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Weekly Schedule Spring 2011
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10 Graded Assignments
Class Schedule
  • 10/26: Survivors: Base Group Narrative (Essay 1)
  • 11/2: Critical Reading Exercise
  • 11/9: A Defining Moment (Essay 2)
  • 11/11: Summary of either the Orwell or Hughes essay
  • 11/16:Documentation conventions project
  • 11/18: Revised Defining Moment with documented summary
  • 11/30: Errors analysis project
  • 12/2: Essay 3
  • 12/9:Essay 4
  • 12/16: Webfolio due. Note: For the Final, we meet 8 a.m.- 10:30 a.m.

Mr. D's email address: dollier@tncc.edu

Week 1
Jan.. 10 & 12

Week 2
Jan. 17 &19

Week 3
Jan. 24 & 26
Week 4
Oct. 19 & 21
Week 5
Oct. 19 & 21
Week 6
Oct. 19 & 21
Week 7
Oct. 19 & 21
Week 8
Oct. 19 & 21
Week 9
Oct. 19 & 21
Week 10
Oct. 19 & 21
Week 11
Oct. 19 & 21
Week 12
Oct. 19 & 21
Week 13
Oct. 19 & 21
Week 14
Oct. 19 & 21
Week 15
Oct. 19 & 21
Finals Week
Oct. 19 & 21

TNCC Fall 2010 Academic Calendar

Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects

Week One: Survival Week!

Tuesday, 10/19 and Thursday 10/21 Do a collaborative base group exercise: The Survivors!

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 10/26: Finish drafting the survivors scenario.

Week Two

Tuesday, 10/26 In-class "Editing Derby!" Find, correct, and circle as many errors as you can identify on the other group's survivors narrative. Prizes for the team that correctly makes the most edits on the other group's paper.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 10/28: Read the essays by Langston Hughes and George Orwell, and read the background information about each writer. In class on Thursday, we will begin the close reading assignment at the bottom of the page, which includes vocabulary, rhetorical analysis, and content interpretation.

Week Three

Tuesday, 11/2 In-class: 1] Discuss the Orwell and Hughes essays and the ways in which these incidents reflect something important about the people that both of these famous writers came to be eventually. 2] Make a timeline of your own most significant life events and of the rituals that symbolize the "rites of passage" that you have gone throug in your life.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 11/4:
Read about the elements the of a good narrative essay. (Note: I will want you to explain to me what I mean when I keep saying to you, "Show me. Don't tell me. SHOW ME!" Which I am undoubtedly going to say to you.) Consider how the following passage exemplifies the qualities of good narrative writing:

2] Based on your discussion of your life's timeline with your colleagues today, select an incident from your life which is a defining moment, that is, an incident which, in retrospect, reveals something important about the person that you are, about the person you have become, because of the life experiences you have had. You will write about this event or incident in a "defining moment" essay which we will begin drafting in class on Thursday. To prepare for drafting your defining moment story, make a chronological outline of the incident and include at each phase of your chronology some of the descriptive details that you will include in the narrative in order to show your readers what happened. The parts of the essay that will "tell" about the experience are those in which you say how you felt about what was happening or what meaning you made of the incident. The great bulk of your essay will show what happened, just as Hughes and Orwell showed us the revival meeting happening and the elephant being killed.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 11/9 (Due at the start of class on Tuesday)

Turn in your defining moment essay
Read about how to write a summay
Write a one-paragraph summary of either the Orwell or the Hughes essay (appx. 150-200 words)
Read about how to make a parenthetical citation and a works cited entry
Include the parenthetical citation and the works cited entry with your summary of the essay

Week Four

Tuesday, 11/9 In-class: 1] Return and go over the Orwell and Hughes close reading exercise (15 min.). 2] Edit the survivors group essay (40 min.) 3] Edit your defining moment essay (40 min.) 4] Discuss summaries of "Shooting an Elephant" or "Salvation"

Grading Criteria for Eng 111 Papers/Projects

Due at the end of class: Submit revised, edited versions of Survivors essay

Homework assignment for Thursday, 11/11 (Due at the start of class)
Turn in your defining moment essay
Turn in the summary of either the Hughes or Orwell essay.

Thursday, 11/11 In-class: 1] Turn in defining moment essay and summary exercise. 2] Begin documentation experts small-group assignment

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 11/16
Plan out how you will finish your documetation experts project, which will be presented during class on Tuesday. We will NOT spend more than 30 minutes at the start of class finishing up your projects prior to presenting them, so they have to be almost completely finished at the start of calss. No extensions, no exceptions, no excuses!

Week Five

Tuesday, 11/16 In-class: 1] Last minute tweaking of documentation experts group projects (no more than 30 minutes) 2] Present your group project (appx. 10 minutes each) 3] Compile the test questions on citing sources. 4] Review and edit punctuation, grammar, and sentence boundary errors on the survivors group essays

Homework assignment for Thursday, 11/18
Edit your defining moment essay. Make sure it does not have the errors that were marked on your group essay!
Bring, in electronic format, 1) your summary, 2) your defining moment essay, 3) your group PPt. presentation
Send me, as an email attachment, your group's test questions. Just one member of your group will send this to me, not everyone, please.

Thursday, 11/18 In-class: 1] Present your group project (appx. 5-10 minutes each) 2] Discuss and demonstrate how to incorporate the summaries into your defining moment essays:

Your defining moment essay will begin with a definition of "a defining moment," will present your summary as an example of a defining moment in a famous person's life, and will end with the correct parenthetical citation. Copy and paste the sentences in blue below into your essay (but make it into the font that you use in your paper and make it black rather than blue):

Everyone experiences incidents in his or her life which have major significance as milestones or turning points. Such incidents become a part of our personal history and help us to understand who we are; they reveal something important to us about ourselves, about other people, or about life in general. These are defining moments in our lives. In his essay "Shooting an Elephant," well known British author George Orwell shared just such an event in his life, an incident which made him ashamed of himself and at the same time showed him the real motives by which imperialist governments act. It happened like this: As a young man in his twenties, Orwell was a police officer . . .

At this point, you place your summary of the Orwell essay. If you summarized the Hughes essay, just substitute Hughes for Orwell and "Salvation" for "Shooting an Elephant," and indicate that he is a well known American poet rather than a British author. At the end of the summary, you will place parentheses with the author's last name inside of them and the period following the parentheses, not before them. It will look like this:

. . . While there was considerable debate over whether he should have shot the elephant or not, Orwell himself felt that he should not have done so merely because of the reason that he did it, which was simply to not look like a fool in front of the Burmans (Orwell).

Your next paragraph will begin with this transition:

A defining moment occurred in my own life when . . .

And then you have made a transition into your own defining moment story and have incorporated the summary of a well-known essay into your own paper to give it more strength and credibility. Make sure the works cited section is correct!

3] peer review and edit defining moment essays for Mr. D. to rip into -- er, to grade. 4] I will return at 12:10 to collect the defining moment essays, and everyone will be here at that time! We need to talk about the next assignment.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 11/30
The research question we will answer and write about in essay three is this: "Based on my innate intelligences, is my professional career path the right choice for me?"

1. Read about Multiple Intelligences, and take a short inventory to assess our own innate intelligences
2. Write Using the results from your M.I. test, write a well developed paragraph, (appx. 200+ words) which discusses the results of your M.I. test and shows that the results are true about you. For instance, if your score in bodily/kinesthetic intelligence is 5, show why this is true of you. At the beginning of your discussion, include the quote from Gardner which defines intelligence according to his criteria, use a parenthetical citation, and include a correctly formatted works cited entry at the end of the paper. The quote and parenthetical citation follow:

3. Read about and explore the type of work you will actually be doing once you have qualified to enter your chosen profession.
4. Write a well developed paragraph discussing of the applicability of your intelligences to the job skills needed in your chosen profession.

Week Six

Tuesday, 11/30 In-class, practicing the research writing process: 1] Review and discuss how to write and package a summary for a researched paper. 2] Read and then write a one-paragraph summary (appx. 150 words) of this 9-page article on Multiple Intelligences. (Don't worry--it's not as long as "9-page" seems.) 3] Cut the quote from Howard Gardner from your previous paragraph and paste it into this new paragraph instead; place it wherever it is most appropriate in the paragraph to for the quote to appear. 4] Reorganize the "body paragraphs" in this fashion: 1st, summary and definition of MI theory; 2nd, discussion of your MI profile; 3rd, applicability of your Intelligence to your profession. 5] Review introductory and concluding paragraphs, and write a good introduction and conclusion that will unify your body paragrpahs into a researched essay which answers this research question: "Based on my innate intelligences, is my professional career path the right choice for me?"

Homework assignment for Thursday, 12/2
Due at the start of class, the researched essay, with introduction, at least three body paragraphs, and a good conclusion. It hsould have at least two sources cited and listed in the works cited section
(the "Multiple Intelligences" article from About.com and the Occupational Outlook Handbook entry describing your career choice).

Thursday, 12/2 1] Errors analysis project, 2] Editing/revising the career choice essay

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 12/9
Due at the start of class, the errors analysis project
Due at the start of class, the career choice documented essay

Week Seven

Tuesday, 12/7 In-class: 1] Understanding metaphor (activity and reflection): "I Did the Puzzle . . . " 2] Read about extended metaphor as a critical analysis technique. IS writing like cooking, or is it more like building a house? Or is it like . . .

3] Outline your writing process, in a concrete, descriptive way, from start to finish. Think about all of your preferences when you write: where you like to do it; what equipment you like to use when starting, drafting, editing, revising; what resources you use; what your concerns are when writing; how you bring the project from conception to completion; how you know when it is finished; and how you take satisfiaction from the activity of writing. 4] Outline your chosen activity to compare writing to, considering how you got started on this activity, why you do it, how it is challenging to you, how it is successful or rewarding to you, etc. 5] Assess the ways in which these activities are similar and draft an extended metaphor essay describing your writing process.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 12/9:
Finish composing your extended metaphor essay. This is DUE at the start of class on Thursday.
Hey!! Where are the career choice essays that were DUE at the start of class on Tuesday,
per the assignment posted on 12/2/10 ?!?!?
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Thursday, 12/9 In-class: 1] Peer review the extended metaphor essays. 2] Begin "Google Apps." web site development. This will be an electronic portfolio for the final, polished versions your writing projects. (It will include the survivors group essay, the defining moment essay with the summary included in it, the career choice essay, and the extended metaphor essay.)

Due today in my mailbox in room 857 downstairs: 1] Career Choice essays (if you did not turn them in on Tuesday), 2] Extended metaphor essays

Homework: For your final class, bring with you in electronic form 1] the survivors essay, 2] the defining moment essay, 3] the career choice essay, 4] the extended metaphor essay, and 5] your electronic supplement to your oral (group) presentation.

Week Eight: Finals Week

Thursday, 12/16 We meet today at 8:00-10:45 for the final

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