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Welcome to Summer 2014 English 111, folks!

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Summer Class Schedule
  1. Avoiding plagiarism and using MLA documentation style (16 min.)
  2. What do I need to cite? (1 min.)
  3. Plagiarism: You can't just change a few words! (1 min.)
  4. Quoting and paraphrasing (3 min.)
  5. Citing without quoting (3 min.)
  6. Citing websites (2 min.)
  7. Punctuating in-text citations (6 min)

Mr. D's email address: dollier@tncc.edu

Week 1
May 27 & May 29

Week 2
June 3 & June 5
Week 3
June 10 & June 12
Week 4
June 17 & June 19
Week 5
June 24 & June 26
Week 6
July 1 & July 3
Week 7
July 8 & July 10
Week 8
July 15 & July 17
Finals Week
July 22 or 24

Researched Essay Topics:

Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects, and the course syllabus

Week One

Tuesday, 5/27 1] Getting started: Introductions, "house-keeping," and success behaviors. 2] View and anaylze the advice of these two professors on how to email your professors: Prof. Richardson's advice. Professor DeCoster's advice. Take notes from the videos outlining appropriate and inappropriate ways to communicate with your professors via email, the "do's and the don't's" of emailing. 3] Collaboration project/intro. to Google Apps: Creating a Class Email Policy Poster. 4] View videos on the Creator mindset and the Victim mindset (as defined by Dr. Skip Downing and others): You will be writing about this, so take notes! Dominic, Jesse, the Professors

Homework assignment for Thursday:
1] Read the course syllabus, particularly the "expectations" and "classroom deportment" sections and be prepared to discuss any changes to it.
2] Read these three pages excerpted from Chapter 2 of Dr. Skip Downing's book calledOn Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life: "Adopting a Creator Mindset." While Dr. Downing does not give his specific definition of a Creator or a Victim (captial C and V), he describes their behaviors, so in your notes include what you think his definition of a Creator is (in one sentence) and his definition of a Victim (in one sentence), written in your own words.
3] Read examples of Creator and Victim behaviors and language from Prof. David Mirman's teaching blog. Take notes because you will summarize this article later--from your notes only.
4] Write in your notes about someone you know personally whom you regard to be a Creator. Include in your notes some examples of this person's behaviors that show him or her behaving and speaking as a Creator. You will use your notes to, first, discuss in class in small groups, and later to write a paragraph about this person.

Thursday, 5/29 1] Discuss Creator and Victim mindset and "The Late Paper" case study. 2] Discuss Creators that we personally know. 3] Finish the course syllabus. 4] Begin writing a couple paragraphs.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 6/3:
1] Write a paragraph which summarizes Prof. Mirman's article describing the Creator Mindset and the Victim mindset
2] Write another separate paragraph, after finishing the summary, which describes the behaviors of someone you know personally whom you regard to be a Creator (capital C).

Week Two

Tuesday, 6/3 1] Take the Hartman Personality Profile test 2] Note-taking from lectures using Cornell format, topic: The Hartman Profile

Take the Hartman Personality Profile

Slide show for discussing the personality colors

More "in-depth" analysis of Hartman personality colors

Article: "Potential Use of Hartman's Color Code Personality Profile to Enhance Classroom Group Projects"

Homework assignment for Tuesday 6/10:
Read the PowerPoint, the .pdf files and the assigned paragraphs from the Hartman background readings
Write the three paragraphs assigned at Step 4 of the Hartman research/writing assignment.

Cyber-Thursday, 6/5 No Class! Snow day! (Just kidding about the snow.) We will not meet in the classroom today. I am out of town, so we will do the following on-line lessons for today. Please do not email me your results or have them emailed to me; rather record them for submission to me during class on Tuesday.

Week Three

Tuesday, 6/10 1] Discussion: Overview of MLA style documentation, the why's and how's. 2] Reconstructing Bertrand Russell: essay organization for the (documented) 5-paragraph theme.

Homework assignment for Thursday: DUE AT THE START OF CLASS

Thursday, 6/12 1] Peer review, then revise and proofread and edit your final draft of the Hartman essay. Submit the final draft along with your peer reviewer's checklist and suggestions by 9:30 a.m. 2] Multitasking: A Modern Modus Opperandi or a Modern Myth?

Homework assignment for Tuesday 6/17:
Read and write the first three "phases" of the multitaksing and time management lesson plan. Those three paragraphs are due at the start of class on Tuesday. We will discuss them and then will do phase 4, the final phase, in class, so make sure that you are prepared.

Week Four

Tuesday, 6/17 1] Discuss the first two "phases" of the multitasking and time management lesson plan. 2] Discuss the urgent/important time management matrix. 3] Discuss note taking using SQ4R and Cornell note-tatking formats and strategies (links are on the lesson page for this essay).

Homework assignment for Thursday 6/19:
Read and write Cornell/SQ4R notes on the "Eisenhower Matrix" article from the lesson page
Bring with you to class: The three paragraphs you have written (about the multitasking article, about your experiences when you have tried to multitask, and about the Eisenhower Matrix article), and bring your notes from the second article. I will review, and I might formally grade, your notes.

Thursday, 6/19 1] Preparing for editing and revising paper #1: Using The Norton Field Guide's handbook section and using its Editing Lessons. 2] Discuss revisions to the Hartman essays, and writing the errors analysis while during revision. 3] All the reasons that I hate YOU:

Homework assignment for Tuesday 6/24:
1] Revise the Hartman profile essay per my comments on your graded draft and the lesson page for that paper. 2] Read and write Cornell/SQ4R notes on the "Eisenhower Matrix" article from the lesson page
3] Bring with you to class: The three paragraphs you have written (about the multitasking article, about your experiences when you have tried to multitask, and about the Eisenhower Matrix article), and bring your notes from that second article. I will review, and I might formally grade, your notes.

Week Five

Tuesday, 6/24 No class today, Mr. D. is ill. :-(

Thursday, 6/26 1] Begin the errors analysis project. 2] Create our own time management matrices, and write a paragraph describing the results. 3] Complete Step 10 of the multitasking & time management project, which is discussing how to use Covey's 4 quadrants matrix system.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 7/1:
1] Revise the Hartman profile essay per my comments on your papers and on the grading rubric
2] THEN, finish the errors analysis project which we began in class (i.e., revise first, then analyze the errors in your first graded draft)
3] AFTER THAT, complete steps 11 AND 12 of the multitasking & time mangement project so that you have drafted the entire essay (6 paragraphs in all) and added works cited and parenthetical citations.

Notes on finishing the draft before class:

Week Six

Tuesday, 7/1 Mr. D. has a high fever again, so no class today. :-(

Thursday, 7/3 Submit the errors analysis project and the multitasking & time management draft at the start of class.
Session One: 1] Discuss the correct parenthetical citations and works cited entries for multitasking & time management. 2] Peer review each other's essays using the grading rubric I will supply. 3] Revise, edit, perfect the drafts following peer review to prepare them for my evaluation. Session Two: Begin the next project,
Communicating as a Professional

Homework assignment for Tuesday 7/8:
1] Send your edited/revised multitasking and time managment essay to me as an email attachment in M.S. Word format before midnight, tonight. Otherwise it is late and can't be accepted without an NQA. Use my TNCC email address: dollier@tncc.edu.
2] Read the introduction and do all four steps (Stages 1- 4) for previewing, vocabulary building, note taking and paraphrasing the articles by Adams and by Weins. This is a paraphrasing activity.
3] Read the introduction and do all five steps (Stages 1-5) for ascertaining information from the Occupational Outlook Handbook and paraphrasing the pertinent details about communicating on the job in your profession.

Week Seven

Tuesday, 7/8 1] Discuss drafts of the two paraphrasing activities and the subsequent paragraphs you wrote from them. 2] Turn them in after revision/correction. 3] Start "Phase Three" of the "Communicating as a Professional" essay.

Homework assignment for Thursday 7/10:
1] Revise, edit and correctly document body paragraph one and body paragraph two of the "Communicating as a Professional" essay, per our discussion of content and formats in class today.
2] Write body paragraph three for this essay, which applies the information from your research

Thursday, 7/10 1] Discuss drafts of body paragraph #3. 2] Discuss introductions and conclusions for this essay and 3] compose those paragraphs in class to finish the paper. Resource for completing the essay: Here is the grading rubric I will use to grade your professional communication essays. Note: I will return your graded paragraphs which paraphrase the Adams and Weins articles on Tuesday at the start of class so that you can make any corrections necessary before final submission of the professional communication essay.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 7/15:
1] Complete, document correctly, proofread & edit final drafts of the professional communication essay, using the grading rubric as your guide to perfection.
2] Thoroughly preview Working With Google Sites in order to answer questions about preparing for and developing your class webfolio, in which you will post final revisions of your own major projects for the semester. Examples (some good, some pretty bad) of webfolios from recent semesters are posted at the bottom of this page.
3] Be prepared to discuss the good and bad qualities of those sample webfolios

Week Eight

Tuesday, 7/15 1] Turn in the paraphrasing assignment since only about half had been submitted last week. 2] Discuss qualities of well designed web pages and differences between web pagews and academic essays. 3] Group activity: Analyze webfolios to present two good two marginal ones to your class colleagues.

Homework assignment for Thursday 7/17:
Your webfolio Home Page (or "Welcome Page" if you prefer that moniker.) It will include the following

Thursday, 7/17 1] Discuss completion of the professional communication essay. 2] Compile the class webfolios index. 3] Print and turn in the professional communication essay.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 7/22:
Load up your documents (listed above) into your webfolio. On Tuesday, I will return all work which I still have with your grades and suggestions for revision and editing. The final will be making the revisions and corrections in your webfolios so that the webfolios are perfect!

Not Homework!! If you have a chance, go to Warwick Recreation Center, 29 Copeland Lane, Newport News at 7:30 Saturday to watch your English 111 class colleague, Eddie Cannon compete for a wrestling tag-team championship.

Week Nine (Finals Week)

Tuesday, 7/22 1] Final: Revise, edit, and perfect your papers in your webfolio.

Google webfolios help

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