English 111, Computer-Mediated Composition I

Don't lose your head: it's just a summer class!

Last updated 28 March 2011

Section 1: Current schedule, handouts, readings

Daily Schedule, Math Marvels Community of Learners, Spring 2011


Read about English 111's electronic portfolios project: "Webfolios"

Webfolios index:  Sample webfolios from recent Fall and Spring semesters

Summer webfolios:  The projects in Summer are different; Summer 2001 & 2002 webfolios

"The Unknown Soldier" by Luc Sante. I think this is the most powerful writing I've ever read.

 A really fun punctuation exercise. No kidding!

Writing summaries for research(ed) papers

Take the V.A.R.K and discover the best learning strategies for your learning preferences or styles

Errors analysis assignment, paper #1, Students tend to hate this assignment, but if you can't identify and correct your own errors, who will?

Section 2: Daily schedules from past terms, plus student projects

Here are links to student projects which have been published electronically over the past couple years.  If you want an idea of what goes on in Computer-Mediated Composition (Eng. 111), you can take a look at the work these folks did.

Daily Schedule, Summer 2010

Daily Schedule, Summer 2009

Daily Schedule, Summer 2008

Daily Schedule, Summer 2007

Daily Schedule, Summer 2006

Weekly schedule, Fall 2005

Daily Schedule, Summer 2005

Weekly Schedule, Spring 2005

Weekly Schedule, Fall 2004

Weekly Schedule, Spring 2004

Weekly Schedule, Spring 2003

Weekly Schedule, Fall 2002

Weekly Schedule, Summer 2002

Weekly Schedule, Spring 2002

Weekly Schedule, Fall 2001

Summer 2001 English 111 classes (daily schedule)

Fall 2000 Eng 111, sections 14 & 17.

Summer 2000 English 111 students' web folios , including all of the work they did for the entire semester.

Class Project, English 111, Fall 1999 : "Succeeding on the Job." The qualifications and communication skills needed for success in your profession. These papers are real eye-openers!

Reviews of Periodicals: Excellent resources for your academic disciplines. Written by English 111 students.

The English 111 finals: Metaphorical and concrete descriptions of the writing process

Section 3, Useful links to resources for writers and writing

Wrules for Writers   A somewhat tongue-in-cheek style guide

OWL links (On-line Writing Labs and handbooks)

Webster's Dictionary on line

Professor Daniel Kies' web site at College of DuPage (Illinois) provides an index of links to his on-line English classes, electronic periodicals, search tools, and an extensive list of resource and research sites for writing and writers in a variety of academic disciplines. And the site looks great besides! (He must be a Mac user.)

For the Hardcore lover of English, Professor Edwin Duncan of Towson (Maryland) University provides useful links to such diverse sources as Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, a "Personalized Shakespearean Insult Service," Middle English text search and much more.

Section 4, Useful links to libraries, books, classes and other educational resources

 VIVA, the Virtual Library of Virginia

Amazon Books, 2.5 million titles: The world's largest bookstore

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence Who says you never get anything back from the government? Education resources for all ages, and it's F.R.E.E.!


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