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I am an Equal Opportunity Educator: I refuse to discriminate against, condone discrimination against, or participate in, or support, or tolerate discrimination against any person based on ethnicity, religion--or lack thereof, age, gender, national origin, physical disability or learning disability, political affiliation, sexual identity, or sexual orientation.

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Fall Class Schedule

Avoiding plagiarism by citing sources:

  1. Avoiding plagiarism and using MLA documentation style (16 min.)
  2. What do I need to cite? (1 min.)
  3. Plagiarism: You can't just change a few words! (1 min.)
  4. Quoting and paraphrasing (3 min.)
  5. Citing without quoting (3 min.)
  6. Citing websites (2 min.)
  7. Punctuating in-text citations (3 min)
  8. How to cite a Youtube video.

Assistive Communication Technology

  • Speechnotes Chrome browser and cell phone voice-to-text app

Mr. D's email address: dollier@tncc.edu

Week 1

Researched Essay Topics and Other Projects:

Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects, and the course syllabus

Week One

Tuesday 8/22/17

In-class activities: 1] Housekeeping: syllabus overview and Remind.com 2] Identifying main ideas and supporting details in researched writing. 2] Process: First, highlight and copy the title, author's name and text of an article into an M.S. Word document. Then skim through the article to get an impression of what it is about and to get an overview of what sort of support is included and where the supporting details tend to be located. Next, background highlight the main ideas/topic sentences in light blue, and in yellow highlight all the details that support THAT main idea before moving on to the next. When finished highlight the conclusion in light grey, and then--after having read the whole article--go back and highlight the thesis statement in pink. 3] The readings:

Homework assignment for Thursday, 8/24/17:

Thursday 8/24/17
In-class activities: 1] Group activity: compare mark ups of four readings on cell phone use. 2] Discuss cell phone readings and the syllabus. 3] Discuss and type the annotated bibliographies of cell phone articles.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 8/29/17:

Week Two

Tuesday 8/29/17
In-class activities: 1] Finish discussion of cell phone policy and finalize the syllabus. 2] Introduction to
Speechnotes (works on Chrome browser) 3 ] Format, print out, then upload Reading Literacy Pre-Semester paper to Google Drive and post it to BlackBoard Assignments. 3] Register with Little Seagull Handbook with InQuizitive lessons. Class set # is 38167.

Thursday 8/31/17
In-class group activity: Compare and discuss the annotated bibliography of the articles about cell phone use.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/5/17:

Week Three

Tuesday 9/5/17
In-class activities: 1] Peer review the annotated bibliography in class, print it out, and submit it to BlackBoard following peer review. 2 ] Create, as a class, a poster of email protocols and rules, by use of the Google Slides app.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 9/7/17:

Thursday 9/7/17c
In-class activities: Discuss the readings and do activities related to unerstanding the Victim mindset and the Creator mindset

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/12/17:

--Week Four--

Tuesday, 9/12/17
In-class activities:1] Discuss
the annotated bibliographies. 2] Read this sample first draft essay on adopting the Creator mindset from Connie Fields, Fall 2014. Please note: Connie's concluding paragraph is different from the conclusion which you will write when you follow the instructions above. 3] Pre-writing activity and discussion of your concluding paragraph, which will state what your academic and personal life goals are for THIS semester. Using examples from the paragraph about the Creator you just wrote about, describe specifically what YOU will do to achieve the outcomes YOU wish to experience this semester.

Homework assignment for Thursday 9/14/17:

Thursday, 9/14/17
In-class activities:1] Discuss works cited and final paragraps of the Creators Mindset essayHousekeeping:
Printout of the definitions and summary from Downing and Mirman; InQuizitive questions, problems, troubleshooting. 2] Rewarding good note-taking. 3] Essay coherence group activity. 4] Discuss concluding paragraphs for "Adopting the Creator Mindset" essays

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/19/17:

Week Five

Tuesday 9/19/17
In-class activities: Discuss the concluding paragraph and works cited sections of the Creators Mindset essay

Homework assignment for Thursday, 9/7/17:

Thursday 9/21/17
In-class activities: 1] Print out the Creator Mindset essays. 2] Preview readings for essay two and take notes.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 9/25/17:

Week Six

Tuesday 9/26/17

In-class activities: 1] Complete and print your notes and the paragraph which paraphrases the two articles about good grammar in the professional workplace. 2] Discuss and begin "
Phase Two" of the professional communication essay.

Homework assignment for Thursday 9/28/17:

Thursday 9/28/17

In-class activities: 1] Discuss revisions and edits of the returned Adams and Weins paraphrases paragraphs. 2] Discuss research question #2/paragraph #2 progress, problems, triumphs, etc.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 10/3/17:

Week Seven

Tuesday 10/3/17
In-class activities: 1] Discuss how to develop the
final body paragraph of the "Communicating as a Professional" project. 2] Peer review the "Phase Two" paragraphs with a partner.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 10/5/17:

Thursday 10/5/17
In-class activities: 1] Discuss Why Can't College Graduates Write Coherent Prose? 2] Mark-up and note-taking for "close reading": (A) Preview the essay using SQ4R in Cornell format (B) "Showing" vs. "Telling" in writing; marking up "The Battle of the Ants." Copy the story into MS Word and highlight the sentences that "tell" in a light blue background, and highlight the sentences that "show" in a yellow background.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 10/10:

Week Eight

Tuesday 10/10/17
In-class activities: 1] Questions about the completed draft of the
Communicating as a Professional project 2] Discuss and take notes on "Battle of the Ants." If your notes are incompoete or lacking details we discuss in class, then finish them so that you will ace the test on this reading. 3] Discuss and begin researching Critical Thinking Journal #1, including viable sources for researching the Critical Thinking Journal entries.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 10/12/17:

Thursday 10/12/17
In-class activities: 1] Revised instructions/grading rubric for "Communicating as a Professional" essay 2] Scavenger hunt! (1a) Where in our class website might one find videos about introductory and concluding paragraphs in essays? (1b) Where in our class website might one find links to handbook discussions about introductory and concluding paragraphs in essays?

Homework assignment for Tuesday 10/17:

--Week Nine

Tuesday, 10/17
In-class activities: 1] Submit the Grammar Crossword activity. Discuss completion of the whole essay following the instructions in, and using the links in, the grading rubric. 3] Read the sample Professional Communication essays below from Fall 2016

Homework assignment for Thursday 10/19/17:

Thursday, 10/19
In-class activities: 1] Write Critical Thinking Journal #3. 2] "Catch-up" mini-conferences

Note: Last Day to Withdraw for the Semester is Friday, 27 October

--Week Ten

Thursday, 10/26
In-class activities: 1] Begin the Errors Analysis Project. 2] Read and use the Creator Mindset Essay Boilerplate comments.

--Week Eleven

Tuesday, 10/31
In-class activities: Finish the Errors Analysis Project.

Homework assignment for Thursday 11/2/17:

Thursday, 11/2
In-class activities: 1] Does punctuation really matter all that much, or is it just some English teacher thing? Let's ask John!! The Dear John Letter. 2] Big Money: How much would YOU pay for a comma? A $million? Two $million? A $2 million comma?! 3] Begin the Icarus editing and critical reading activity.

Homework assignment for Thursday 11/7/17:

--Week Twelve

Tuesday, 11/7
In-class activities: 1] Submit the Errors Analysis Project. 2] Discuss the Icarus project; revise and complete it before Thursday, posted in BBd 3] Make groups and begin to prep for Thursday's BIG competition.

Homework assignment for Thursday 11/9/17:

Thursday, 11/9
In-class activities: 1] Discuss Coelho quote and CTJ #3 2] PLAY Grammar Jeopardy!! 3] Preview and begin Webfolios.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 11/14/17:

--Week Thirteen

Tuesday, 11/14
In-class activities: 1] Review and discuss reading strategies that we have practiced or further developed this semester:
2] Summarize Video: How to Write Cornell Notes. JMU's Learning Toolbox Cornell Notes web page model 3] Write: summarize SQ4R reading and note taking process. Steve Piscitelli's video. SQ4R web page.

Homework assignment for Thursday 11/16/17:

Write two paragraphs for the Reading Development Essay: One summarizes the Cornell note-taking format from the sources posted above and describes when you have used this format this semester--i.e., the specific readings or lectures that you recorded this way and their purposes. The second summarizes the SQ4R note-taking strategy from the sources above and describes the way that you have used this strategy this semester, including the specific essays for which you took notes by using this technique. Correctly document both paragraphs.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 11/28/17:

Thursday, 11/16
NO CLASS TODAY! I am off to Richmond at a conference--gettin' smarter and edifying some of my English-Prof. colleagues from across the VCCS about how much smarter y'all are gettin' by usin' Assistive Technologies. (And by hanging around with me and with your BRILLIANT Eng. 111 colleagues!) Have a great break, and be thankful, dang it!

Homework assignment for Tuesday 11/28/17:

--Week Fourteen

Tuesday, 11/28
In-class activities: 1] Webfolios workshop 2] Boilerplate comments for Professional Communication essays

Preparing Essays for Grading or Re-evaluation in the Portfolio

  • Proofread, listen, edit. In order to proofread and edit your works successfully do the following:

    • First, print a paper copy and listen to it using M.S. Word’s “Speak” function.
    • Correct anything that does not sound right by penciling it in on your printed copy.
    • Then, run it through M.S. Word’s grammar checker; and then run it through Grammarly.
    • Type in all of the corrections, and make sure that your paper is neat and follows our formatting criteria.
    • Check the works cited against the models in the Little Seagull Handbook, probably one of the models from numbers 30-36 for most of the on-line sources.
    • Post it in your webfolio.

Webfolios will contain the following pages and assignments:

A home page which will include

  • An index of your posted projects (listed below).
  • An image of you or one which you feel clearly represents you in some obvious way.
  • Links to the TNCC website and your class web page.
  • An active email link to your college email address so that we can all contact each other and provide feedback to each other during the development process.
  • An introduction that tells the purpose of your web site and tells a little bit about you.

English 111 projects, revised, edited, polished, final versions

  • Essays: Creator Mindset, Professional Communication (revised, along with the previously graded drafts), Reading Development ("Raw," i.e., not previously graded. In this essay you show ME what YOU have learned from my instructions and my interventions and feedback on your previous essays. Impress me!!)
  • Paraphrase example: Documented paragraph from the Adams and Weins articles, separate from the essay
  • Critical Thinking Journals: #1, #3, #4
  • Critical Analysis: Icarus Project (Please note: If you read the ancillary links I made from this lesson page, the supplemental material answers the questions of interpretation about the moral of this message--to the ancient Greeks--and about Brueghel's message in his depiction of the story.)

Additional, optional material (not required, but will be weighted in the grade):

  • Anything else that you want to share with the world in your academic webfolio or on the home page, as long as it is appropriate for this purpose; i.e.:

    • links to your artwork,
    • links to your job page(s),
    • links to the college you plan to transfer to,
    • photos of your family, pets, significant other,
    • links to professional journals in your field of study or to professional association websites,
    • your resume,
    • links to your hobby or avocation web sites, etc.

  • No Dallas Cowboys! ;-)

Thusday, 11/30
In-class activities: 1] Webfolios workshop 2] Boilerplate comments for Professional Communication essays

--Week Fifteen

Tuesday, 12/5
In-class activities: 1] Review and discuss (diving deeper) Critical Thinking Journal #4. 2] Take notes, revise and resubmit CTJ#4 to BBd sometime today. 3] Webfolios workshop: Providing feedback to colleagues and stealing their good ideas! Webfolios Index. Make your webfolio available to "Anyone on the Web" by clicking on the down arrow next to the Publish tab, and then selcet the "Anyone on the Web" option. Make an email link on your home page so that we can easily contact each other.

Homework assignment for Thursday 12/7/17:

Thursday, 12/7
In-class Webfolios Prep Workshop: Peer Review form. Copy and paste the following peer review information from the boxes below into a Word doc. Delete my instructions or examples (in red). Repeat the Assignment Pages to provide specific feedback for each assignment page to your Webfolio Peer Review Partner. Clean up the weird spacing, etc. that will occur when the .html text is copied into MS Word. Webfolios Index

NOTE: If you do this outside of class, make it easy on yourself and use Speechnotes, like I do. Then edit your notes so that they are grammatical and coherent. Show respect to your partner by editing your feedback.

Home Page

  • Has an image of the author or one which clearly represents the author in some way (at least one image is required)
  • Links: 1. TNCC web site, 2. class website (or Prof. D's home page, or both), 3. college email as a hot link (personal email if you would like to add it)
  • Intro: 1. Site author's name, 2. a bit of interesting information about the author, 3. the purpose of the site
  • Navigation links to class projects (easy to find and they access the project pages)
  • Design is clear, coherent, consistent
  • Text is grammatically correct (standard English, complete sentences in the intro. paragraph; be specific in providing feedback on typos, errors, etc.)
  • Any extra elements? (The above are required; anything additional will be considered, so provide feedback on it--kudos or brickbats.)

Project Pages

  • State which page you are reviewing
  • Author's name is on each
  • Feedback on any obvious errors, flaws, or other hickies (Editing, typos, dead links. Be specific, e.g.: "Paragraph 3 misspells 'lead' as 'led' and may have two run-on sentences." or "Does the intro. paragraph have a thesis statement?" or "I'm not sure what <copy and paste the confusing text> means.")
  • Documenting: In-text (correctly uses signal phrase and/or parenthetical citations). Works Cited section (is correctly formatted and has the correct information. Note: The w.c. entries will be flush left, not centered, with no hanging indents since thaat is very difficult to do in an .html page. Be specific in your feedback on these details.)

Homework assignment for Friday 12/8/17, by noon

Homework assignment for Saturday 12/9/17, by 11:59 p.m.:

--Week Sixteen

Thursday, 12/14 1:30-4 p.m.
1] Submit, revise, or resubmit the Grammar Crossword, this time following the instructions, posted in Week 8, if you did not earn full credit and would like to. 2] Portfolio review mini-conferences: deserved great praise or final clean-up/perfecting (though they WAAAYYY should be perfect before this date!) 3] Go forth into the future. Live long and prosper. Don't forget what you learned this semester when you take Eng. 112 or Eng. 115!.

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