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"Electronic Textbook" English 111: Class Resources and Learning Links
The course syllabus

Week One

Monday 1/13/20
In-class activities: Introductions.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 1/15/20:

Week Two

Wednesday 1/22/20
In-class activities: 1] Re-introduction to InQuizitive lessons. 2] Discuss two writing projects, the
InQuizitive meta and  and Critical Thinking Journal #1

Homework assignment for Monday, 1/27/20:

Week Three

Monday 1/27/20
In-class activities: Discuss and begin Critical Thinking Journal #1 and the Syllabus Scavenger Hunt, which is posted in Canvas

Homework assignment for Wednessday, 1/29/20:

Wednesday 1/29/20
In-class activities: Discuss CTJ #1

Week Four

Monday 2/3/20
In-class activities: 1] Discuss Syllabus take home quiz and survey results. 2] Discuss and begin note-taking for an annotated bibliography.

Note-taking. Paraphrase from these sources. In your annotations DO NOT quote directly, not for this particlar assigment, which includes the Eng. 111 SLOs 4.2 ("Apply conventions of academic writing in the creation of scholarly texts, including attributing sources, direct and indirect quoting, and citing sources to avoid plagiarism.") and 6.4 ("Evaluate sources for credibility and usefulness.")

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 2/4/20:

Wednesday 2/5/20
In-class activity: Annotated bibliography workshop.

Week Five

Monday 2/10/20
In-class activities: 1] Discuss revisions, edits and Errors Analyses for CTJ #1: Boilerplate Comments CTJ #1.

Week Six

Monday 2/17/20
In-class activities: 1] Discuss again revisions, edits and Errors Analyses for CTJ #1: Boilerplate Comments CTJ #1. 2] Demo the Assistive Technologies

Monday 2/19/20
In-class activities: 1] Discuss metacognition. 2] Communication etiquette. 3] Discuss and begin CTJ #2.

Homework assignment for Monday, 2/24/20:

Week Seven

Monday 2/24/20
In-class presentation: "An Owner's Manual for Your Brain." Take copious notes; if you are sitting passively expecting to magically absorb important information, you will be asked to leave the room and learn the material on your own. By the end of the presentation, it will become obvious why engagement with the material is imperative to learning.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 2/26/20:

Wednesday 2/26/20
In-class activity: Introductory Webfolio Workshop

Homework assignment for Monday, 3/2/20:

Week Eight

Monday 3/2/20
In-class Group Projects: 1] Does punctuation really matter all that much, or is it just some English teacher thing? Let's ask John2] Big Money: How much would YOU pay for a comma? A $million? Two $million? A $2 million comma?!?! Geez! How expensive ARE commas? Read on to find out.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 3/4/20:

Wednesday 3/4/20
In-class activity: Punctuatig "Landscape with the Fall of Icarus" 2] Registering for NYT and NYT in Education. Instructions from Research Librarian Mary Hanlin:

Week Ten (the Re-Start)

Monday 3/23/20
In-class agenda: 1] Zoom and re-start discussion. How we go forward from here. 2] CTJ#2 boilerplate comments for revising. 3] Preparing for "Deep Reading" NYT article (pre-reading discussion)

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 3/25/20:

Wednesday 3/25/20
In-class agenda: 1] Discuss the Deep Reading Quiz. 2] Discuss the sidebar story about journalistic ethics.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/1/20:

Week Eleven

Monday 3/30/20
In-class agenda: 1] Discuss journalistic ethics critical thinkking paper #3. I will make an assignment post in Canvas for this paper today. 2] Critical thinking: Why do we Americans stick to our beliefs and opinions even when facts tell us the opposite? "Struggle for Smarts? How Eastern And Western Cultures Tackle Learning."

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/1/20:

Homework assignment for Monday, 4/1/20:

Wednesday 4/1/20
Office hour: Discuss journalistic ethics paper, due today

Homework assignment for Monday, 4/1/20:

Week Thirteen, 4/13 and 4/15

Monday 4/13/20
In-class agenda: 1]  Discuss assigned stories from The Atlantic and NPR news 2] Preview Wednesday's assignment: Read this breaking story about Pres. Trump's national health advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci 3] Log in to NYT in Education, select the American Government section and read this story: "He Could Have Seen What Was Coming: Behind Trump’s Failure on the Virus"

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/15/20:

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