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Spring Kick-off Workshops with *Paul Nolting:

I. "Teaching Math and Other Subjects to Developmental Students” 

II. "Building Community, in the Classroom and Throughout the College"

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Co-sponsored by a VCCS Workshop Mini-grant,
and the Tidewater Regional Center for Teaching Excellence

What a great way to start a new semester, with a workshop on proven active teaching and learning strategies, followed by two sessions on building communities of learners and building community for learners.

Recent CCSSE reports confirm the many studies throughout the years which show that the number one factor affecting student attrition is a feeling of isolation from the institution and its constituencies. The Tidewater Regional Center for Teaching Excellence and Mini-Grant writers Cindy French, Sandy Spain, Michael Weiser, and Tom Kellen, in behalf of TNCC's Math Department, invite you to a spend a day with Paul Nolting and your colleagues in which to address the issues. The morning workshop will focus on connecting students to their academic disciplines by teaching them how to retain your material through successful active teaching and learning techniques. Then stay for the afternoon sessions and learn better ways to connect students with each other and with the college for greater individual and institutional success.

Agenda for the Day

Continental breakfast and check-in 8:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m.

“Teaching Math and Other Subjects to Developmental Students”  9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Presents teaching and learning strategies that provide immediate feedback, clear instructions, active learning, increased student involvement and opportunities to model learning strategies. Discussion also focuses on teaching strategies that promote student self-efficacy and persistence attributes.

Integrating Study Skills and Test-Taking into Course Content (Power Point).

Lunch 12:00-12:30 catered by Schlotzky's Deli

Building Community, in the Classroom and Throughout the College

Part A: “Building Community in the Traditional Classroom” 12:30 p.m.-1:50 p.m.
Excellent workshop to help faculty learn how to increase more faculty/student and peer active learning in class.  Focus is on active learning, self-regulated learning, motivation, and deep learning strategies in and out of the classroom.  Application activities model these strategies while allowing faculty and others to explore strategies they can use immediately.

Building Community in the Classroom (Power Point)

Part B:  “Implementing Communities of Learning: Best Practices” 2:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m.
Workshop leads participants through the planning process for designing cross-curricular communities of learning.  Participants design a plan to continue development of communities of learning.

So You Want to Create a Learning Community (Power Point)

Registration for this workshop is free and open to anyone in the VCCS.

Certificates for attendance, indicating CEUs earned and "seat time" will be awarded to participants, one for attending the morning session and one for attending both afternoon sessions.

*About the workshop presenter: Dr. Nolting has conducted numerous national conference workshops on math learning for the National Developmental Education Association, the National Council of Educational Opportunity Association and the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges. He is a consultant for the American College Test (ACT) and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. He is also a consultant for Houghton Mifflin Faculty Development Programs conducting workshops on math study skills for math faculty. His text, Winning at Math: Your Guide To Learning Mathematics Through Successful Study Skills, is used throughout the United States, Canada and the world as the definitive text for math study skills.

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