Rubric for "Communicating as a Professional" Essay: This is what the content grade is based upon.
(Since some of you asked: Length is at least 2 FULL pages to three full pages.)
man talking into can
Sining into a tin can

"Are you the man who pays people to sing into a tin can?"

Boilerplate comments on the graded drafts. Read through these before doing the final revision and final edits of your Professional Communication essay.


Introductory paragraphs (links to Purdue University OWL). See also W-4e in Little Seagull Handbook

·         Set the hook

·         Narrow the focus/provide needed background info, including a paraphrase of the thesis statement of the WaPo article "Why Can't College Graduates Write Coherent Prose?" correctly attribute or cited

·         Clearly state the thesis

o   A thesis statement is NOT an announcement of intention

o   States the subject matter

o   Is unified

o   Clearly indicates the writer’s opinion

o   Contain the “key words” if possible

Body paragraph 1

Body paragraph 2

Body paragraph 3

Concluding paragraph (links to the Guide to Grammar and Writing). See also W-4e in Little Seagull Handbook

·         Must include one direct quote--the one you think is MOST relevant to your thesis statement--from the WaPo article "Why Can't College Graduates Write Coherent Prose?" Correctly cite the source.

·         Can paraphrase your main points

·         Can comment again on the subject matter

·         Can call for action on the part of the reader

Now, use this page: Revision and Editing Checklist from the Guide to Grammar and Writing

Works cited section

Make it ready for grading:

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