These are your web folio URLs.  Help each other out. Go to the other web folios and provide each other with some feedback, or seek some advice from each other ("How da heck d'ju do dat?!") Please read the evaluation criteria so that you know what constitutes a good web folio and good design.  At the minimum, your web folios will include 1) a welcome page; 2) a table of contents, listing each assignment [do not call your projects "paper 1" "paper 2" etc. but rather "A Hidden Treasure"  "Restaurant Review" etc.], and a couple lines describing the paper; 3) each of your papers, ensuring that each has a link back to your table of contents, and that all other relevant links in the papers and works cited sections are working.

Everyone: Immediately, check this table for accuracy, and tell me if anything is incorrect, or email me any corrections or missing information.  My addy is  Collaborate in a timely and useful manner.

Note: to save space and avoid repetition, I eliminate the "http://www" from each URL
Name                                        URL                                                        Email addy 
Didar Bargash
Vicente Belmont
Chris Berry
Tiffney Bowers ?
Maureen Casey
Kim Catano ?
Rendell Coles
Derrick Davis ?
Alicia Marie
Ronisa Frink ?
Mary Harding
Robert Harmon
Joseph Harris
Melissa Hodge
Emila Hodzic
Fonda Jordan
Joy Lewis
Charity Lizardo
Matthew Lungdrigan
Nathan Oakley
Pat Pate
Louis Rich
Kari Rocke
Amber Rowe
Viet Tran
Alison Wolfe
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