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Last Updated 5 October 2011

I. Lesson plans/teaching sites
II. Study skills/ learning/multi-disciplinary sites
III. ESL resources

IV. LD/Special Populations, teaching & learning resources

V. Literature resources
VI. Reading teaching & learning resources
VII. Speaking resources
VIII. Spelling & Vocabulary building/teaching resources
IX. Writing resources
X. Life Management
XI. Miscellaneous
CTEs main web site

I. Lesson plans/teaching sites

The ATW (Association of Teachers' Websites) is an association of web sites created by the real experts - teachers. (K-13)

Awesome Library Organizes the Web with 30,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education.

EdHelper dot Com Lessons, lessons plns and study help for almost every discipline, K-12

Lesson Plan Central An educator's guide to lessons, worksheets, web links and more

Lesson Plans K-12 All disciplines, from Teachers Scholastic

Lesson Plans Page 2,500 free lesson plans for all subjects, K-12

Lesson Plan Search Free good lesson plans, all subjects K-14

Lesson Planning All disciplines, from EducationWorld

Lesson Plans From Teachnet.com (K-12) all subjects

Lesson Planz (dot com) Free, all subjects K-12

Primary Resources A huge collection of (K-12) lesson plans in all subjects (U.K.)

Sites for Teachers: Hundreds of Educational Web Sites Rated by Popularity

TV-411 Has adult education but also contains lessons re: writing practical letters for students (complaint, jobs, personal etc.) math, and other resources

II. Study skills/learning/multi-disciplinary sites


Mind Tools For Memorization

Notetaking, from texts and lectures

“What Makes a College Student Successful?” WNY Collegiate Consortium of Disability Advocates

Spark Notes Free study guides to subjects in a variety of disciplines

Study Strategies Homepage, University of Minnesota, Duluth

Study Guides (dot net) A very rich resource

Study Skills Self-Help index, Virginia Tech

Successful Studying A very detailed resource on college success skills of all sorts, Victoria University, New Zealand

Dealing with test anxiety from Study Guides.net

Topmarks A multidisciplinary website of (K-12) teaching and study resources, is aimed specifically at pupils, teachers and parents. Although we bias our resources to UK curriculum requirements, we know they are appreciated globally from the feedback we receive. All sites featuring on Topmarks are carefully reviewed by teachers. They are also regularly re-checked because of the changing nature of the Web.

The VARK Learning Styles web site

III. ESL resources

English as a 2nd Language, Kenneth Beare, tenses, reading comprehension, pronunciation, idioms and more resources from About.com

English Literacy programs are designed to help individuals of limited English proficiency achieve competence in the English language. Office of Vocational and Adult Education, U.S. Dept. of Education.

ESL Lessons, Games, Ideas, and Links

Frankie's ESOL Worksheets Exercises in reading, writing, literature, and study/language skills. Frankie Meehan, United World College of S.E. Asia

Giving and Responding to Compliments Four lessons, 40-50 minutes per lesson, high intermediate level, adult ESL students. Office of English Language Programs, U.S. Department of State.

Oral English Activities. The aim of this site is to offer teachers a varied range of classroom activities for practising oral English. Most are commmunicative activities designed to give students conversation practice, although a few have other aims. The activities are drawn from this site's author's experience teaching oral English in a Chinese university.

IV. LD/Special Populations, teaching & learning resources

Misunderstood Minds: Stories from the Documentary (PBS.org) strategies for teaching special education students

Social Skills Training for Students with Learning Disabilities Assistive Technology Training Online Project

Strategies for Teaching Writing in Alternative Education Facilities In this module, traditional and non-traditional tools to teach writing and open avenues of communication are used with students in a variety of alternative education settings.

Strategies for Teaching Writing Skills to Students with Disabilities This site contains links to related ERIC Digests, Internet resources, and Internet discussion groups, as well as selected citations from the ERIC database and the search terms used to find the citations.

Strategies for Teaching Writing to Students with Learning Disabilities University of Maryland special education professors offer several strategies to help students with disabilities overcome their worries and write effective stories.

Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities Students with LDs often need to work in well defined steps. This resource shows how you can break up the teaching/learning process when you are teaching students a new writing strategy.

Teaching Vocabulary: It's Worth the Effort! This resource provides references and strategies for teaching vocabulary to dyslexic children.

Teaching Writing Strategies to Children With Disabilities: Setting Generalization as the Goal This site provides a link to download a pdf file that discusses means for promoting the transfer of writing strategies across instructional contexts and writing tasks for students with learning disabilities.

Teaching Writing to Students with LDs Effective writing instruction for students with disabilities incorporates three components. Learn more about methods for using these components in this article.

V. Literature resources

Bartleby: Great Books Online

Classics for Young People A growing number of children's literature classics are out of copyright, and are among the books available in full-text on the Internet. Here are some of the more popular and interesting titles that are available in HTML format.

To Kill a Mockingbird: The Student Survival Guide Vocabulary, allusions, and idioms: a chapter-by chapter guide. Nancy Louise Rutherford, Belmont High School, Los Angeles, CA

Literature Study Guides listed by author, from Spark Notes

Loggia: Exploring the Arts and Humanities A very rich site for resources on mythology (as well as art history and architecture).

Merlot Take a taste.  Resources for literature and many other academic subjects and disciplines

Middle Ages Understanding Shakespeare and other literature in its appropriate historical context, sponsored by Annenberg CPG/Learner.org

Prewriting Questions for Book, Movie, or Play Reviews LEO: Literacy Education Online

RhymeZone Supply a word and the search engine will try to find words that rhyme with it

VI. Reading teaching & learning resources

"Emerging Reading and Writing Strategies Using Technology"John Castellani and Tara Jeffs. Teaching Exceptional Children. May/June 2001, 60-67.

Four Reading Strategies for High School Students Kathie Steele Chugiak (Alaska) High School

"Language Arts: Reading Activities" from Learning Haven. These are simple, fun activities you can do at home. They are especially suited to reluctant readers, but can be used with all beginners.

Strategic Reading techniques (6-12), Howard County (Maryland) Public Schools

VII. Speaking resources

Speeches, Poster Sessions, and Oral Presentations, Colorado State University

Writing Strategies for Poster Sessions, Colorado State University

VIII. Spelling & Vocabulary building/teaching resources

All's Well that Spells Well Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc. web site.

Best Practices: Teaching Vocabulary with Francie Alexander Scholastic’s Reading Resources Network is putting the focus on vocabulary. Here, you'll find activities and resources to use in your classroom.

Building Vocabulary Through Prefixes, Roots & Suffixes Are you looking for an element of English language study that is utilized in every aspect of language usage?  I recommend the study of prefixes roots and suffixes.

High-Frequency Words and Vocabulary Learning to recognize high-frequency words by sight is critical to developing fluency in reading.

How should teachers incorporate vocabulary teaching into their classes? This short article will present a few points that teachers should be aware of when dealing with vocabulary.

Presenting Vocabulary This article looks at what needs to be taught when teaching vocabulary and ways to present and teach vocabulary.

Resources for Learning Vocabulary This reference was developed for home-school instruction but useful in regular classrooms.

Teaching Vocabulary There are two main approaches to teaching vocabulary, the list approach and the contextual approach. This site shows how to implement a “Word Wall” as a teaching technique.

Teaching Vocabulary Beginning readers should develop a rich and functional vocabulary. Addresses K – 3, but also useful for middle school special needs students.

Teaching Vocabulary Two Dozen Tips and Techniques

Teaching Vocabulary To Advanced Students: A Lexical Approach Focus is on learning individual words to support comprehension of text.  Useful for middle school special needs students.

Teaching Vocabulary to Adolescents to Improve Comprehension
This article describes a 16-week intervention in which the comprehension of middle and high school students reading below grade level was improved significantly by instruction that developed their vocabularies through listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Technology Tip of the Month: Approaches to Teaching Vocabulary Three main principles appear to underlie effective vocabulary teaching. First, learners should be provided with both definitional and contextual information about words.  Second, learners should be encouraged to process information about words at a deeper level.  Finally, learners need multiple exposures to words . . . Extensive reading is the most often cited remedy for this lack.   The Tech Tip this month addresses some methods and some software programs that use different methods to teach vocabulary.

Vocabulary Resources for Teachers Vocabulary resources for English language teachers

Wordsearch Come here and search for education and statistical terms in an online word search.

IX. Writing resources

OWLs: Online Writing Labs

ABC's of the Writing Process: A Universal Process for any Writing Task A.E. Lipkewich and R. Mazurenko, Westmount School

Best Practices of Technology Integration: Vocabulary/Writing Strategies (4-adult), Berrien County, Michigan, Intermediate School District (BCISD) Web site.

Editing and revising Checklist from the GGW

Eight Great Strategies That Work for Everyone The perfect set of writing tools up and down the grade levels and across the curriculum, by Steve Peha, Teaching That Makes Sense, Inc. web site

This is a good resource on how to identify and correct fragments. (GGW)

Sentence Fragments, identifying and correcting, Purdue University OWL

This resource helps and shows you ways to edit, proofread, and revise your paper. (GGW)

General Writing Concerns (Planning/Writing/Revising/Genres), Purdue University Online Writing Lab

Getting an A on an English Paper  Professor Jack Lynch, Rutgers University

Journal Writing in the classroom can take many forms. Some teachers use journal writing to meet specific goals; others use journals for more fluid purposes

Lesson Links: Literature, Writing, Poetry, Library Outta Ray's Head. Ray Saitz (h.s.) English Teacher, Peterborough, Ontario. A very detailed resource in itself.

Let's Get Creative Creative writing web activities, by Bruce Van Patter

Pre-writing strategies from English Works, English Tutoring and Writing Center, Gallaudet University

Sentence Combining Skills from the GGW

The Sequential Teaching of Writing Skills at Grade Eight This curriculum will provide writing practice. Since the major objective of this program is to reduce errors in writing, more than half the program deals with grammar.

Strategies for Writing Improvement (K-12) Indiana University School of Education

Teaching Guides for Writing Classes, Colorado State University

Writing: genres in the disciplines and processes, Colorado State University

Writing Guides, Colorado State University

"Writing to Inform" Instructional Strategies Online, Saskatoon Public Schools

"75 Writing Lesson Plans" Teachnology: The Online Teacher Resource

Writing Resources Provides resources to assist adolescents with reading and writing from Awesome Library

Writing Strategies index of links for a variety of purposes and genres, Sadler-Oxford dot com

Writing Teaching-Learning Strategies, Saskachewan Dept. of Learning

Writing Teaching Strategies This is a collection of strategies for writing tasks appropriate to various grades.  The R.A.F.T. technique will be particularly useful for middle school “news reports” writing assignments.

Writing tutorials and activities, Colorado State University

X. Life management

The Goose Story”   How do you see yourself as a member of a community or society?

Successful Self-Development for Career/Job Acquisition, IT Competency Group Massachusettes Institute of Technology

Occupational Outlook Handbook ( OOH), 2006-07 Edition

Social Skills for Middle School Students Prevocational information

Stress Management: A Review of Principles, Dr. Wesley E. Sime, PhD./MPH./PhD, University of Nebraska

Time Management Guide from Results in No Time, time management consulting group

Time Management, San Diego Unified Schools District

Time Management, University of Minnesota at Duluth

Time Management Skills and Techniques, Time-Management-Guide.com

XI. Miscellaneous

Character Education Free resources, materials, lesson plans from GoodCharacter dot com (service learning, ethics education, character in sports, etc.)

"Did I Miss Anything?" A poetic answer to this eternal (or infernal) question, by Tom Wayman

Websters Dictionary Online

Education World on-line teaching journal, a wealth of information

Gamequarium Educational games

Games links from WWWThinks dot com

Practice tests:  SAT, ACT, COMPASS, GRE, LSAT, you name it

Publishing your own writing Good articles and, if you feel motivated, you can publish your own books – for a fee

The Choices of Successful Students, Skip Downing, On Course web site

Teachers.Net Gazzette

Zeeks Provides board games, puzzles, math games, and more.

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