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10 Graded Assignments/Due dates
Class Schedule
  • 1/19: Collaborative writing: Brain development paragraphs
  • 1/26: Researched essay: "How to be a Math Marvel"
  • 2/16: Errors Analysis project
  • 2/23: Annotated Bibliography of math help websites
  • 2/28:Summary writing project
  • MLA Documentation conventions group project
  • Documented essay #2
  • Documented essay #3
  • Documented essay #4 (OR math journals)
  • 4/27: Webfolio due

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Week 1
Jan.. 10 & 12

Week 2
Jan. 19

Week 3
Jan. 24 & 26
Week 4
Jan. 31 & Feb. 2
Week 5
Feb. 7 & 9
Week 6
Feb. 14 & 16
Week 7
Feb. 21 & 23
Week 8
Feb. 28 & Mar. 2
Week 9
Mar. 14 & 16
Week 10
Mar. 21 & 23
Week 11
Mar. 28 & 30
Week 12
Apr. 4 & 6
Week 13
Apr. 11 & 13
Week 14
Apr. 18 & 20
Week 15
Apr. 25 & 27
Week 16
May. 2

TNCC Spring 2011 Academic Calendar

Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects, and the course syllabus

Week One

Monday, 1/10 Getting started: "house-keeping" and policies for success

Wednesday 1/12 1] Complete the syllabus, 2] Understanding the Natural Human Learning Process: Brain Development During the Natural Human Learning Process.

Week Two: Brain Week!

Monday, 1/17 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, no classes!

Wednesday, 1/19 In-class: Discuss the NHLP and development of the brain paragraphs.

Homework assignment for Monday, 10/24:
I.] At the start of class, turn in your paragraph describing how you used the NHLP to learn a skill or body of knowledge, approximately 150-200 words in length. These wil be edited to the best of your abilities. Do not turn in a rough or unedited paragraph, please.

II.] Research on campus and face-to-face to find resources, and read web sites about how to be a successful student of mathematics. Save the site URLs because we will use these for class discussion and as the basis for Essay #1, "How to be a Math Marvel." Your research (both face-to-face and on-line) will also include information about how to be a successful college student in any class.

Your research should address the following quesions: What are your on-campus resources? How do you know if an on-line resource is a good source? Bring your research/notes with you on Monday: notes from MTH 3 class, URLs of good math sites and your brief discussions of why you think they are good and how each is applicable to your specific goals in MTH 3. Also, be able to answer this question before Monday: What is the percentage of students who pass MTH 3 at TNCC or in the VCCS on their first try?

We will compose a first draft of an essay in class, so do not come to class on Monday unprepared to draft your essay. Do your research/homework.

Week Three

Monday, 1/24 1] Turn in NHLP paragraphs. 2] Discuss on-campus and on-line resources you have found in order to achieve your success as a math student. 3] Discuss math study habits and good academic behaviors in order to achieve success as a math student, and 4] Assess your "math student" baseline by following the suggestions given in the results of your math study skills self-survey from the Purplemath web site.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 1/26:
1] Compose two body paragraphs for your "How to be a Math Marvel" essay. The first paragraph you write will be a discussion of the results from the survey, i.e., what does it show about your math study skills? Discuss how your math study skills (as indicated by the self-survey) have led you to success or to lack of success in past math classes and very briefly discuss how those study habits relate to the specific goals you have for your Math. 3 class. The second body paragraph will focus on one of the other paragraph topics we discussed in class: on-line resources, or on-campus resources, or My MathLab, or the "inner resources" you have developed (how your behaviors and habits can contribute to your success.
Note: Paragraphs should be approximately 150-200 words in length as a general rule.

2] Research the content of the other body paragraphs suggested in instruction #1 above. Be prepared to share this information with your colleagues in class and to compose at least two more paragraphs from this material. In other words, do your research/homework thoroughly prior to class.

Wednesday 1/26 1] Turn in your first two "math marvels" paragraphs at the start of class. I will read these to provide quick feedback as to whether you are on mark in following the instructions for the assignment. 2] Discuss/share research finds with colleagues in class, 3] discuss and model how to use the on-line citation generator, or the commercial site Easybib.com, and 4] begin composing the remaining body paragraphs of what will be the "How to be a Math Marvel" essay.
Note: We are composing this essay from the inside out, starting with the body paragraphs. Do not write the introductory or the concluding paragraphs until AFTER you have composed all of the body paragraphs.

Homework assignment for Monday, 1/31 (due at the start of class):
1] Read
about introductory paragraphs in essays, concluding paragraphs in essays, thesis statements of essays, and topic sentences of paragraphs within essays and research papers.
2] Compose the rest of your math marvel (researched) essay
3] Add the works cited entries for each of your sources and list them alphabetically at the end of the paper.

Resources for MLA style documentation conventions:

Week Four

Monday, 1/31 Discuss and model how to document sources in the works cited section of your papers

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 2/2 (due at the start of class):
1] "How to be a Math Marvel"
documented essay due at the start of class
2] For an extra credit point, find the answer to the following question and provide the source of the answer in a works sicted entry: Why do commas and periods always go inside of a close quote marks, no matter how they are used?

Wednesday, 2/2 1] Turn in the "How to be a Math Marvel" essay. 2] Discuss revision of the NHLP paragraphs, 3] Discuss good test taking techniques in math to prepare for the first section test.

Week Five

Monday, 2/7 Discuss development of the brain biologically during learning.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 2/9 (due at the start of class):
Compose one or two paragraphs
describing how a neuron functions and develops similar to a tree growing, and how synaptic firing is like a spark plug firing.ocumented essay due at the start of class
Consider "audience" for the paragraphs above! Explain this information well enough that so that someone you know who has not attened our class will fully understand how the brain cells develop and how synapses fire.
Due: Revised NHLP paragraphs to be collected at the start of class for grading. (I forgot to collect these on Monday. My bad.)

Wednesday, 2/9 1] Turn in revised NHLP paragraphs. 2] Finish discussion of how emotions affect learning. 3] Peer review brain biology paragraphs.

Homework assignment for Monday, 2/14 (due at the start of class):
1] Compose a paragraph
(of appx. 150 words) describing how emotions affect learning. Your topic sentence should focus on why it is important to know how emotions affect learning, and the paragraph should be developed with examples of learning situations which evoke emotional response. We talked about some of these in class.
2] Revise the paragraphs on the biological development of the brain: How is it similar to a tree and how is it similar to a spark plug firing?

Week Six

Monday, 2/14 1] Discuss the NHLP paragraphs. These must clearly describe the stages of that Smilkstein asserts ar tghe NHLP, and it must show that you learned a skill to mastery through this process, a combination of researched information and your personal experience, interwoven into a paragraph. 2] Discuss (a) development and revision of the paragraphs on the biological process of brain cell growth during learning, and (b) the paragraph on how emotions control our ability to learn and why it is important to know that emotions affect learning.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 2/16 (due at the start of class):
1] Revise the paragraphs
describing the biological growth of dendrites and how emotions affect learning. These two paragraphs will be due for grading at the start of class on Wednesday.
2] Bring your marked Math Marvels essay to class to begin the
errors analysis project.

Wednesday, 2/16 1] Turn in the revisions of the "brain biology" paragraph(s) (how the brain cells develop similar to a tree and synapses fire similar to a spark plug), and the paragrapaphs about how emotions affect learning. 2] begin the errors analysis project using the handbook section of the Norton Field Guide to Writing on line.

Homework assignment for Monday, 2/21 (due at the start of class):
Research and briefly write out what a paraphrase is and what a summary is. Save the sources of your information.
2] Make a works cited entry for our source of material for the brain the development essay; it is Rita Smilkstein's book, We're Born to Learn: Using the Brain's Natural Leaning Process to Create Today's Curriculum.
3] Finish the errors analysis project.
4] Math Professor and author Paul Nolting says that learning math is like learning a foreign language. Write a brief paragraph discussing HOW learning math is like learning a foreign language and which foreign language learning strategies should be used to learn math.

Week Seven

Monday, 2/21 1] Discuss the correct works cited entry and format for the NHLP paragraph. Copy these into your NHLP paragraph document and save it. 2] Discuss how learning math is like learning a foreign language in small groups.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 2/23 (due at the start of class):
1] Compose a well developed paragraph (or two)
discussing how learning math is like learning a foreign language. Additionally, discuss in the paragraph the specific foreign language acquisition/learning strategies that you can or should, therefore, use to study and understand math.
2] Turn in, at the start of class:

Wednesday, 2/23 1] Punctuation makes meaning: Punctuating Landscape With the Fall of Icarus

Homework assignment for Monday, 2/28: 1] Read about how to write a summary for a researched paper. 2] Read and then write a one-page summary (appx. 200-250 words) of this 9-page article on Multiple Intelligences. (Don't worry--it's not as long as "9-page" seems.)

Week Eight

Monday, 2/28 Prepare for mid-term assessment

Wednesday, 3/2 Mid-term assessment mini-conferences. Here are the researched projects which have been assigned and collected so far.

Week Nine

Wednesday, 3/16 In-class project: Using resources to identify sentence patterns

Homework assignment for Monday, 3/21: 1] Finish the sentence patterns exercise which we began in class. 2] Prepare for a quiz on sentence construction terminology. You will need to be able to define and describe, in your own words, the following sentence components or types: Phrase, clause, independent clause, dependent clause, simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence and compound-complex sentence.

Week Ten

Monday, 3/21 Workshop Day: 1] Revise returned paragraphs and essays per my suggestions and instructions. 2] Organize the brain development paragraphs into the body paragraphs for an essay on how the brain functions for learning purposes, add the correct works cited entries, and draft introductory and concluding paragraphs.

Wednesday, 3/23 Workshop Day: Organize the brain development paragraphs into the body paragraphs for an essay on how the brain functions for learning purposes, add the correct works cited entries, and draft introductory and concluding paragraphs. Turn in all revised work by the end of class today. Place it in my mailbox in room 852. DO NOT leave your papers on my office door, do not slide them under my office door, and do not email them to me.

Resources for completing the brain development essays:

Homework assignment for Monday, 3/28: Brain Development researched essay is due at the start of class on Monday.

Week Eleven

Monday, 3/28 Summary-writing workshop: 1] Read about how to write a summary for a researched paper. 2] Popcorn reading and summary: write a one-page summary (appx. 200-250 words) of this 9-page article on Multiple Intelligences. (Don't worry--it's not as long as "9-page" seems.)

Homework assignment for Monday, 4/4: 1] Due: Documented summary of Multiple Intelligence article posted above. Brain Development researched essay is due at the start of class on Monday. 2] Find a separate source that quotes Howard Gardner's definition of "intelligence," copy that quote verbatim, and collect the works cited information for the source. 3] Find a separate source that has a description of what Gardner calls "existential intelligence," paraphrase that information, and collect the works cited information for the source.

Week Twelve

Monday, 4/4 1] Take an MI inventory to ascertain your own innate intelligences. 2] Write two paragraphs showing that your results are true about you. If you answered honestly, your results cannot be false. One paragraph will show that your higher score areas are true about you by providing specific, concrete examples showing that they are true.The second will illustrate, with specific examples, that your lower score areas are true; AND it will discuss ways in which you can improve your intelligences in thos low areas. You will find a researched source or sources that give information on how to improve your intellgences and you will paraphrase and cite the source.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/6: Due: Drafts of two paragraphs about your MI inventory results, with instructions posted above.

Wednesday, 4/6 1] Research and then write a paragraph discussing either the appropriateness of your major based on your innate intelligence AND/OR the professional fields that you should enter, given your innate intelligences AND/OR the intelligences that you will develop more fully (and how you will develop them) in order to enter and be successful in your chosen profession. Use the U.S. Dept. of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook as your research site.

Homework assignment for Monday, 4/11: Due: Researched essay #3

Researched essay #3 applies what you have learned about Multiple Intelligences (and specifically about your own innate intelligences) to your professional aspirations. Thwe "parts" of the researched essay (individual paragraph writing assignments) are posted in weeks 11 and 12 above.  

Requirements: The essay will include . . .

Week Thirteen

Monday, 4/11 Finish and turn in researched essay #3 on the applicability of M.I. research to your chosen profession.

Wednesday, 4/13 1] Revise and edit, to prepare to post in your web folio, the brain development paper (which is researched essay #2). AND the final version of your Math Marvels essay.

Week Fourteen

Monday, 4/18 Start Google web folio. To do it, log in to MyTNCC, access your GMail account, and then select "sites" from the top menu.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/20: Due: 1] Write an introduction to yourself, of approximately 150-200 words, to be posted on your Google Web Folio. You may call it "get to know me," "something about myself," "a bit of history," etc. 2] Bring electronic copy of ALL there researched essays to be posted in your web folio.

Wednesday, 4/20 Begin documentation group project. Use the resources below or other academic sites you prefer:

Homework assignment for Monday, 4/25: Begin the MLA Documentation Conventions project individually. Instructions: Answer the following in your own words (i.e., paraphrasing) and record the bibliographical (works cited) information from each reference source/web site you use to attain the answers.

  1. Why does the MLA use parenthetical citations rather than footnotes or endnotes?
  2. Why do we cite? Give three reasons, 1) a legal reason, 2) an ethical reason, and 3) a rhetorical reason
  3. What do we cite?
Week Fifteen

Monday, 4/25 Group projects: 1] MLA documentation conventions, continued (due at 8:45); 2] Assist each other in posting your assignments to your Google web folio.

Assignment: SHOW UP ON TIME!! If you are late to either of the last two classes, which could impede your group members from finishing their work, you will receive an F as your semester grade for English 111. No exceptions, no excuses.

Wednesday, 4/27 1] Webfolio development (getting all the papers posted) 2] Finish group project: MLA documentation conventions.

Week Sixteen

Monday, 5/2 Sharing the webfolios: Finish your Google web folio site and share it with the world!!

Week Sixteen.two?!?!?

Monday, 5/9, 8:00-10:30 a.m. OPTIONAL, VIRTUAL final. We will not meet in class for the final, but go online druing this time today if you want to try to add some points to your total by revising or improving your posted papers and projects. Instructions will be sent to your "email.vccs" account. I will meet with you on line to answer any final questions about your web folios. I will send your webfolio grades to you by Friday, 5/6 so that you can decide if you want to meet in cyberspace for the final.

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