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In my office, room 874: M & W 12:30-2 p.m. T 5 p.m.-7:00
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Spring Class Schedule

Plagiarism and citing videos:

  1. Avoiding plagiarism and using MLA documentation style (16 min.)
  2. What do I need to cite? (1 min.)
  3. Plagiarism: You can't just change a few words! (1 min.)
  4. Quoting and paraphrasing (3 min.)
  5. Citing without quoting (3 min.)
  6. Citing websites (2 min.)
  7. Punctuating in-text citations (3 min)



Mr. D's email address: dollier@tncc.edu

Week 1
Jan. 13 & 15

Week 2
Jan.20 & 22
Week 3
Jan. 27 &29
Week 4
Feb. 3 & 5
Week 5
Feb. 10 & 12
Week 6
Feb. 17 &19
Week 7
Feb. 24 & 26
Week 8
Mar. 10
Week 9
Mar. 17 &19
Week 10
Mar. 24 & 26 (Priority Registration begins)
Week 11
Mar. 31& Apr. 2
Week 12
Apr. 7
Week 13
Apr. 14 & 16
Week 14
Apr. 21 & 23
Week 15
Apr. 28 & 30
Week 16
May 5
Final Class: TBA

Researched Essay Topics and Other Projects:

Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects, and the course syllabus

Week One

Tuesday, 1/13 Getting started: Introductions, "house-keeping," and success behaviors.

Thursday, 1/15 The college student's most common question: "Why are we learning this? How I am ever gonna use this?" Let's answer that question about communication courses with some reseaarch of our own: Communicating as a Professional, Phase 1: The importance of good grammar in the workplace

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 1/20:

Week Two

Tuesday, 1/20 1] Plagiarism and citing tutorials. 2] Cornell note taking format. 3] Begin Phase Two (Reading Question 2) of Communicating as a Professional

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 1/22:

Thursday, 1/22 Tweak and document "phase 1" paragraphs and submit them

Week Three

Tuesday, 1/27 Discuss using the O.O.H. to develop paragraph #2 and begin drafting

Homework assignment for Thursday, 1/29

Thursday, 1/29 1] Peer review the paragraph assigned for today. 2] Discuss how to begin "phase 3."

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 2/3

Week Four

Tuesday, 2/3 1] Discuss five-paragraph essays, thesis statements, clear topic sentence 2] Activity: Reconstructing Bertrand Russell (Post-activity focus question: what are Russell's transition methods or devices?) 3] Ask me about extra credit opportunities! Okay, then, here is how: Attend a College Success Seminar or a cultural event, such as a play or musical or outside lecturer's presentation, and write two pages of notes (from a success seminar or outside lecturer's presentation) or a summary (of the cultural event); turn in your notes and you will earn 2 points of extra credit. You may submit as many as three of these extra credit opportunities, which would equate to an entire letter grade by the end of the semester.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 2/5:

Very important!! Please note: Folks, if you do not have M.S. Word, log in to BlackBoard, and download Office 365 (you paid for it with your tuition already, so use it!). It is in the top box on the right side of the page. It includes M.S. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.

Thursday, 2/5 Essay prep workshop: 1] Peer review the whole essay using the grading rubric to give feedback. 2] Make final edits, revisions, tweaks and 3] submit it to be graded. 4] Begin "Researching for Fun" (and a grade) activity: The Grammar Crossword handout (see the instructions in the homework assignment below).

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 2/10:

Week Five

Tuesday, 2/10 1] Small group activites: a] Is punctuation important? The Dear John letter. b] Sample sentences from the Grammar Crossword: Write, by corresponding number, a complete an original sentence reflecting the punctuation, grammar, or spelling convention (or error) described in each of the following clues:

Homework assignment for Thursday, 2/12

Thursday, 2/12 1] Turn in sentences from the Grammar Crossword (2 pts.) 2] Group activity (or individually--your choice): Follow the instructions on the board, creating Cornell notes for yourself on the terms written on the board. I will collect your completed Cornell notes for a grade next Tuesday, so make them neat, legible, accurate. 3] Begin Errors Analysis project for essay #1. Be certain to get rid of inappropriate 2nd person point of view when doing the revisions.

Resources for completeing this project (from the Internet Resources box at the top of your class page)

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 2/17

Week Six

There is NO week six! Thanks, Obama! (I mean winter storms Octavia and Pandora). No More Snow!!!

Week Seven

Tuesday, 2/24 1] Small group activity: Begin the "Icarus project" by reading the linked material and discussing your answers with your colleagues during class. Work together once you have read the associated material so that you get off to a good start. Note: All of the Icarus project questions are answereed if you find the Easter Egg, so dive deep.

Homework assignments for Thursday, 2/26:

Week Eight

Tuesday, 3/10 1] Begin errors analysis of essay #1. 2] Begin multitasking and time management project by summarizing Sarah Sparks' article.

Week Nine

Tuesday, 3/17 Peer review errors analysis and finish it correctly

Homework assignments for Thursday, 3/19:

Thursday, 3/19 1] Submit the errors analysis (if you did not turn it in on Tuesday)

Homework assignments for Thursday, 3/19:

Week Ten

Tuesday, 3/24 1] Discuss the Sparks article and the research she bases her thesis upon, as well as the correct documentation of that source. 2] Discuss our own multitasking experiences and how to revise paragraph 2

Homework assignments for Thursday, 3/26:

Thursday, 3/26 Discuss the time management matrix summary paragraph on the multitasking and time management project, tweak the citation and works cited, and submit the paragraph and your notes for a grade.

Homework assignments for Tuesday, 3/31:

Week Eleven

Tuesday, 3/31 1] Peer Review the multitasking and time management essay. 2] Revise, edit, perfect and submit the essay

Thursday, 4/2 1] Editing Sally Student. 2] Discuss returned summaries of the McKays article.

Homework assignments for Tuesday, 4/7:

Week Twelve: Wix Week!

Tuesday, 4/7 1] Turn in the multitasking and time management essay at the start of class. 2] Wix Week!! Wix.com webpages workshop: The fun begins! 2.1] When you register, you will want to use your personal email address since this will be your personal site, and you may want to keep developing it past the time that you are a TNCC student. 2.2] There are issues with Wix interfacing with the I. E. browser, so please use Mozilla or Chrome. 2.3] Check out these smashing examples that were created by some of my Fall 2014 Eng 111 students using Wix.com

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 4/14: Begin your Wix.com website for hosting your Eng. 111 class projects. Starter suggestions for what to put on your homepage follow:

Thursday, 4/9 1] Wix Week continues; however, we will not meet face-to-face today as I will be in Richmond for Chancellor's Faculty Advisory Committee. (See assignment posted above, which is what will be "due" on 4/14.)

Week Thirteen

Tuesday, 4/14 1] Collect webfolio URLs. 2] Preview Langston Hughes and George Orwell for our final project. 3] Begin Hughes and Orwell project with the reading analysis guide. Folks, this is a class in critical reading and college composition. The first step in reading critically is following instructions, so follow all the instructions on the assignment page for analyzing the readings. In other words, READ the instructions before doing the assignment: don't do it however you want--do it my way. I can't award credit if you don't do it MY way. That's what it means to follow the posted instructions.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 4/16:

Thursday, 4/16 1] Submit readings analysis assignment. 2] Discuss readings analysis project and add notes and details to it as a guide to developing the summaries. 3] Discuss marking, highlighting and annotating the two stories to develop the summaries.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 4/21:

Week Fourteen

Tuesday, 4/21 1] Contributory summary of "Salvation." 2] Discuss documenting the sources

Homework assignment for Thursday, 4/23:

Thursday, 4/23 1] Submit documented summaries of the Hughes and Orwell essays. 2] Discuss plans and sources for the "defining moment" essays about Hughes and/or Orwell. 3] Begin (or continue) drafting the essays

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 4/28:

Week Fifteen

Tuesday, 4/28 Workshop day: Review and tweak Hughes or Orwell defining moment essays; begin revising returned papers and summaries; post revised/final drafts to webfolios.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 4/30:

Thursday, 4/30 Workshop day: 1] Submit Hughes or Orwell defining moment essays at the start of class 2] Revise returned papers and summaries 3] Post revised/final drafts to webfolios

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 5/5:

Prepare your webfolio for completion. For the final, you will revise/edit/post the final essay in your webfolio, which will be worth 6 points

Webfolios will include the following:

Week Sixteen: Final Exam Day, 1:30-4:00 p.m.

Optional Additional Workshop You may join us at my Eng. 111 class on Monday 5/4 from 10:00-12:20 for an additional opportunity to join their final workshop day.

Tuesday, 5/5 1] Revise and edit returned final essay (Orwell or Hughes) and multitasking/time management essay. Upload final versions to webfolios. 2] Miniconferences and final grading of webfolios during class if finished. 3] Evaluate Eng. 111. 4] Go forth and multiply (or add, subtract, divide, whatever).

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