R. Dollieslager's English 111-B09H, (Hybrid)
Mon 11-12:15
Weekly Schedule Fall 2015
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Mr. D's email address: dollier@tncc.edu

Gator and Rick

Mr. D. (left) and his good friend TNCC Gator (right)
welcome you to English 111, Spring 2015.

Office Hours in room 916: M & W 9-9:30; T & Th 9-10:00 & 11:40.-12:30.; W 10:45-12:30
In my office, room 874:
M 12:15-2:00; & W 12:30-1:30
Online office hour:
W 7:00-8:00
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Class Video Resources
Class Internet Resources
Fall Class Schedule

Plagiarism and citing videos:

  1. Avoiding plagiarism and using MLA documentation style (16 min.)
  2. What do I need to cite? (1 min.)
  3. Plagiarism: You can't just change a few words! (1 min.)
  4. Quoting and paraphrasing (3 min.)
  5. Citing without quoting (3 min.)
  6. Citing websites (2 min.)
  7. Punctuating in-text citations (3 min)



Mr. D's email address: dollier@tncc.edu

Week 1

Researched Essay Topics and Other Projects:

Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects, and the course syllabus

Week Two

Monday, 8/24 Getting started: Introductions, "house-keeping," and critical thinking journal assignment.

Homework assignment for Monday, 8/31:

Week Three

Monday 8/31/15
In-class activities:
Take the Degrees of Reading Power test (DRP)

Homework assignment for Monday, 8/14/15:

Week Four

Monday 9/7/15 Holiday!

Week Five

Monday, 9/14 1] Discuss HOW you will achieve your goals for this semester--what specific things you will do, what specific resources you will use, to attain the goals you set for each class. 2] Revise the concluding paragraph per our discussion: It must SHOW how you will create your desired outcomes, i.e., it will be a specific plan, not generalizations and platitudes. For instance where, when, and how (by that I mean what resources will you use) will you study? How will you schedule study time around other commitments? How will you keep yourself engaged in the subject matter for each class during class and outside of class? (Again, use the Study Guides website as well as the JMU Learning Toolbox for study strategies and note-taking and test-taking techniques for specific courses in various academic disciplines. And BE SPECIFIC!!)

Homework assignment for Monday, 9/21/15:

No Mas!! Folks, this is now week five of the semester, and you have been in college for at least a month, so we implement college conventions hereafter, including: 1] No more work will be submitted or accepted for grading if it is not typed and formatted correctly following MLA expectations, except when I grade your notes from readings or lectures, which can/should be hand written. 2] No more late work will be accepted for any reason without the NQA coupon. We know how Creators think and work now, and we will adopt the Creator mindset.

Week Six

Monday, 9/21 1] Turn in the essay on adopting the Creator mindset and the critical thinking journal #3 with the scores from your on-line lessons penciled in on the back, by lesson name 2] Discuss similarties between the academic reading and writing processes. 3] Begin the researched essay on communicating as a professional in your field of study by previewing the first two readings.

Homework assignment for Monday, 10/5/15:

IMPORTANT!!--Check your college email frequently. We are a hybrid class; in other words, we meet face-to-face sometimes, but in "cyberspace" at other times. The best times to contact me are during my in-class office hours, at which time I am in room 916, and during my on-line office hours. Please come to 916 during my in-class office hours at any times which coincide with your schedule. At those times I can give you additional assistance. My office hours are posted at the top of this page, on the syllabus, on my teaching index page, and outside of my office, room 874 of Templin Hall.

Week Seven

Monday, 9/28 No face-to-face class today. Your assignments for next Monday are posted above (on 9/21) and below.

Week Eight

Monday, 10/5 1] Preparing for the Errors Analysis project: Today we become closely familiar with the Norton Field Guide to Writing's handbook section, the Guide to Grammar and Writing, and the Purdue University OWL by working the punctuation and sentence patterns exercise. 2] Begin critical reading activity

Homework due NOW, Monday, 10/5/15:

  1. Folks, I have received only 13 Creators Mindset essays from the 24 enrollees in this course, and we can't go on to the next two essay projects until I have marked and returned these papers. The Creators Mindset essay is now two weeks past due, so if you were not in class to submit it late today, log in to BlackBoard and submit your essay by Tuesday, 10/6. No excuses. No NQAs since it is now more than one week late. I can't accept these essays during our class meeting next week: they must be marked before we start the next project. Post it now.
  2. Due now: Phase One of the project on communicating as a professional. For this, you will turn in your vocabulary worksheet, the paraphrasing notes pages (which the handout provides), the draft paragraph, and the final paragraph, attached separately in MLA format, which includes two correctly formatted works cited entries and two parenthetical citations for the two sources. If you were one of the 12 people present in class today, disregard my instructions to send it to me as an email attachment and, instead, post this assignment to BlackBoard.

Homework due on Monday, 10/12/15:

Week Nine

Monday, 10/12 Mid-term exam: Discuss and then begin revising and editing the (three) Critical Thinking Journals written so far.

Homework due by Wednesday, 10/14/15:

Homework due on Monday, 10/17/15:

Week Ten

Monday, 10/19

Homework assignment for Monday, 10/26:

Week Eleven

Monday, 10/26 1] Critical Thinking Journal prep. discussion: American philosopher Richard Taylor wrote, “All men are fatalists as they look back on things." Write about 250-300 words for your critical thinking journal in which you, (1) define what Taylor meant by fatalism (or fatalists) and (2) in just a few sentences paraphrased from your source, describe who he is and what the quote reflects about his own life and philosophy, (3) explain what the quote means, and (3) give a specific and concrete example of this truth from your own experience or your own observation. (2 points) 2] Discuss and then begin the Errors Analysis project for the Creator Mindset essay. It should look like this sample.

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/2:

Week Twelve

Monday, 11/2 Wix.com workshop: Begin building the welcome page for your webfolio using this free web site builder and host.

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/9:

Week Thirteen

Monday, 11/9 1] Inventory Day! While you are doing journal entry #5, posted in BlackBoard, I will inventory work submitted and work not yet submitted, so that you can bring your selves up to date. Note: add the works cited for the sources you use to learn about Henry Ford. 2] Errors analyses: I will go over these projects after we do our work inventory and allow them to be resubmitted becasue they are mostly way wide of the mark. 3] Academic format--very important! Let's look at the sample researched paper.

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/16:


I have very few scores recorded for one (minor) project, and I neglected to collect two others, so here is an update of some past projects that are now due on Monday 11/16:

That is the last time I can collect any late work for the semester, so this is your last chance to get everything caught up. Do it.

Webfolios will contain the following pages and assignments:

A home page which will include

  • An index of your posted projects (listed below).
  • An image of you or one which you feel represents you in some way.
  • Links to the TNCC website and your class web page.
  • An active email link to your college email address so that we can all contact each other and provide feedback to each other during the development process.
  • An introduction that tells the purpose of your web site and tell a little bit about you.

English 111 projects, revised, edited, polished, final versions

  • Reading literacy narrative
  • "Creators Mindset" essay
  • "Phase One" documented paragraphs, paraphrasing Adams and Weins articles from "Communicating as a Professional" essay
  • Multitasking paragraphs
  • Critical Thinking Journals

Additional, optional material (not required, but will be weighted in the grade):

  • Anything else that you want to share with the world in your academic webfolio or on the home page, as long as it is appropriate for this purpose; i.e., links to your artwork, links to your job page(s), links to the college you plan to transfer to, photos of your family, links to professional journals in your field of study or to professional association websites, your resume, links to your hobby or avocation web sites, etc. No Dallas Cowboys! ;-)

Webfolios index for Fall 2015 English 111 classes

--Week Fourteen--

Monday, 11/16 1] Turn in any "catch up" work 2] Print and peer review the summary of the Sparks article on multitasking, per the evaluation rubric. 3] Begin a second paragraph about your own multitasking experiences: Transition into the follow-up paragraph which discusses a specific time or incident when you "multitasked," explained in the context of the research from Sparks' article. Conclude (or begin) the paragraph with a brief discussion of Davidson's premise (which is at the end of Sparks' article).

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/30:

--Week Fourteen.two--

Monday, 11/23 No f-2-f class today. I will be on email at class time if you need to contact me for any reason

--Week Fifteen--

Monday, 11/30 Discussing and evaluating webfolios from previous semesters: Editing, navigating, visual appeal, completeness.

--Week Sixteen--

Monday, 12/7 1] Turn in paper copy of the two paragraphs on multitasking--one is the summary of the Sparks article and the other is your personal experience paragraph.2] Workshop: Editing, revising, and webfolios

Finals Week: Class meets 10:45-1:15 for final!!

NOTE: During finals week your class schedules will change their start and end times so that all of your finals have 150 minutes of meeting time.

Monday, 12/14 Webfolio evaluation conferences. Final edits and corrections to papers, if necessary; final tweaking of webfolios

Webfolios index for Fall 2015 English 111 classes

Check out previous Eng. 111 students' great Google webfolios and the even better, more recent Wix.com built webfolios

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