R. Dollieslager's English 111
Weekly Schedule, Fall 2002

Week One

Thursday, 8/22 In class 1. Set up an email account you can access from anywhere

 2. Geocities registration and workshop
a.) Instructions for registering with Geocities for web page building.
b.) Instructions for uploading a document file to Geocities Web Page Builder.
c.) Instructions for uploading a picture or other .jpg image to Geocities Web Page Builder.

 Assignment for Tuesday, 8/27: First, take this link to read about how to identify thesis statements ; then press the back key to return here.
Second, read this essay about succeeding as a student , and write out the thesis or identify the paragraph in which the thesis is located.
Read "Get to Know Me's" (introductory pages on web folios )

Week Two

Tuesday, 8/27 Brainstorm "Get to Know Me's" (introductory pages for web folios)
Writing workshop: Based on your brainstorms and quiz, begin composing the "one-pager" (appx. 300 words) "Get to know me" focussing on the things you value. Consider this: what do the things you value show or say about you?

Assignment for Thursday, 8/29:
Read Writing Essentials, Section 5 (pgs. 22-28), on revising.
Read the evaluation criteria for essays . Even though these criteria apply to six-point assignments and your first project will be worth four points, the criteria are applicable to good papers in general.
Read this revision and editing advice and checklist from the Guide to Grammar and Writing at Capital Community and Technical College in Hartford, Connecticut.

The Goose Story

 Thursday, 8/29 Based on your brainstorms from Tuesday's class and your answers to the Goose questions, write a "Get to Know Me/Introductory paper" focussing on the things that you value most. (a one-pager, appx. 300 words) Due at the start of class.
Peer review groups for 45 minutes. Final revisions in last 30 minutes. Turn in paper at end of class. 4 points

Week Three

Tuesday, 9/3  Homework assignment for Tuesday: Nothing! Have fun over the holiday; that's all. Meanwhile, your professor will be slaving away, grading dozens of papers. Let's hear it now: "Aawww..." :-(
In class: Geocities workshop:  Load intro. page, begin table of contents page. (*Resource links for Geocities Web Page Builder help, graphics, animations, etc. are listed at the bottom of this page.)

Thursday, 9/5  Homework assignment for Thursday: Read the errors analysis assignment instructions
In class do the errors analysis exercise for your introductory paper. 2 points

Week Four

Homework for Tuesday, 9/10 
Read Writing summaries for use in researched papers.
In Writing Essentials, read Chapter 9 and Chapter 11

Also prior to class, thoroughly read this information from Johns Hopkins University research librarian Elizabeth Kirk, UCLA research librarian Esther Grassian, and education technologist Alan November; all have excellent advice on evaluating Internet sources.

Apply your keen acumen and what you have learned about analyzing Internet sites. Check out the following two sites and be prepared to discuss whether you think they are viable sources of information and why (or why not):
Squirrel Fishing A site on a Harvard U. server with well documented research.
Britney Spears' Semiconductor Physics research web site
http://britneyspears.ac/lasers.htm Moon shot, or hoax ?! You be the judge.

In class: Small group exercise on analyzing Internet sources. (This will be fun. No kidding!)

Homework for Thursday, 9/12 
Readings assignment: Instructions for off-campus access to VIVA
Access to VIVA (Virtual Library of Virginia)
Access to Project Muse
Writing assignment: Choose an article for summarizing from an on-line journal or reputable "official" web site. The article will be about a not-for-profit agency you are interested in which provides a beneficial social service of some sort. The article should be about 400 to 700 words in length. Write a one-paragraph summary (appx. 100-150 words) of the article following my suggested procedure for summary writing, which you have already read and discussed in class. Include in the summary one sentence directly quoted from the source, and document the summary correctly with MLA-style parenthetical citation and a works cited entry. Due at the end of class. 4 pts

If you want to know what some not-for-profit organizations are and see some examples of summaries of articles about a not-for-profit, check out the web folios of students from Fall '01 and Spring '02 who chose to write about their service learning experiences.

Week Five

Tuesday, 9/17 
In class: You will have an opportunity to do a collaborative in-class reading and editing exercise, which is due at the end of class. This is a group project so slipshod work will not be well rewarded. "Close" is not good enough: get it right. 4 points

Thursday, 9/19  Homework for Thursday: In Writing Essentials, sections 9, 10 and 11, pages 44-74
From the Guide to Grammar and Writing, read the following sections: "Statement on Plagiarism," "Parenthetical Documentation" (ignore the info. on footnotes and endnotes), "Sample Works Cited Page"
There will be a quiz on documentation conventions which will be exceedingly difficult if you have not studied this material.

Week Six

Tuesday, 9/24 

This works cited quiz is due at the start of class on 9/24

This week we will begin an exploration of the concept of "community," at the end of which you will elect to do a series of related assignments in one of two tracks. Track one will be community service projects. Track two will familiarize you with your academic and professional communities. Track one will culminate in a sequence of service learning assignments which you can preview by taking this link. Although we are not ready to start these assignments just yet (and you might opt for "track two" instead) you will become familiar with the concept by reading these sample service learning project papers of some students who chose this option in the Fall 2001 or Spring 2002 semesters. There are a few more samples of service learning project papers in the web folios index from 2001-2002. By the end of this week, you will choose your "community" track for the rest of the term.

You may either: 1. opt to do community service with a not-for-profit organization and write about the service learning experience.

Or: 2. explore your academic and professional community with this sequence of assignments:

Week Seven

Tuesday, 10/2
On Tuesday, we will discuss professional and academic journals and compare these with commercial (news stand) periodicals. The first paper in the career exploration sequence is a comparative analysis of two professional or academic journals related to your field of study; therefore, you will need to identify such publications. When you come to class, bring with you either two printed profesional or academic periodicals or two URLs for online professional or academic journals related to your field of study.

Thursday, 10/4
Due at the start of class:  Proposal memo, persuading me to approve your service learning or career exploration projects. I will approve the projects only if you convince me that you have made the necessary contacts and planned your volunteer service; or you have physically or electronically located appropriate journal titles.

Week Eight

Tuesday, 10/8
Discuss the first "sequenced" paper for the service learning or career exploration projects. Here are some useful considerations to bear in mind when researching the comparative analysis of two periodicals, per our class discussion.

Thursday, 10/10
In-class writing workshop. Compose, revise, edit, or otherwise work on the comparative analysis or interview paper, which is due on Tuesday 10/15.

Week Nine

Tuesday, 10/15
Comparative analysis of two periodicals or overview of not-for-profit service agency due. 6 points

Thursday, 10/17
Discuss sequenced paper number two, either the career field analysis or the service learning journal. Papers due Thursday, 10/24.

Week Ten

Tuesday, 10/22
Workshop: Work on sequenced paper number two.

Thursday, 10/24
Workshop: Work on sequenced paper number two.

Week Eleven

Tuesday, 10/29
Workshop: Work on sequenced paper number two.

Thursday, 10/31
Peer review, sequenced paper number two: Due at end of class. 6 points

Week Twelve

Tuesday, 11/5
Geocities workshop. Here are some guidelines, in the form of evaluation criteria, for the development and presentation of your web folios.

Thursday, 11/7
Workshop: Work on sequenced paper number three.
Send your web site URL to me via email today.

Week Thirteen

Tuesday, 11/12
Workshop: Work on sequenced paper number three.

Thursday, 11/14
Peer review, sequenced paper number three: Due at end of class. 6 points

Week Fourteen

Tuesday, 11/19
Web folio peer review. For the peer review of the web folios, you will access the sites of each member of your group. Using the guidelines for evaluation, send an email to the creator of each web folio with corrections, suggestions for improvement, and feedback on the things you like about his or her web folio. Copy all of the suggestions submitted to you into a MS Word document and print it out to turn in at the start of class on Thursday (11/21). In order to receive credit for the peer critique, you will make significant comments or suggestions on each web folio in your group. Peer review credit: 2 points

Thursday, 11/21
Web folios due at end of class next Tuesday.

Week Fourteen and 1/2?!

Tuesday, 10/26
Preparation for in-class final.
In class, final web folio workshop: web folios due at end of class. 6 points

Week Fifteen

Tuesday, 12/3
Eng. 111 sec. 21, start in-class final using the VCCS writing sample prompts.
Eng. 111 sec. 24, prepare for final essay...
...and begin final essay.

Thursday, 12/5
In-class final due at end of class. 6 points
If inclement weather prevented you from making the 8 a.m. class on time, you may send me your paper as an email attachment or drop it off in my mailbox today, room 857.

Week Sixteen

Tuesday, 12/10
Last regularly scheduled day of classes. Wednesday (12/11) finals schedule starts. We will tie up loose ends today and, if your final paper was turned in by Thursday, 12/5, today will be the final day of class for you.

Thursday, 12/12
Corrections to final and web folio. 2 points

Semester is over! Go forth and multiply.

*Help from Geocities in building your pages:
(Text copied from Geocities' Website.)

To get started building your web site with any of Geocities'
tools, just go to http://www.geocities.com/ .

If you already have pages and images on your computer that you
want to transfer to your new site, you can get information about
Geocities' FTP service at http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/geo/gftp/

If you need help building your site, please visit

*Clip art, animation, and backgrounds:
resources for building web pages



Microsoft's Clip Art Gallery

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