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Welcome to English 111 for Summer 2012!

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This schedule will be updated frequently, so check it often.

10 Graded Assignments/Due dates
Class Resources
Summer Class Schedule
  • 5/24: Literacy narrative (instructions)
  • 5/31: Errors Analysis project
  • 6/7: Summary #1 due
  • 6/14: A lesson Learned essay (E.I. focus)
  • :Summary writing project
  • Documented essay #2
  • Documented essay #3
  • Documented essay #4 (OR math journals)
  • 7/10: Webfolio due

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Week 1
May 17

Week 2
May 22-May 24
Week 3
May 29-May 31
Week 4
June 5-June 7
Week 5
June 12-June14
Week 6
June 19-June 21
Week 7
June 26-June 28
Week 8
July 3-July 5
Week 8.5/Finals
July 10 and 12

Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects, and the course syllabus

Week One

Thursday, 5/17 1] Getting started: "house-keeping" and policies for success--finishing the syllabus. 2] Discussing time management during summer and plannig for success in Eng. 111

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 5/22:
At the start of class, turn in your homework plan calendar and your one-pager discussing how you will succeed in Eng 111 this summer

Week Two

Tuesday, 5/22 1] Complete the syllabus, 2] Read about and discuss the literacy narrative assignments. Note: Take that link to the Norton Field Guide's tool bar, and select "Genres" for instructions on how to write the literacy narrative.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 5/24:
1] Draft of your literacy narrative. Follow the instructions listed on the "genres" tab for literacy narratives.
2] FREE text-to-speech software analysis due next Tuesday (5/29). Use the follwoing process:

Thursday 5/24 1] Turn in the draft of your literacy narrative at the start of class. 2] Editing/peer editing workshop 3] Need ideas for beefing up your literacy narrative? Read these sample literacy narrative essays and see how other students have successfully completed this assignment.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 5/29:
1] Due at the start of class: literacy narrative. Follow the instructions listed on the "genres" tab for literacy narratives.
2] Due at the start of class: FREE text-to-speech software analysis due next Tuesday. Use the following process to compose at least a paragraph about the product you tried.

Week Three

Tuesday, 5/29 1] Collaborative Learning ice-breaker (2 pts. possible) 2] Learning to use the on-line handbook, and 2] basic MLA citation conventions, a group project (4 points possible).

Additional resources for MLA-style documentation conventions:

Homework assignment for Thursday, 5/31:
Finish the citation conventions assignment you started in class.

Thursday 5/31 1] Discussion/Activities: Is punctuation important? It can save lives!

A good reference source:

Use the W. W. Norton (Publisher) On-line Handbook to complete the errors analysis assignment

Week Four

Tuesday, 6/5 NOTE: Folks, I will not be able to be in class today, so you have two extra days to complete your assignment. We will meet on Thursday and take up from exactly where we left off last Thursday.

Thursday, 6/7 We're "flipping the classroom" today. (i.e. doing the "homework" in class) 1] Read about narrative and descriptive details and a couple sample essays from the Guide to Grammar and Writing. 2] Analyze the sample writings on that page as follows:

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 6/12:
Analytical Reading. We will discuss and summarize two essays by Langston Hughes and George Orwell as examples of defining moments in their lives. In order to understand the context of the essays and how they represent defining moments in the lives of these very important writers, we must know quite a bit about their lives.

Week Five

Tuesday, 6/12 1] Discuss "Shooting an Elephant" and "Salvation." 2] Review how to write a summary. 3] Begin drafting a summary of one of the two essays.

Homework assignment for Thursday 6/14:
a one-paragraph summary of "Shooting an Elephant" (appx. 150 words in length) This is due at the beginning of class. Have electronic copy of the summary with you.
Read about why and how we make parenthetical citations

Thursday, 6/14 1] Provide feedback on the summaries, and 2] add the works cited and parenthetical citation using citation machine. Due at 9:15, the corrrectly documented summary of "Shooting an Elephant." We will use Citation Machine as a helpful tool, but it is NOT the definitive source on citation formats.

After break, let's make a timeline of our lives, denoting the most significant events.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 6/19:
Draft an essay
about a defining moment in your life. It is due at the start of class on Tuesday. Bring it with you in electronic copy because we will be working with it in class.

Week Six

Tuesday, 6/19 1] Discuss corrections to the errors analysis assignments and the critical reading project, and begin those revisions. 2] Discuss how to incorporate the summary of "Shooting an Elephant" into your own defining moment essay, and then write it into the paper. It is due today befor the end of class.

Homework assignment for Thursday 6/21:
Read and take notes from this 9-page
article on Multiple Intelligences. (Don't worry--it's not as long as "9-pages" really .) This source includes Gardner's definition of an "intelligence," which will be important to know.

Thursday, 6/21 1] Taking Cornell style notes to record research, lectures, readings and to prepare study guides, test reviews and research summaries and paraphrases. 2] Take this MI inventory to ascertain your own innate intelligences and also take the MI quiz at the bottom of page one from the article on Multiple Intelligences. 3. Write a summary of the article on multiple intelligences (from Ask.com). Include in this summary a direct quote from the Infed article, which gives Gardner's definition (verbatim) of an intelligence. 4] Begin composing (using your notes from class and your two MI survey results) two paragraphs showing that your results are true about you. If you answered honestly, your results cannot be false. One paragraph will show that your higher score areas are true about you by providing specific, concrete examples showing that they are true. The second will illustrate, with specific examples, that your lower score areas are true also.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 6/26: Revise the paragraphs you drafted in class today and include them in an essay which shows what your innate intelligences are, discusses how you can develop your other intelligences, and describes how you can use such information about yourself to ensure your academic, professional, and personal life success.
Multiple Intelligences essay (appx. three full pages in length) is due at the start of class on 6/26

These sources describe how to use and document a direct quote: The Purdue OWL research paper section, the Guide to Grammar and Writing's research paper section.

Week Seven

Tuesday, 6/26 1] Collaboration and cooperation: work together to produce a story.If you did not turn in your group story in class, finish it via Google documents functions and turn it in at the start of class on Thursday. You will present your stories before class is over, so be sure you have the picture or video that accompanies it. 2] Google Doc Sharing: Giving feedback on the M.I. essays electronically

Homework assignment for Thursday 6/28. The M.I. essays are due at the start of class on Thursday: Post your M.I. essay in "Google docs" for your group members from class today to access and comment on per the peer review instructions.
NOTE: Folks who did NOT come to class today (Jessica, Matthew, James, Aubry, Brittany, Adrianna, um . . .) send me an email from your "MyTNCC" gmail account so that I have your email addresses. Since you were not in class today, you will be a cybergroup, and you will do this project outside of class. I will connect y'all via email, so send me email from your TNCC account so that I have your addresses.
How to post and share on Google docs:

  1. Log in to MyTNCC
  2. Select "Gmail"
  3. Select "Documents" from the top menu bar
  4. Click on the red "save" icon next to the red "Create" button
  5. Browse to find your document
  6. Select "Start Upload"
  7. Once uploaded, select "Share" (highlighted in blue) and type in your group members email addresses so that they may access your document.

Thursday, 6/28 1] Prep for cyberproject: This I Believe 2] Group activities and discussion 3] Assignment instructions for developing the essay

Homework assignment for ?, Cyberweek: "Show Me the Money" idea generation activity (from the activities and discussion document)

Homework assignment for 7/3, Cyberweek: Post a draft of your "This I Believe" essay for your colleagues to access and comment on by an hour agreed upon by all in the group. The length will be about 500 words, about two full pages. That's all.

NOTE: We are a hybrid class and so part of what I do is prepare students for on-line learning courses, so next week is Cyberweek--i.e., we meet in Cyberspace rather than f-2-f. I will be on line for my regular on-line office hours Mon. and Tues. 7-8 p.m., but this week I will also check email on-line from 9-10 a.m. and from 12-1 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday. Email me at those times and I will reply to your question/problem/query immediately. If we need to talk, send me your cell phone or land line number--wherever you will be located during those times that I will be checking email on line.

Do's and Don'ts for online collaboration/commenting.

Week Eight: Cyberweek!

Tuesday, 7/3 Post a draft of your This I Believe essay. Everyone will comment on two papers from the other members of your group, and each group will ensure that every essay has at least two readers.

Thursday, 7/5 Either today or at another time agreed upon by your group members, post your revision of the This I Believe essays, and, again, everyone will comment on two papers from the other members of your group, and each group will ensure that every essay has at least two readers.

Finals Week: i.e., Webfolio Week

Monday, 7/9 Folks I am on campus today to grade and to meet with anyone who wants to email me or drop in. I will be grading in the faculty workroom area, room 865 on the first floor of Templin Hall. Email me, call me, or come past. I will be here until 3 p.m.

Tuesday, 7/10 1] Begin revisions/edits to all returned papers. 2] Discuss how to develop an on-line portfolio using the Google Apps web page hosting service.

Homework assignment for 7/12: Revise and edit the defining moment essay, per class discussion. Load it into Google Sites if you can figure it out because on Thursday, you will edit/revise your intelligences essay and your "This I Believe" essay, as well as finishing your webfolio.

Thursday, 7/12 Edit/revise last two essays and finish the webfolios. Webfolios will include final copy of the following:

Due at 10:45 today: EVERYTHING in your webfolio listed above. After I turn in the grades, you may do whatever you like with your webfolios, including dismantling them if you so desire, though I hope you will leave them up and accessible for other students to read as models.

Go to the webfolios page and check out what your colleagues have done. Great work, folks!

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