Teams of Experts, English 111, Summer 2007

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Sentence fragments:
(8 a.m.) H.K., LyMary, Ronald, Yolanda

Capitalization practices; use of quotation marks
(11 a.m.) James W., Greg, Destinie

Comma use, misuse, and abuse):
(8 a.m.) Ryan, Shane, Renn, Brandi
(11 a.m.) Myra, Corey, Nadica, Jennifer

Run-ons & comma splices:
(8 a.m.) Sherry, Amesha, Orion, Alexis
(11 a.m.) Megan, Jeremiah, Jason

Colons and semicolons:
(8 a.m.) David, Christopher, Stephanie, Keisha
(11 a.m.) Christy, James B., Larica

Tenses of regular verbs and verb agreement with subject:
(8 a.m.) Chela, Genalle, Shinnell, Tramaine
(11 a.m.) Linda, John, Cierra

Works cited and parenthetical documentation conventions:
(8 a.m.) Alberto, Denise, BreHann, LaShawn
(11 a.m.) Orana, Richard, Alan

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