Sample Student Webfolios
from 2001-2002 English 111 Courses

Students in Fall and Spring sections of English 111, Computer-Mediated Communication , may choose a sequence of assignments which explores their academic and professional fields, or they may choose to write a series of papers about a service learning experience.  This index of sample webfolios is organized according to the sequenced assignments the students chose.

Career Field Exploration

Major/Career Field
Cathy Carhart Fall 2001 Nursing
Lori Johnson Fall 2001 Law Enforcement
Candace Kimble Spring 2002 Journalism
Meredith Markum Spring 2002 Nursing
Collin Moore  Fall 2001 Retail Management
Kristina Pollard Fall 2001 Nursing
Jennifer Rackley Fall 2001 Nursing
Kenney Reimer Spring 2002 Teaching
Sharon Scolari Spring 2002 Linguistics
Adam Steele Spring 2002 Engineering

Service Learning

Service Learning
Volunteer Agency
Laura Clement Fall 2001 Cat Corner (Animal Rescue)
Rebecca Good Spring 2002 American Red Cross
Rachel Heinke Spring 2002 InSYNC School Partnerships 
(Hampton Parks & Rec/City Schools)
Kimberly Novotny    Fall 2001 InSYNC School Partnerships
Les Stanfield Fall 2001 InSYNC School Partnerships
J. B. Stokes Spring 2002 Relay for Life
Eric Whipple Fall 2001 InSYNC School Partnerships

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