Fall 2008 "On Course I" and "English Elite" Communites of Learning
The World at Our Fingertips: Learning and Resources Webfolios

This website was developed as a project of the English 109 Study Skills class of the Thomas Nelson Community College Fall 2008 Communites of Learning. The individual student webfolios include samples of papers written for their English 01 class and an annotated webliography of learning and life-success resources. They also include everyone's personal rules for success and lots of images that motivate and inspire success. Visit their websites from the index below, find some useful resources and be inspired!

i believe
Shaunasee Askew
Read my This I Believe Essay: "I've learned that no matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does goes on, and it will be better tomorrow."

pug puppies
Jared Baber
You ought to go to my web folio to see my future wife. (She is not a pug.)

ukeeba brown
Ukeeba Brown
Find links on my resources page to sites about cooking and cooking schools.

Jasmin'e house
Jasmine Butts

See the web sites in my annotated webliography about setting goals and saving money while in college.

precious davis's book Precious Davis
"From that day on, I have been writing poetry of the truth ever since."

bella the yorkie
Brittany Forbes

Check out my on line resources page and become more successful at LIFE. (Bella, my future Yorkie.)

mia farrow
Jena George
Read my essay about famous single mothers, such as Mia Farrow.

brandon gillespie
Brandon Gillespie
Come check out all the job search and career development sites in my resources page.

verrazano bridge
Johnathan Hogan
Click here to find out what I believe success is!!


Shonda Holloman
Go to my home page to see why I am a college student.

mark johnsons dream house
Mark Johnson
My Rules of being Sucessful:
1. Never give up
2. Do your very best

albino tigers
Kimberly Jones
Visit my web folio and see pictures of my future pets.

Myisha McMillan
Come in and find how to study for different subjects.

mortarboard and books
Amanda Miller
This I Believe: "I have learned that I still have a lot to learn."

jeff corwin of discovery channel
Kevin Negron
If I need help, to be succesful I just go to my web- resources help page.

Chandra Payne

Read my essay about a day in the life of a social worker, a stressful but meaningful job.

Tinika Pruitt

This essay I wrote about a lady I know who is going to get a house built by Habitat for Humanity.

yellow lab pup
Kayla Reed

Read my essay about lying and dishonesty.

ashley robey
Ashley Robey
If not for my mom, I wouldn't be in college now, one of the many reasons she is my hero.

jarell's dream car

Jarell Rose
This is an essay about my favorite place to vacation, Jamaica.


Chelsea Schad

Fate? What is fate?

crystal's sons
Crystal Spivey
Read my Essay to find out why my 13 year old son is my Hero.

family guy

Jared Stewart

For my future family I want 2-3 kids and a dog--not to mention a famous family, too.

teon sumpter's family

Teon Sumpter

My sister is my hero because she always has the Creator mentality. Read about her.


Ghezal Taza-Gul

My website has financial aid, college scholarship, and career development resource links.

Mrs Taza-gul

Mezhgan Taza-Gul

My Mom: "The Hero of My Life"


Cameron Wilson

There are a lot of emotional intelligence and psychology how-to sites.


Chardae Wilson

"A social worker takes pride in helping the community." My career essay is about the human services field.

monks at the waterfall

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