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Why take college composition? To communicate professionally.

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Mr. D's email address: dollier@tncc.edu

Week 1

Final Class: 8:00-10:30 a.m., Weds. 12/9/15

Researched Essay Topics and Other Projects:

Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects, and the course syllabus

Week One

Monday, 1/11 Getting started: Introductions, "house-keeping," and begin drafting reading literacy narrative, per the instructions in the handout

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 1/13

Wednesday, 1/13 1] Submit the reading literacy narrative. 2] Colleagues quiz. 3] Discuss "The Late Paper" case study. 4] Access the class page and syllabus.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 1/20

Week Two

Wednesday, 1/20/16 1] Finish the syllabus. 2] Do Critical Thinking Journal entry #1 in class

Homework assignment for Monday, 1/25/16

Week Three

Wednesday, 1/27/16 In-class activities: 1] Submit the syllabus quiz and Critical Thinking Journal #1. 2] Introduction to Cornell-style note taking.

Homework assignment for Monday, 2/1/16

Week Four

Monday, 2/1/16 From Psychology Today on line: "Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention on the present. . . mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience."
In-class activities: 1] Submit your plagiarism and documenting pre-test and post-test scores on a piece of scrap paper with your name and date on it. 2] Group discussion of similarities in learning processes. 3] Lecture/note-taking on the
Natural Human Learning Process (NHLP) based on Dr. Rita Smilkstein's research. 4] Begin drafting a paragraph which summarizes the NHLP according to Dr. Smilkstein's research.

Resource for NHLP research:

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 2/3/16

Wednesday, 2/3/16 In-class activities: 1] Revising the Colleagues Quiz. 2] Lecture and note-taking: The NHLP as a biologicval process. Part one--Neuron structure, growth, and development.

Homework assignment for Monday, 2/8/16

Week Five

Monday, 2/8/16 In-class activities: 1] Print the three paragraphs which are due today. 2] Lecture/discussion/note-taking: synaptic firing. 3] Peer review the two NHLP paragraphs (one summarizing Chap. 2 of Smilkstein's book and one describing your own learning experience).

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 2/10/16

Wednesday, 2/10/16 In-class activities: 1] Peer review four paragraphs already assigned about brain development. 2] Brainstorm for the final three paragraphs.

Homework assignment for Monday, 2/15/16

Week Six

Monday, 2/15/16 Snow day! Sorry, there's snow class today. (ehe) :

Wednesday, 2/17/16 In-class activities: 1] Discuss Introductions, thesis statements 2] Write the introductory paragraph. 3] Revise and perfect the final two paragraphs, per our converstaion in class. Since we got snowed out on Monday and I therefore know that I will not be able to grade your essays before next Monday's class, I will push back the due date to the start of class on 2/22/16

Homework assignment for Monday, 2/22/16

Week Seven

Monday, 2/22/16 In-class activities: 1] Submit the brain development and learning essay. 2] Discuss the Sparks article, vocabulary, notes, and summary of the article from "Phase One" of the multitasking and time management project.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 2/24/16

Wednesday, 2/24/16 In-class activities: 1] Discuss your own multitasking experiences. 2] Discuss reading and then drafting a summary of the MindTools article on time management and prioritizing

Homework assignment for Monday, 2/29/16

Week Eight

Monday, 2/29/16 In-class activities: 1] Discuss how the quote reflects Coelho's own life experiences. 2] Discuss multitasking and time mangement project, "Phase Two"--our personal "multitasking" experiences. 3] Begin drafting personal experiences paragraphs 4] Submit C.T. Journal #3

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 3/2/16

Wednesday, 3/2/16 In-class activities: Plan B :-) Punctuation makes meaning. Follow the instructions at this link. The Dear John Letter and a $2 million comma!!

Homework assignment for Monday, 3/14/16

Week Nine

Monday, 3/14/16 In-class activities: 1] Discuss SQ4R and preveiw the article in "Phase Three" about Steven Covey's time management matrix. 2] Take notes on the article about Covey's Urgent/Important principle for priortizing decision-making and time management. 3] Search ancillary information about Covey's "4 Quadrants" matrix for prioritizing important tasks and even life goals.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 3/14/16

Wednesday, 3/16/16 In-class activities: Steps 10 and 11 from "Phase Four"

Homework assignment for Monday, 3/21/16

Week Ten

Monday, 3/21/16 In-class activities: 1] Atendance Quiz: Paraphrase the reason why periods and commas always go inside the close quote marks in academic and professional writing in the U.S. according to the G.G.W. Hereafter, you will lose one point for misplacment of the comma or period regarding the close quote mark, whether the project is worth two points or six points in total. 2] Take notes on in-text citations and works cited sections or pages. 3] Discuss completion of the multitasking and time management essay and do it.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 3/23/16

Wednesday, 3/23/16 In-class activities: 1] DO NOT print your essay until instructed to. 2] Group oral test on plagiarism and citing knowledge 3] Group agrees--everyone's citing/citation and works cited sections are correct. 4] Copy "Wrules for Writers" from our class resources box into a Word document and correct the error alluded to or completely recast the sentence to reflect the rule or practice referred to in the statement. 5] Now you may print, both your essay and the group edit of "Wrules for Writers." 6] Prepare for Critical Thinking Journal #4

Week Eleven

Monday, 3/28/16 In-class activities: 1] Print and submit the works cited page assigned above and Critical Thinking Journal #4. 2] Begin the group comma conventions project using Google docs to collaborate with your group colleagues. The lovely and brilliant Prof. Hayden will show you how to access and create a new Google doc and how to invite your collaborators once one member of the group has started the document. We will finish it in class on Wednesday. If any members of your assigned group do not show up today, they will work this project individually. If you are the only member of your group in class today, then group up with the smallest group present. Add me to your group so that I can answer questions and intervene where and when needed: rad73@email.vccs.edu. I will join your groups during class today.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 3/30/16

Wednesday, 3/30/16 In-class activities: Finish the group comma conventions project

Homework assignment for Monday, 4/4/16

Week Twelve

Monday, 4/4/16 In-class: Wix.com registration and webfolio start-up workshop. Let's look at the webfolios from Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 and then get your own started! To do this use Chrome rather than the I.E. browser. Internet Explorer does not want to play with the Wix websites and, undoubtedly, will not be up to the task of enabling you to start creating your own.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/6/16

Wednesday, 4/6/16 In-class activities: 1] Let's play Jeopardy! Punctuation and Grammar Jeopardy (big money for the winners!) 2] Preview Reading Question 1: The Importance of Grammar in the Professional Workplace of the essay on Communicating as a Professional.

Homework assignment for Monday, 4/11/16

Week Thirteen

Monday, 4/11/16

A note: Folks, I am flipping around the schedule of activities for this week a bit because two of y'all have mainly resubmitted the Mueller article summaries instead of the multitasking and time-management essay in its entirety, and three did not submit the essay at all. As such, five folks would be completely lost on how to do the errors analysis project if I haven't already marked your papers before discussing that, so I will consult with those five during class about finishing up this project by Weds. at 10:00 a.m. so that we can get back on schedule.

In-class: 2:00-3:00, 1] Peer review "Reading Question One" notes and documented paragraph for "Communicating as a Professional" in triads. Use the instructions and the grading rubric at the bottom of the lesson page for this part of the essay as the basis of your discussions, and help each other out! Let's see everyone earning 6 points (out of 6) for this phase of the project. 2] Submit the notes and the perfected paragraph which paraphrases the eight most important reasons given by Adams and Weins (four each), from their articles, about the importance of good grammar in the professional workplace. You don't necessarily have to agree with your colleagues about which were the most important arguments stated by each, but you do have to paraphrase them and document them successfully. 3] 300-3:15, preview and begin Reading Question 2: What IS "Professional Communnication"? of the essay on Communicating as a Professional.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/13/16

Wednesday, 4/13/16 In-class activities: 1] Style points: metadiscourse and you. Yuck! 2] A new reading to reinforce Sparks research prior to revising the essay. Read also some of the blog posts after the article, most notable Dr. Trepel's comments. 3] Discuss and then begin the Errors Analysis project for the multitasking and time-management essay.

Homework assignment for Monday, 4/18/16

Week Fourteen

Do you want to be financially successful, or do you want to be a shoe store clerk for the rest of your life? Here is the hidden secret for success from the nation's most financially successful people: READ! Take that link, and read it. In fact, read everything you can read. Or resist reading, for whatever your own reasons or excuses may be, and keep that shoe store clerk job--people need to buy shoes, after all. And you'll have about five to eight years in that position to find a new path in life before self-checkouts and on-line purchasing eliminate your clerk job.

Monday, 4/18/16 In-class: 1] Discuss the errors analysis project. 2] Discuss Phase Three, Critical Application: How can I communicate professionally?

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/20/16

Wednesday, 4/20/16 In-class activities: 1] Writing workshop: finishing the essay on Communicating as a Professional. 2] Post in the Wix. forum and add your name and URL to the index at the bottom, per the instructions. 3] Begin revising and editing the brain development essay.

Homework assignment for Monday, 4/25/16

Webfolios will include (at least) the following documents, items and elements:

  • Your home page, which will identify you and the purpose of this web site you are developing. It will include:
  • a brief introduction (some things about yourself) and
  • an image of you or an image that in some cogent way represents you.
  • Links to your class page and the TNCC website.
  • Your college email link or a Wix form for emailing you.
  • An index of links to your posted projects
  • Critical Thinking Journals, revised, edited, perfected
  • Brain essay, multitasking essay, and professional communication essay, revised, edited, perfected
  • Group comma conventions project link. Note: you have to make this accessible to "everyone" so that logging in to the VCCS is not necessary
  • Reading literacy narrative, revised, edited, completed
  • It may also include items of your selection, such as your art work, poetry or fiction, your resume, reading lists, projects from other classes, information about your business or your job or links to your employer's website, photos and graphics--your own or those which are meaningful to you in some other way, movie reviews, your music, anything else that you have written. What else do you want to add?

Add-ins will be considered favorably when the webfolios are evaluated! :-)

This project comprises revisions of previously evaluated work, so be sure that your work is revised and edited per the marks and suggestions I have made, and reflecting what you have learned about editing throughout the semester. It will total 10 points of credit (equivilant, almost, to two essay grades).

Week Fifteen: Revision week

Monday, 4/25/16 In-class: Revise and edit returned paragraphs which paraphrase the Adams and Weins articles. Perfect the professional communication essay. Post them to your webfolio.

Wednesday, 4/27/16 In-class activities: Revise, edit, and complete the reading literacy narrative, which you wrote in Week One, 1/13/16. Instructions are in the textbox posted below homework for Monday.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 4/28/16:

Revising and completing the reading literacy narrative

In the first week of class, you wrote a reading literacy narrative, describing your history, experiences, and development as a reader. I have returned those to you for editing, revision, and completion after four months of further experiences as a reader. Your assignment is to, first, edit your literacy narrative thoroughly, reflecting the editing knowledge and skills you have developed during this semester in English 111. Second, revise and complete the reading literacy narrative, discussing the reading skills, strategies, and techniques for academic reading which you have developed this semester. At the end of what you wrote in week one, after you have edited it carefully, make a transition stating that, since the start of the semester, you have learned important things about critical and academic reading.

Before beginning your revision and completion of the reading literacy narrative, review the following web pages to refresh your memory about the reading strategies and techniques which you have learned.

Week Sixteen: Revision and Evaluation day

Monday, 5/2/16 In-class activities: Pizza Day! 1] course evaluations. 2] Webfolio workshop

Wednesday, 5/4/16 No Eng. 111 class today. You have finals in other classes today.

Finals Week, Final Class: 1:30 p.m.-4:00 p.m.

Monday, 5/9/16 In-class: Webfolio evaluation conferences and completion of revisions, edits, etc.


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