Class Project, Fall 1999: "Succeeding in Your Professions"

Q: What does it take to get a good job in your academic field or profession?

Our survey says: Good communication!

Are there jobs in your profession waiting for you out there in "the real world?" Do you know what it takes to make yourself qualified for entry into your field? Do you know what the work itself actually entails? Do you know what it takes to advance in your field? Here are some of the answers to some of those questions, carefully researched from print, electronic and personal sources. Some of the commmon elements these researchers found out: to get a job in almost any profession takes a certain amount of knowledge of the field; but to advance requires good reading, writing, speaking, listening and computing skills. Whodathunkit?

The class project papers are listed alphabetically by author rather than by subject or title:

Lisa Bickett "My Professional Goal: Being a Flight Nurse"

Kesha Bruington "Entering and Succeeding in the Nursing Field"

Nicole Connors "Special Education Teachers: Low Pay, Though Very Rewarding"

LaTonya Evans "The Growing Profession of Speech Therapy"

Joseph Feaga "An Aspiring Architect"

Trent Kite "Electrical Engineering Careers: How to Obtain a Job and Succeed at It"

Angela Mitchell "The Most Important Career: Teaching"

Adam Moore "Riding the Wave of the Future: Webmastering as a Career"

David Mummert "Striving Toward Success in Electrical Engineering"

Dianne Ponton "A Promising Career in Networking"

Jeremy Richardson "My Future Career in Engineering"

Kathy Riegel "Investigating Investigators"

Scott Robinson "Teaching: The World's Most Important Job"

Roderick Rush "The Wonderful World of Business Administration"

Sham Sabbah "An Interview with A Businessman"

Shamia Salley "Getting the CPA's Job Right: What Does it Take?"

Christina Staples "Information Systems Technology Field is Growing"

Viola Totten "The Future of a Nurse"

Diana Wilcox "Meterology as a Career"

Michael Zoladkiewicz "A Luxurious Career in Firefighting"


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