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Welcome to English 111 for Summer 2013!

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This schedule will be updated frequently, so check it often.

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Summer Class Schedule
  1. Avoiding plagiarism and using MLA documentation style (16 min.)
  2. What do I need to cite? (1 min.)
  3. Plagiarism: You can't just change a few words! (1 min.)
  4. Quoting and paraphrasing (3 min.)
  5. Citing without quoting (3 min.)
  6. Citing websites (2 min.)
  7. Punctuating in-text citations (6 min)


Week 1
May 21-May 23

Week 2
May 28-May 30
Week 3
June 4-June 6
Week 4
June 11-June 13
Week 5
June 18-June 20
Week 6
June 25-June 27
Week 7
July 2
Week 8
July 9-July 11
Finals week
July 16

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Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects, and the course syllabus

Unit 1: Researching and Writing for Personal Success, Weeks 1-4

Week One

Tuesday, 5/21 1] Getting started: "house-keeping" and policies for success. 2] Discussing time management during summer and planning for success in Eng. 111. 3] Discussing Creator and Victim behaviors and language

Thursday 5/24 1] View videos about Creators and Victims and take notes: Dominic, Jesse, the Professors . 2] Changing Vicitm language into Creator language. 3] Draft a paragraph

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 5/28:
View the following videos:

Read (from the online the Guide to Grammar and Writing)


Due: On Tuesday, bring to class the paragraph you drafted in class today and your two newly assigned paragraphs.

Week Two

Tuesday, 5/28 1] Discuss essays, thesis statements and topic sentences and taek Cornell-format notes. 2] Reconstruct Bertrand Russell's essay as a model of a 5-paragraph theme. 3] Discuss revision of your three separate paragraphs into a unified essay on the topic below:

Homework assignment for Thursday, 5/30:
Essay topic: Write an essay discussing how, by behaving and thinking like a Creator rather than a Victim, you can achieve your desired goals as a college student. A draft of the entire essay is due at the start of class on Thursday.
Use the Guide to Grammar and Writing's Editing and Revising checklists to assess your own papers before relying on feedback from others

Thursday 5/30 1] Peer review drafts of Creator/Victim essays. 2] Revise and edit them, and then submit. 3] Take Cornell-format notes on Steve Piscitelli's video advice on SQ4R note-taking and reading comprehension. 4] Let's write SQ4R notes on Kendra Cherry's article about Howard Gardner's research on Multiple Intelligences.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 6/4: Folks, this should take about 4 to 6 hours to do if you put good effort into it: one to two hours for assignments 1, 2 and 3 on M.I. and the O.O.H. job description notes; one to two hours on the research conventions assignments, 4 and 5; and one to two hours on assignment 6, the editing exercises. That's not too much work, folks, so "git 'er dun."

  1. Bring your notes from the M.I. article by Cherry.
  2. Assess your intelligences, and record the results (or print out the graph).
  3. Read and take Cornell notes from the Occupational Outlook Handbook about your chosen profession, or a field you may be interested in entering. Focus on the academic qualifications for entry into the field, the nature of the work itself, the interpesonal and communication skills needed to succeed in that field, the availability of positioins and possible pay ranges based on the level of education you aspire to once you are ready to graduate or to enter that professional field.
  4. Watch this video about how to write a summary.
  5. Do the plagiarism tutorial and have the results sent to YOUR email, not to mine. I will have you submit the pre- and post-tutorial survey result emails to me on Tuesday in print form, not electronically. Please preview the videos about plagiarism, and how to avoid it, before doing the post-test, to reinforce the written information from the tutorial.
  6. Work the following editing lessons from the Norton Handbook's multiple choice exercises section. Select the quizzes with ten questions rather than five and DO NOT have your result sent to me because that will max out my mailbox. Instead, write questions in your grammar journal that you want me to answer in class about things you got wrong on the quizzes. And consult the on line handbook for those answers as well.

Week Three

Tuesday, 6/4 1] Discuss MI: a. Traditional definitions of "intelligence." b. Howard Gardner's definition of "an intelligence." c. Differences, presented graphically. 2] Preview a sample research paper. 3] Discuss summary writing. 4] Discuss summarizing Cherry's article on M.I.

Homework assignment for Thursday:

  1. Finish the summary of Cherry's article about M.I. (appx. 150-200 words)
  2. Write a paragraph describing your results from the short inventory of your innate intelligences. SHOW, in this paragraph, how the results are ture about you with examples from your own experience. If you don't feel the results asccurately reflect you, before you reject them, retake the inventory, and answer as honestly as you can, basing your answers on concrete experiences you have had.
  3. View this video about how to use a citation generating tool called Son of Citation Machine. Note: this is an excellent TOOL. It is not going to be completely accurate because it has no brain; you have to supply the brain. Let's talk about that.
  4. Write a paragraph summarizing what you learned about your chosen profession from the O.O.H (or about the profession you are exploring for this project), focussing on such things as qualifications for entry into the field, the availability of jobs when you are ready to enter the field, pay ranges based on education or other cirteria, the skills needed to perform the work, the nature of the actual work you will be doing in this profession, and the communication, computation, and analytical skills needed to succeed in that field.
  5. Add works cited entries to your summaries of the Cherry article and the O.O.H. job description.

Thursday 6/6 1] Begin the errors analysis project. Start here. 2] Small-Group Discussion: To what degree are your innate intelligences compatible with your chosen career path? To your colleagues, describe your results from the MI survey, showing how they are true about you, and summarize what you learned about your profession from the O.O.H. Will that be a good profession for you to enter based on what you know now about yourself and the nature of the job? 3] Draft a paragraph discussing how (or whether) your innate intelligences are compatibile with the professional work you will be doing in your chosen field.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 6/11 :

Draft a researched and documented essay about your chosen profession discussing how (or whether) your innate intelligences make your choice of professions an apt one for you, what the nature of the work and the benefits of going into this profession are, for YOU. The body paragraphs should start with the description of M.I. theory from Cherry's article, then your results from the survey, the discussion of your Intelligences, the summary from the O.O.H., and finally your discussion of whether (or how) your innate intelligences are compatibile with the professional work you will be doing in your chosen field.
Turn in the Errors Analysis assignment.

Week Four

Tuesday, 6/11 1] Cooperation/Interdependency activity with colleagues quizzes. 2] Review works cited conventions and form a human works cited entry. 3] Discuss the draft of the essay analysing your compatibility with your chosen profession and get feedback from colleagues on your draft.

Homework assignment for Thursday 6/13:
Revised and edited researched essay analysing your compatibility with your chosen profession, due at the start of class.

Thursday, 6/13 1] Mid-term review/collaborative activities related to MLA documentation conventions. 2] View and take notes on this video about Langston Hughes.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 6/18:
View the videos, and read the biographical information, poems, and the story "Salvation" about influential American writer Langston Hughes
Draft a summary of Hughes' essay "Salvation."
Take notes from the short written biography and from the videos. We will discuss (and will write about) the cultural and social influences that shaped Hughes during his developmental years; the nature, scope, and influence of his written work; and the importance of the incident he describes in the story "Salvation." Take good notes because you will be writing about Hughes.

Unit 2: Researching and Writing for Academic Success, Weeks 5-8

Week Five

Tuesday, 6/18 1] Collaborative research activity: Make five groups or pairs to research and report on (informally) the influences that shaped Langston Hughes and the influences he exerted on the culture and political climate of his lifetime. Focus: cultural life, social/political climate, personal life and works, his influence. 2] Discuss the life and works of Langston Hughes.

Homework assignment for Thursday 6/20:

Thursday, 6/20 1] Discussion: How is the incident described in "Salvation" a *defining moment in Langston Hughes' life? 2] Explicate some of Hughes' poems. 3] Writing workshop:

Homework assignment for Tuesday 6/25:
Write: 1) Finish the paragraphs we began drafting in class today. 2) Draft another paragraph explicating one of Hughes poems (as we did in class today). In the topic sentence, focus on what this poem SHOWS about Hughes. Does the poem you selected show that Hughes was disillusioned? Hopeful? What? you may use the poems we discussed in class or any other of his poems.
Read/view these links about influential British author George Orwell, including his essay "Shooting an Elephant."
Find and read "essay length" reviews of 1) a restaurant, 2) a movie, 3) a concert.
Print (or bring with you to print in class) a copy of your M.I./Career exploration essay. (I should have collected two copies instead of one.)

Week Six

Tuesday, 6/25 Writing workshop: Revising the paragraphs about Langston Hughes into a researched and documented essay.

Homework assignment for Thursday 6/27:
Write: Finish the researched essay about Langston Hughes. (Due at the start of class on Thursday.)
Read/view these links about influential British author
George Orwell, including his essay "Shooting an Elephant."
Find and read "essay length" reviews of 1) a restaurant, 2) a movie, 3) a concert.

Thursday, 6/27 1] Revise Career/MI essays. 2] Peer review Hughes essays. 3] Critical Reading and Critical Editing: a small group activity in deconstructing, decoding and encoding text using the poem and painting, "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus."

Homework assignment for Tuesday 7/2:

Week Seven

Tuesday, 7/2 1] Discuss Orwell and "Shooting an Elephant." 2] Read and discuss Orwell's Rules or Writers. 3] Draft a summary of his story, "Shooting an Elephant." 4] Discuss final researched essay topics: academic or experiential research? You choose.

Homework assignment for Thursday 6/27: 1] Finish the summary of "Shooting an Elephant," which we began in class. 2] Do something fun for Independence Day and the ensuing week!! If you participate in a public activity such as a concert, festival, visit to a theme park or nature park or swimming park, camping, dining at a restaurant, visit to a major local attraction or a local hidden treasure, you will have an opportunity to write about this experience as you final essay topic--instead of writing the purely academic essay about George Orwell.

Week Eight

Tuesday, 7/9 1] Turn in the summary of "Shooting an Elephant." 2] Begin webfolio project using Google Apps to create your Eng. 111 web site. 3] Mini-conferences with Mr. D. on the completed essays. 4] Begin drafting the final researched essay. Preview a sample research paper, and look at the GGW's advice on thesis statements and, particularly, what NOT to do in an introduction or thesis statement.

Homework assignment for Thursday 7/11:

Thursday, 7/11 1] Google Sites webfolio development workshop. Start-up videos. Start-up (and advanced) written and video tutorials. Folks, help each other learn how to use and develop these site pages. 2] a. Revising/editing workshop. b. Mini-conferences with Mr. D. c. Developing webfolios. 3] Turn in the Hughes essay (if I did not return yours to you today) and your final essay.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 7/16: 1] Edit, revise, perfect your returned essays and post them in your web folio. 2] Study for the final

Finals Week

Tuesday, 7/16 1] Final test. 2] Revising returned essays and preparing them for the webfolio. 3] Webfolios due at the end of class today

Go to the webfolios page and check out what previous 111 students have done. It's great work, folks!

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