“Active Learning Strategies, Classroom Innovations, and One-Minute Motivators”
ESCC Adjunct Academy Fall 2006 Kick-Off

Sponsored by the Tidewater Regional Center for Teaching Excellence
Rick Dollieslager, Chairman

escc workshop Jan. '06

Bill, Dick and Bruce listen to Susan Coffey at the January '06 ESCC Workshop:
“Tips for Teachers to Avoid Death by Lecture, by Overhead, by Powerpoint”

Using strategies we have borrowed, in concept, from the Virginia Master Teacher’s Seminar, we will engage in a participatory workshop focusing on active learning techniques and on connecting with students through techniques we call learning pyramidone-minute motivators and classroom innovations.   About a dozen such strategies are outlined in an article in the VCCS Inquiry journal’s Spring 1999 edition: "Innovations and Motivators from the Master Teacher Seminar"

We hope that you will give these a quick read as a preview of the workshop and that you will come prepared to share some of your innovtions and motivators.  

We have some further enticements for your participation.  First, all attendees will receive a certificate of participation to document your professional development experience.  Better than that, we will have pizza, drinks and world-famous cookies from Stella’s restaurant.  Best of all, you will receive a packed folder including another 70-some similar teaching tips (innovations and motivators), formatted as one-page handouts suitable for easy photocopying.  We hope to add to that total during the workshop, with your help.  Please think about the strategies that you employ to connect with students and to enhance their learning, and, if you care to, plan to share one or two with the other participants at the ESCC Adjunct Academy kick-off event on August 18th.  If you can package your tips in one or two paragraphs and bring about 25 copies to hand out to other participants, we could all go away from the workshop re-energized, with loads of new ideas to implement, or to at least try out.  And, really, isn’t that exaclty what you want from a teaching workshop?

A Potpourri of Techniques and Resources Adaptable to a Variety of Disciplines

A great way to reveiw for a test: Let's Play Jeopardy!
Jeopardy blank template

Learners as Teachers

Establishing consulting teams in composition class. Make students the experts on identifying and fixing their own editing problems, and the workshop consultants who can help classmates with these errors.

These pages were begun as a class project for a recertification course for middle school and high school special ed. teachers in Spring/Summer 2006:
One-Minute Motivators and Classroom Innovations
What Works for Me

Publishing student projects on the Internet: Creating and Using Webfolios

Mental Calisthentics: Warm up the brain using Forced Analogies

Student Success Strategies from the On Course Workshop's web site

Tons of Teaching and Learning Resources at the RCTE's web site. Send yours to me and I will add them (dollier@tncc.edu).



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