
In class: Discussion of readings. Section 11, turn in "defining moment" papers.

Thursday, 2/6 In class: Small group exercise on analyzing Internet sources. (This will be fun. No kidding!)

Week Five

Tuesday, 2/11
Assignment: In-class discussion of Analyzing Internet Resources.

Thursday, 2/13
Section 11 (9:30-10:45) Turn in errors analysis at the end of class today. Section 14, begin errors analysis.
Reading assignment for 2/18: We will be moving into the conventions of documenting sources next. To prepare, read Chapter 11 in Writing Essentials, then Chapter 10 (a sample researched paper). In addition, go to the MLA research paper section of the GGW, get familiar with how it is organized and how to navigate it, and make sure that you "bookmark" it on your browser because you will be visiting it very, very frequently in the next couple of months. Here is the direct link: http://www.ccc.commnet.edu/mla/index.shtml

Week Six

Tuesday, 2/18
Assignment: Analyzing Internet Resources. Turn this in at the start of class on Tuesday.
(Folks, please make sure that you have not recreated any of the editing errors in this project that were marked on your previous paper and about which you wrote the errors analysis assignment.)
Guide sheet for production and evaluation of Exercise on Analyzing Internet Resources
Discussion of reading assignments

Thursday, 2/20
Collaborative in-class works cited exercise.
Take 15 minutes, and not a second more, to make a works cited entry for each of the sites that you wrote about in the previous assignment on Analyzing Internet Resources. Then, along with the other members of your "pod," discuss whether each works cited entry produced by each writer is correct. If the members of your group are not in complete agreement, then consult with your other colleagues in the class. Remeber the points we discussed Tuesday about documenting on-line sources.

Folks, this is your opportunity to collaborate, learn from each other, and get this right. Don't take it lightly and don't blow it off; you can't pass English 111 if you can't demonstrate that you understand the works cited conventions for documenting your sources. This is something you will do over and over in your academic writings.

Week Eight

Tuesday, 3/4
Homework Assignment: Read the following information about writing summaries prior to Tuesday's class.
In addition, read sections 9 and 11 of Writing Essentials, and the sections of the GGW which are related to in-text (parenthetical) citations in research papers (same thing covered in sections 9 & 11 of W.E.); information in GGW on documenting and punctuating direct quotes; and the information in GGW on writing summaries.
At the start of class, you may spend no more than five minutes comparing your works cited entries to those of your colleagues sitting near you. If you are satisfied that they are correct, turn the assignment in. If you want to make further corrections, turn the assignment in to me in my office by 2:00 p.m. (EST Tuesday, 3/4).

Thursday, 3/6
In-class: Summary writing workshop
Summary assignment is due by 2:00 p.m., Friday, 3/7. Place it in my mailbox in room 857 or send it to me as an email attachment in MS Word (".doc") format only. (Before 2:01 p.m. Friday.)

Week Nine

Tuesday, 3/18
Workshop on summary writing and in-text documentation of sources.

Thursday, 3/20
Due: Documented summary assignment
Due: Revisions/corrections of any projects returned on Tuesday, 3/18
In-class research: Begin readings to select the service learning or careeer exploration paths that will determine the content of your papers in the second half off the semester.

This week we will begin an exploration of the concept of "community," at the end of which you will elect to do a series of related assignments in one of two tracks. Track one will be community service projects. Track two will familiarize you with your academic and professional communities. Track one will culminate in a sequence of service learning assignments which you can preview by taking this link. Although we are not ready to start these assignments just yet (and you might opt for "track two" instead) you will become familiar with the concept by reading these sample service learning project papers of some students who chose this option in the Fall 2001 semester. There are more samples of service learning project papers in the web folios index from 2001-2002, and from the index of webfolios from the Fall 2002 English 111 classes. By the end of week 10, you will choose your "community" track for the rest of the term.

You may either: 1. opt to do community service with a not-for-profit organization and write about the service learning experience.

Or: 2. explore your academic and professional community with this sequence of assignments:

Week Ten

Tuesday, 3/25
Due: Extra credit papers (one or two one-page reviews of the approved cultural events from March 7th and March 18th). These will apply toward any work that was due prior to mid-term.

Thursday, 3/27
Explore or choose a major or your career field with these career links
Access information about Peninsula L.I.N.K. or other not-for-profit service agencies on the Peninsula
Assignment for Tuesday, 4/1: Thoroughly research the career and community service links posted above, and research the webfolios from previous semesters (posted in week nine above) to determine whether you will do career exploration or service learning projects in the next few weeks. Write a memo to me, persuading me to approve your "track" (career exploration or service learning). I will approve it if you prove to me that you have accessed the resources necessary for completion of the career exploration assignments; or if you have decided upon and have already visited or have set up an appointment with the volunteer coordinator of the agency or organization with which you will volunteer. You must begin the volunteer service in week eleven.

Week Eleven

Tuesday, 4/1
Approval of topics for next two researched essays.
NelsonOnline pregistration workshop, following these posted instructions.

Thursday, 4/3
Workshop: In whatever way you need to use the class time, work on the first researched essay. I will be at a meeting in Roanoke, so I won't be available to assist you, but if you want me to preview your papers on Monday, before you turn them in for evaluation on Tuesday, I will be in my office during my scheduled office hours. Mr. D.

Week Twelve

Tuesday, 4/8
First researched essay due at the start of class.
Guidesheet for preparation of "Career Field Analysis"
Guidesheet for preparation of "Service Learning Project: Overview of the Organization

Thursday, 4/10
NelsonOnline pregistration workshop, (Part II) following these posted instructions.
Workshop: Begin second researched essay.
Please note: The reflective service learning journals and the career field research journals are projects you do for your own benefit. They will not be turned in for me to evaluate.

Attention: Late papers and late revisions will no longer be accepted for evaluation, for any reason.

Week Thirteen

Tuesday, 4/15
Workshop: Web folios

Thursday, 4/17
Peer review workshop: Draft of second researched essays due for peer review.

Week Fourteen

Tuesday, 4/22
Second researched essay due at start of class.

Thursday, 4/24
Workshop: Web folios
Take this link to the web folios index, which was typed by one of your English 111 colleagues from information taken from the notepad which was passed around last week and on Tuesday. It's a good thing you had to type all of your papers for this class because y'all don't have very good handwriting. A lot of the entries were illegible or indecipherable, so many of the links will not work. Let's get them corrected during class so that we can follow the instructions on the peer review page. You are required to participate in the peer review of your colleagues' web folios.

Due: Monday morning, 4/28 at 8 a.m., I will begin evaluating the web folios. This will give you a couple extra days and the weekend to perfect the web folios. Use the time wisely: there will be no extensions and no exceptions.
At 8:00 a.m. Monday, I will also post readings. See the entry at Monday's date below.

Week Fifteen

Monday, 4/28:
Readings that will help you to prepare for the in-class final. If you read them, you will be prepared for Tuesday's class. If you don't, you probably won't do very well on the final, which we will write in class on Tuesday and Thursday.
Additionally, I will begin evaluting web folios at 8:00 a.m.

Tuesday, 4/29
Begin in-class final essay.

Thursday, 5/1
Finish and turn in in-class final essay

Week Sixteen

Tuesday, 5/6
Section 14 (T-Th 11-12:15 class) Final at 12:00-1:45.
Final: Corrections to Web Folios and final essay. Post final essay.

Thursday, 5/8
Section 11 (T-Th 9:30-10:45 class) Final at 10:00-11:45.
Final: Corrections to Web Folios and final essay. Post final essay.

Semester has ended. You have survived! Live long and prosper.

Help from Geocities in building your pages:

Hey! This is very important, so read it.

Don't keep asking me things like, "How do I add text, backgrounds, links, sound, color, images to my web site?" Instead, go here to the Geocities Page Builder help site index.

And for gosh sakes, quit asking me, "How can I overlap text onto graphics to make clickable buttons?" Here are the instructions on how to use layer controls.

Still have questions about how to do something on the Page Builder? So do thousands of other people, and just as many have answers, so try a keyword search on your favorite search engine, and I'm just betting you will get your answers. So just go on out there and make yourselves some web sites. You can do it!

Clip art, animation, and backgrounds:
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