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Week 5, Sept. 21 & 23

Tuesday and Thursday, in class discussion and homework: Orwell and Hughes share defining moments in their lives.

Week 6, Sept. 28 & 30

Tuesday, 9/28 In class: Peer reviewing the defining moment essays

Thursday, 9/30 In class Summary Writing Workshop

Week 7, Oct. 5 & 7

Tuesday, 9/28 In class: Why we cite and what we cite.

Homework for Thursday:
Using pages 439-467 and the sample research paper on pages 467-476, compose a works cited entry for your summary of the essay by Orwell or Hughes.
Son of Citation Machine: This online citation generator will get your works cited entries close to what they should look like, but they are rarely exactly as they are supposed to be, according to the Norton Fieldguide handbook, so check them against the appropriate models in the handbook. Do not blame the citation generator if your works cited entry is not correct: it is your responsibility to check it against the models in the handbook.

This is important to know! Both of these essays are reprinted in these web sites, so the works cited entry will be for reprints.

Thursday, 9/30 In class: 1] Works cited conventions. 2] Making a works cited entry for the summaries

Week 8, Oct. 12 & 14

Tuesday, 10/12 In class: Discuss rewriting or editing of the defining moment essays.

Homework for Thursday:
Use the handbook section (yellow pages) of your Norton Field Guide to make corrections and edits to your paper, or access it on-line to refer to for editing your essays. If you are having trouble understanding any of the editing conventions, try working some lessons on the topics that give you trouble in the Norton Field Guide's Exercise Central web site.

Thursday, 10/14 In class: 1] Discuss appropriate inclusion of the summary into your essay. 2] Correct the works cited entry for the summaries

Homework for Tuesday:
Incorporate the summary into your essay and document it correctly with a parenthetical citation and a works cited entry at the end of your paper.

Week 9

Note: As of this week our class becomes a hybrid, a mix of face-to-face and on-line sessions, because I start an 8-week English 111 class this week that meets at a time that spans our class meeting times. This week, Tuesday will be our on-line class day, and Thursday will be our in-class workshop day. You will begin to rely heavily on this class web site to keep current with your work. We may stick with Tuesdays as on-line sessions and Thursdays as f-2-f meetings, or we may vary the schedule, according to your needs and the needs of my other Eng. 111 class. In any case, plan to show up for your Eng. 111 class each Tues. and Thurs. at 11-12:15 because the work from your virtual class will be due at 12:15 on the day we do not meet f-2-f.

Tuesday, 10/19 Virtual class session: Go to the ACL or library or use your own laptop to access Exercise Central and work any three comma lessons consisting of 30 questions total as well as the semicolon review lessons (10 questions) and the section on using semicolons with independent clauses (10 questions). Total up your score for each and email me the total scores at dollier@tncc.edu. Type your name in the subject line along with the words "comma and semicolon lessons." Use the handbook links to understand all of the answers, even those you guessed correctly about--ESPECIALLY those you guessed on! This is due on or before 12:15 today.

Homework for Thursday: Re-read how to write a summary

Week 10

Tuesday, 10/26 In-class discussion on arguing a position: What are our ethical obligations to our society for the benefits we are provided in our culture?

Thursday, 10/28 Drafting the argument: What are our ethical obligations to our society for the benefits we are provided? Open this document and save it to your drive: Guidelines for Ethical Position Argument Essay. The draft of the essay is due at the start of class on Thursday.

Week 11

Thursday, 11/4 Peer review, revising, and editing the argument: What are our ethical obligations to our society for the benefits we are provided? Open this document and save it to your drive: Guidelines for Ethical Position Argument Essay.

Homework for Thursday 11/11/10:
Read about how to compile an annotated bibliography.
Write an annotated bibliography of five sources related to your Moral Position Final Project. This has to be typed, so bring typed copy with you to class.

Week 12

Thursday, 11/11 1] Turn in the argumentative essay at the start of class. No extensions, no excuses, no exceptions. 2] Peer review, revise and edit the annotated bibliography. These are DUE TODAY in my mailbox in room 857 or sent to me as an email attachment in ".rtf" format (it means Rich Text Format).

Week 13

Thursday, 11/18 1] First things first: If you can simply copy and paste, you will earn 70% of the credit for the summary writing assignment, simply by incorporating it correctly into your defining moment essays. The other 30% will be based on the quality of the summaries themselves. Your defining moment essay will begin with a definition of "a defining moment," will present your summary as an example of a defining moment in a famous person's life, and will end with the correct parenthetical citation. Copy and paste the sentences in blue below into your essay (but make it into the font that you use in your paper and make it black rather than blue):

Everyone experiences incidents in his or her life which have major significance as milestones or turning points. Such incidents become a part of our personal history and help us to understand who we are; they reveal something important to us about ourselves, about other people, or about life in general. These are defining moments in our lives. In his essay "Shooting an Elephant," well-known British author George Orwell shared just such an event in his life, an incident which made him ashamed of himself and at the same time showed him the real motives by which imperialist governments act. It happened like this: As a young man in his twenties, Orwell was a police officer . . .

At this point, you place your summary of the Orwell essay. If you summarized the Hughes essay, just substitute Hughes for Orwell and "Salvation" for "Shooting an Elephant," and indicate that he is a well known American poet rather than a British author. At the end of the summary, you will place parentheses with the author's last name inside of them and the period following the parentheses, not before them. It will look like this:

. . . While there was considerable debate over whether he should have shot the elephant or not, Orwell himself felt that he should not have done so merely because of the reason that he did it, which was simply to not look like a fool in front of the Burmans (Orwell).

Your next paragraph will begin with this transition:

A defining moment occurred in my own life when . . .

And then you have made a transition into your own defining moment story and have incorporated the summary of a well-known essay into your own paper to give it more strength and credibility.

2] Discuss how to incorporate the paraphrased definition (from your book) of the the ethical position from which you argue your "public obligation" essay.

Homework for Thursday 12/2/10:
Due: Revision of defining moment with summary correctly incorporated.
Due: Revision of argument essay ("public oblication" topic) with paraphrased definition from your textook correctly incorporated.

Note: The assignments due will be collected at the start of class to be graded. These have been read and returned for revision and NO late submision will be accepted for any reason whatoever: No extensions, no exceptions, no ecuses.

Week 14

Thursday, 12/2 1Workshop on Phil 220 project

Due at the start of class: Revision of defining moment with summary correctly incorporated.
Due at the start of class: Revision of argument essay ("public oblication" topic) with paraphrased definition from your textook correctly incorporated.

Week 15

Thursday, 12/9 Workshop on Philosophy 220 project

Week 16, Finals Week

Tuesday, 12/14 Exam time is 10:45-1:15 Please note: We will meet in room 916 so that you can finish your oral presentations and rehearse them (with my feedback).

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