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langston hughes

Langston Hughes

george orwell

George Orwell

Defining moments are the events that shape people's lives, their personalities, their psyches, or their understanding of who they are or how they fit into their world. Let's study what made these two exceptionally influential 20th Centry writers who they were--by understanding one of their defining moments.

Welcome to Summer 2016 English 111, folks!

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Summer Class Schedule
  1. Avoiding plagiarism and using MLA documentation style (16 min.)
  2. What do I need to cite? (1 min.)
  3. Plagiarism: You can't just change a few words! (1 min.)
  4. Quoting and paraphrasing (3 min.)
  5. Citing without quoting (3 min.)
  6. Citing websites (2 min.)
  7. Punctuating in-text citations (6 min)

Mr. D's email address: dollier@tncc.edu

Week 1
June 1

Week 2
June 6 & June 8
Week 3
June 13 & June 15
Week 4
June 20 & June 22
Week 5
June 27 & June 29
Week 6
July 6
Week 7
July 11 & July 13
Week 8
July 18 and 20
Week 9
July 25
Final class: Weds. July 27

Spring 2016 Eng. 111 Webfolios Index

Researched Essay Topics:

Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects, and the course syllabus

Week One

Wednesday, 6/1 1] Getting started: Introductions and "house-keeping" 2] Diagnostic writing sample: Reading Literacy Narratives.

Homework assignment for Monday 6/6:

  1. Compose the reading literacy narrative.
  2. Read the course syllabus.
  3. View and anaylze the advice of these two professors on how to email professors (and anyone, really): Prof. Richardson's advice. Professor DeCoster's advice. Take notes from the videos outlining appropriate and inappropriate ways to communicate with professors and class colleagues via email, the "do's and the don't's" of emailing
  4. View videos on the Creator mindset and the Victim mindset (as defined by Dr. Skip Downing and others): You will be writing about this, so take notes: Dominic, Jesse, the Professors.
Week Two

Monday, 6/6 1] Class collaboration project: Email ettiquette poster 2] Discuss Creator and Victim mindset and "The Late Paper" case study. 3] Discuss Creators that we personally know.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 6/8:

  1. Read an excerpt from chapter two of Skip Downing's book, On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life. Dr. Downing describes Victim and Creator behaviors in chapter two. However, I want you to read this excerpt and write what you think is his definition of a Creator and of a Victim (capital C and capital V because he uses those terms in a specialized way). Write his definition in your own words because you will be using it in the next essay we write.
  2. Read and summarize Professor David Mirman's blog article, "Do You Think Like a Victim or a Creator?" (appx. 150 words in length)
  3. Write a paragraph describing a time that you played the victim role

Wednesday, 6/8 1] Discuss Creator and Victim mindsets, discuss draft summaries of Mirman's article, and draft two sentences, one parphrasing Dr. Skip Downing's definition of a Creator and one paraphrasing his definition of a Victim. 2] Discuss completing the draft of the Creator's Mindset essay per the outline and grading rubric Note: we will complete the MLA style citations and works cited in class next Monday, and you will then submit the essay. That is agenda item #3 for Monday, so have the whole essay complete, edited and read to submit by start of class--we will tweak the documentation together. 3] Critical Thinking Journal #1.

Homework assignment for Monday 6/13:

Week Three

Monday, 6/13 1] Class discussion: In what ways does the Henry Ford quote reflect upon Ford himself and his own life experiences? 2] Discuss the in-text citations and the correct works cited models to use for the sources usd in the critical thinking journal and Mirman's and Downing's publications. 3] Revise, edit, correct (MLA style) documentation, and print Critical Thiinking Journal #1 and the Creator's Mindset essay. 4] Discuss similarities in the reading and writing processes and the SQ4R previewing and note-taking strategy. SQ4R paper instructions. 5] Preview "Part One" of the research and writing project on Communicating as a Professional.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 6/15:

Wednesday, 6/15 1] Registering for InQuizitive and introduction to InQuizitive: work the tutorial and the diagnostic assesment.

Week Four

Monday, 6/20 1] Research and paraphrase Reading Question #2 (Part Two) of Communicating as a Professional 2] Discuss and begin "Part Three" of the essay on Communicating as a Professional: "How can I communicate professionally?"

Wednesday, 6/22 1] Begin the Errors Analysis project for the Creators Mindset essay. 2] Discuss completion of the essay on Communicating as a Professional: Introduction, conclusion, thesis statement, transitions, and the grading rubric

Week Five

Monday, 6/27 1] Peer Review Communicating as a Professional and provide feedback to your colleagues prior to final edits/revisions and submission of the essay. 2] Discuss the assignment for 7/6/16 which is "Have fun and Write About It." You may attend any public event or venue--i.e., a concert, movie, festival, restaurant, theme park, beach, museum, Go Carts Plus, mini-golf, historical site, or even a "hidden treasure" in your own community, such as a neighborhood park that the tourists who come here don't even know about. Then you will rite a reveiw of this event, restaurant or venue. Before writing the review, read the reviews that I list below--or something from one of the review sites--so that you have models to follow. In addition to the personal experience review, you will submitt a one-page summary of a published review that is similar in some way to the review that you will submit. It does not have to be a review of the same concert, festival, museum, theme park, etc, but simply a review that would be a model for the personal experience review which you will write. The model readings are osted as homework under Wednesday's class (6/29/16) rather than below, because you have another assignment for 7/1/16. 3] Submit (a) the errors analysis project and (b) the revised/edited final draft of the essay on Communicating as a Professional.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 6/29:

Wednesday, 6/29 1] Submit CTJournal #3. 2] Begin your Wix.com webfolio. English 111 webfolios from Spring 2016 and Fall 2015.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 7/6:

Week Six

Wednesday, 7/6 1] Submit Critical Thinking Journal #3, the summary (assigned above) and the review essay ("Have Fun and Write about It") 2] Discuss Orwell and Hughes, get started on the defining moment essay readings.

Homework assignment for Monday 7/11:

Week Seven

Monday, 7/11 1] Submit the Orwell/Hughes take-home quiz. (2 points) 2] Discuss the two essays using the take home quiz as the study guide. 3] Read about how to wirte a narrative essay summary, and discuss sumaries of the two stories. 4] Workshop: Draft the summary of one of the stories and/or do research for our final essay, which is how these stories represent a defining moment in the life of either Geroge Orwell or Langston Hughes (while I grade work which I want to return to you tonight.)

Homework assignment forWednesday 7/13:

Wednesday, 7/13 1] Share (read aloud--volunteers!) the Orwell or Hughes essays summary. Revise and submit. 2] Discuss what we have researched about each writer which shows how the incidents we read about were defining moments in their lives. 3] Research workshop: find evidence from websites provided on the resources page and from other viable sources related to the topic of our research on Hughes or Orwell. 4] Mini-conferences on returned work.

Homework assignment for Monday 7/11:

Final Project:

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