R. Dollieslager's English 111 Weekly Schedule,
Fall 2001

"Imagine there's no countries; it isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for . . ." John Lennon

"From a distance, you look like my friend, even though we are at war." Julie Gold

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Week One

Assignment for Wednesday, 8/22:
First, take this link to read about how to identify thesis statements; then press the back key to return here.
Second, read this essay about succeeding as a student, and write out the thesis or identify the paragraph in which the thesis is located.

Assignment for Thursday 8/23 or Friday 8/24:
Read about narrative essays from the Guide to Grammar and Writing
Briefly write answers to the discussion questions for "The Sacred Grove of Oshogbo" and "My Watch: An Instructive Little Tale."
Identify the thesis of "Searching for El Chapareke."

Week Two

Assignment for Monday, 8/27 (Eng. 111 section 09) or Tuesday 8/28 (section 25):
Prior to class, read these examples of personal essays written by students in previous English 111 classes.

Assignment for 8/30 (section 9) or 8/31 (section 25):
Discuss topics for Independent Essay; begin composing

Week Three

Tuesday and Wednesday, writing workshop (compose paper #1)

Thursday (9/6) or Friday (9/7): Paper #1 due by end of class

Week Four

Agenda/projects for the week:
Read "Get to Know Me's" (introductory pages on web folios)
Set up an email account you can access from anywhere
Geocities registration and workshop
Write "Get to Know Me" (a one-pager, appx. 300 words)

Instructions for registering with Geocities for web page building.
Instructions for uploading a document file to Geocities Web Page Builder.
Instructions for uploading a picture or other .jpg image to Geocities Web Page Builder.

Week Five

Monday, 9/17 Writing workshop: Based on your brainstorms and quiz from Friday, begin composing the "one-pager" (appx. 300 words) "Get to know me" focussing on the things you value. Consider this: what do the things you value show or say about you?

Tuesday, 9/18 In-class reading assignment: "Friendship" by Ahmad Bahrami, Spring 2000, English 111

Week Six

Tuesday, 9/25 and Wednesday, 9/26 In-class assignment: Fun with punctuation. No kidding: it's fun! (This is a 4-point assignment, so make grammatically correct sentences in answer to the questions.)

Thursday, 9/27 Due: Errors analysis exercise (2 points), and "Get to know me's," which you started last week (4 points).

Friday, 9/28 Due: "Get to know me's," which you started last week (4 points).

Week Seven

Readings for Monday, 10/1 and Tuesday, 10/2 Writing summaries for use in researched papers.
In Writing Essentials, Chapter 9 and Chapter 11

Readings for Wednesday, 10/3 and Thursday, 10/4 Prior to class thoroughly read this information from Johns Hopkins University libraries and UCLA libraries on evaluating Internet sources.

Writing assignment: (Begin in class) Sumarizing an "essay-length" article

Week Nine

Thursday, 10/18 & Friday 10/19 Choose your "community" track for the rest of the term. You may either: 1. explore your academic and professional community with this sequence of assignments:

Or: 2. you may opt to do community service with a not-for-profit organization and write about the service learning experience.

Week Ten

Tuesday, 10/23 & Wednesday 10/24 Due: memo persuading me to accept either 1). your Service Learning contract, or 2). your two periodicals for analysis.
I will aprove choice 1) if I am convinced that you have arranged to do approximately 15 hours of volunteer service work, within the time frame of the assignment sequence, for a not-for-profit organization that does not proselytize in behalf of a specific religion. Non-denominational or multi-denominational affiliated activities of church or religious organizations of a non-missionary, non-proselytizing nature are acceptable.
I will approve choice 2) if I am convinced that you have access to several full-text issues of two separate periodical titles related to your major or field of study.

Week Eleven

Monday, 10/29 & Tuesday 10/30 Due by end of class: Interview essay (service learning track) or Comparative analysis of two periodicals (career exploration track).

Friday, 11/2 In class: Begin research for career field analysis paper (career eploration track), work on web folios, or conference with teacher in re: most recent essay.

Web Folio Evaluation Criteria and Tips

Week Twelve

Monday, 11/5 & Tuesday 11/6 In class: Begin drafting career field analysis paper (career eploration track), work on web folios, or conference with teacher in re: most recent essay.

Week Thirteen

Essay &/or web folio workshops.

Week Thirteen point five

Monday, 11/19 & Tuesday 11/20 13 and a half? I know, but life is weird: just deal with it.

Read this article about Web Folios

Due: Career field analysis (career exploration track) or community service journals (s.l. track). 6 points

Week Fourteen

Monday, 11/26 & Tuesday 11/27 Interview paper due (career exploration track), or Service Learning project paper due (s.l. track) by end of class. 6 points

Here is a table of all the projects and project points for the semester

Thursday, 11/28 & Friday 11/29 Web folios workshop.
Here is the table with the web folio help groups. It looks awful because I used an MS Word web page template to create it. Sorry. I should have known better. :-(

Week Fifteen

Tuesday, 12/4 & Wednesday 12/5 Web folios "due" by end of class. 6 points

Week Sixteen

Monday, 12/10 (Eng 111-09, 10 a.m.-11:45) & Tuesday 12/11 (Eng 111-25, noon-1:45) In class: Your "Final" is to correct/revise your web folio per my evaluation comments. 4 points.

Clip art, animation, and background resources for building web pages



Microsoft's Clip Art Gallery

Help from Geocities in building your pages:
(Copied verbatim from Geocities Website.)

To get started building your web site with any of our great
tools, just go to http://www.geocities.com/.

If you already have pages and images on your computer that you
want to transfer to your new site, you can get information about
our FTP service at http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/geo/gftp/

If you need help building your site, please visit

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