the thinker

Metacognition: Higher-order thinking that enables understanding, analysis, and control of one’s cognitive processes, especially when engaged in learning. (Dictionary.com)

The elements of metacognition: 1] Planning and organizing, 2] Monitoring your own work, 3] Monitoring your own learning, 4] Self-relection (Study.com)

"Meta" for InQuizitive, "Editing the Errors that Matter."
Instructions: Write this in paragraph format rather than as a bulleted list of answers. Post your meta in Canvas.

What was the total number of questions you answered?

What was the total time you spent on this lesson set in order to attain the target score and achieve a100% outcome rating?

Which types of errors did you commit more than one time? (List them.)

What did you learn about how to identify and overcome the types of errors which you missed multiple times? (Explain each.)

What are the terms that were/are completely new to you? (List them.)

How will you learn the punctuation and grammar conventions that, after doing this lesson set, you now know that you don't know?

Based on your experiences with InQuizitive, what three lessons on punctuation or grammar conventions do you want me to teach in classroom mini-lessons?