The Hartman Personality Profile Assignment

1. Do the survey. If you were not in class to do the personality profile survey, then first take the link below and do the survey. When you respond to the first 30 word-group questions, look at the words (which may be completely unrelated) and choose the word from the four which most accurately described YOU as a child. You may have all four of the qualities listed, but you want to select the one that is the MOST like you as a child or that you had the most of when your personality was developing. In the last 15 questions, just answer the questions you are asked in a completely honest way. Don't worry: no one is going to see your answers except YOU, so be honest and accurate. If you did this in class, skip to step two.

The Hartman Personality Survey

2. Read the following bulleted list of personality traits for more "in-depth" discussion of Hartman personality colors. View also this Power Point slide show, which was posted on line (submitter unknown) but was taken directly from Hartman's book, so it shows some of his main points in outline form.

3. Read the following article (bullet 5 below), published in an academic journal, about how professors and employers may use the Hartman results. Some of the article is going to be pretty difficult to understand, but if you get the gist of it by reading a few sections, you will have the most important material. Therefore, read the following sections carefully:

After reading, write!

4. Compose (by that I mean TYPE) the following three-paragraph assignment:

Based on the information about the personality traits of your dominant color, write a paragraph describing what the Hartman color profile is about in general, and what the different colors typically mean or indicate. To establish his credibility and posit the authority of his personality assessment, tell who Hartman is and when this was developed first, then what it means, in general, to be a red, a white, a yellow, or a blue.

Then, compose a second paragraph about your own Hartman profile. It should state what your color is, and then use specific examples from your experiences to show that you have the predominant traits of your predominant color.

Third, consider what you can do with this information about different personality types. Then write a paragraph in which you discuss how you will use and apply information about working with, interacting with, and simply understanding why it is useful to know about different personality types in any of your life roles (student, co-worker, volunteer, friend, parent or sibling, etc.). In other words, HOW will you apply this information to create the results you wish to experience in a specific, given situation (i.e., at work, at home, in-class, with friends, on your sports team or social or volunteer activity, etc.)?

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