TNCC English 109 Fall 2008, Tuesday-Thursday 9:30

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Class Resources

Contact Mr. D. by email,; by phone, 825-3543; or in person, room 874, first floor of Templin Hall

Contact Learning Coach, Ms Bryant via email,; or by cell phone or text message, 757/434-6246

Week One

Tuesday, 8/26
In class: Foundations, getting started, introductions and information gathering (interview sheets), 2] Cooperative Learning Activity: "Wordles"

Homework for Tuesday, 9/2: "New Equations." You've had some experience with cracking the logic of visual text puzzles, an excellent brain exercise. That's right: the brain needs exercise, just like any other part of the body. Moreso, actually. Decipher as many of the shorthand equations as can be mastered. Be resourceful and you will get all the answers! I want you to learn to be resourcesful and this is one of the challenges to your resourcefulness.

Thursday, 8/28

In class: Introduction to Perfect Copy editing lessons on the TNCC campus network. We will use these lessons to help develop good editing skills for English 01.

Week Two

Mr. D's Chapter II summary: The paths our lives take are not predetermined or written in some cosmic scriptbook that can't be known to us. Rather, we create our lives by the choices we make and the attitudes we hold to. Creator or Victim choices are not "good" or "bad" per se. They direct the processes by which we arrive at the outcomes and experiences we wish to create in our lives, so make the appropriate choices to make the things happen which you desire as outcomes. Whether we want them to or not, the choices we make (and even passively deciding to do nothing is a choice we make) create our lives.

Tuesday, 9/2
DUE: New Equations project
In class: 1] Colleagues quiz 2] On Course
pre-semester self-assessment 3] Discuss journaling and 4] Write journal entry 1

Friday, 9/4
In class: 1] Meet Learning Coach, Ms Bryant 2] Check and revise journal entry #1

Homework for Tuesday, 9/9:

  1. Write journal entry
  2. Bring to class two folders for use in English 109.
  3. Read pages 22-38, "Adopting the Creator Role" and "Making Wise Decisions"
  4. Write journal entry 5

Week Three

First business: Jena George and Precious Davis, let's get y'all officially on the class roster.

Tuesday, 9/9
In class: 1] View and discuss "Celebrate What's Right" 2] Discuss Victim language and Creator language 3] Do an activity related to Victim and Creator language.

Thursday, 9/11
In class: This is a travel day for me. I am in Richmond at a state meeting. I'll check my email during your class though, so email me if you have any problems. Copy and paste it into your emailer--it won't click. Here's what you're doing: Get with two people who have somewhat similar music tastes. Groups of 3 unless one group has to have more or less. Using Google or your favorite search engine, you will find lyrics of songs from artists who YOU like to listen to, and you will analyze the message in their songs--the message in their songs. You will find and agree on three songs that have Creator messages and three songs that have Victim messages. Copy the lyrics and paste them into a MS Word document. At the end of each set of lyrics, write three or four sentences capping your discussion of the lyrics and explaining why you think these are either Creator messages or Victim messages. Sometime today, place your group's Creator/Victim lyrics assignment in my mailbox in room 852, downstairs in this building.

Homework for Tuesday, 9/16: Read the rest of Chapter 2. Expect a quiz on it.

Week Four

Tuesday, 9/16
In class: 1] Finish the lyrics analysis project: Using Google or your favorite search engine, you will find lyrics of songs from artists who YOU like to listen to, and you will analyze the message in their songs--the message in their songs. You will find and agree on three songs that have Creator messages and three songs that have Victim messages. Copy the lyrics and paste them into a MS Word document. At the end of each set of lyrics, write three or four sentences capping your discussion of the lyrics and explaining why you think these are either Creator messages or Victim messages. .

Homework for Thursday, 9/18:
Bring to class: 1] On Course text book. 2] Colored text highligher 3] Pencil or pen

Thursday, 9/18
So you like to dance, do ya? Careful what you wish for. Okay, on to the business of the day:
Fun with annotation! The first step to straight A's on tests. No kidding!!

Homework for Tuesday, 9/23:
Turn in journals with entries 1, 2 , 5 and 9. To be graded. Dive Deep!!
Annotate your text from pages 57 - 68, where the next section of the chapter begins with the heading "Committing to Your Goals and Dreams." This will be a quiz grade (5 pts. possible) on Tuesday. I'll quickly scan your annotations and record appropriate credit.
Read pages 69-72
Write: journal entry #9

Week Five

Tuesday, 9/23
Revise Victim and Creator Lyrics project. Analyze the lyrics; don't just respond.
Write Cornell notes on the rest of Chap III

Modeling the Cornell note-taking method, making text notes you actually can use to predict test questions. Here are links to two sites that describe how to use the Cornell note-taking method and that model the process. I even have some blank templates: One is a lined template, and one is unlined. You should always use unlined paper when taking lecture notes in a math or physics class, or in any other situation in which you will be writing mathematical formulas, because the lines themselves can restrict how you take the notes or detract from how you read your notes back later. (Note: the Cornell templates appear to have lines when viewed normally on MS Word, but they will not print out that way. You can view them on "Print Preview" to see what they will look like.)

Homework for Thursday, 9/25:
Read pages 73-86
Write steps 1-5 of journal #10 on page 78-79. Do not complete journal # 10, however. We will do this in class on Tuesday 9/30
Extra Credit homework for next Tuesday: Attend the movie Darfur Now and take Cornell notes on the film. Turn in your notes for 5 points of extra credit. This can make up for a missed assignment.

Thursday, 9/25
In class: I am in Richmond this morning to train new faculty, so here's what y'all are going to do collaboratively in my absence. In Eng 01 your first essay is ready to be edited, so you will do a proofreading workshop together this morning. First, form into your base groups. There is a folder on the middle shelf next to the door with your class designation written on the front. Pick it up, and each group takes one of the short editing exercises. It does not matter which one is selected by which group: they are all of equal difficulty. Additionally, there is an editing checklist for everybody in the class to take and to keep in your notes folder. It is very useful for today's project and for future reference. As a group, I want you to first browse through the editing/proofreading section of the online Guide to Grammar and Writing. You will see that that is where I got the proofreading checklist, and it gives excellent advice about editing and proofing. Then, as a group, you will edit the short passage that your group selected, correcting the errors. Write your name at the top and place the corrected passage in my mailbox in room 852 at the end of your class this morning. This is for a quiz grade, totaling 5 points. However, the group that makes the most corrections gets 5 additonal extra credit points, so make sure you are diligent about proofing and editing.

Check this web page later today for your assignment for next Tuesday. I will see y'all then. Mr. D. is my email address, and I am on line right now, 9:30 a.m.

Week Seven

Tuesday, 9/30
In class: Discuss a case study and what to do in the absence of your instructors--specifically, in English 109.

Thursday, 10/2

In class: As I mentioned on Tuesday, today is another travel day for me, so I have a group project for y'all to do. It will be a good learning experience, which will demonstrate how well you can work cooperatively with your colleagues, and that is one of the major goals of the English 109 class: it is called learning positive interdependence (in other words, working successfully in groups). You, additionally, will increase your retention of the material because, sometime next week, you will be teaching the rest of the class what your group learned. If you look at the learning pyramid to the right, you will see why this is such a powerful way to reinforce anything that you learn. Ninety percent of the material you learn is retained in memory when you learn it well enough to teach others. Wow!

So take the following link: It describes the project and the steps in the process.

The Learning Pyramid

If you do this productively, I will not make a homework assignment for Tuesday, so focus.

Week Eight

Tuesday, 10/7
In class: Demonstrate and discuss a how the brain works: the natural human learning process.

Thursday, 10/9
In class: Work up your teaching presentation. Start by taking a quiz on the concept to see what you already know intuitively.

Homework for Tuesday, 10/14:
Grammar project: I] Using sentence patterns 1-6 on the Punctuation Pattern Sheet handout, identify which pattern is a simple sentence, which patterns are compound sentences, and which patterns are complex sentences. II] Write an original sample sentence for each of the patterns, 1-6 on the handout. Look at your essays from English 01 and use sentences for your paper which follow these models or patterns. After all, you have already written those sentences, right?

Week Nine

Tuesday, 10/14
In class Group Grammar project: I'll group you for this. First phase: Following sentence patterns 1-6 from the handout, identify sentences from the essays you have already drafted which fit the patterns, and give an example of each pattern from the sentences you have written in your essays. If you have not used one (or more than one) of those sentence patterns, then identify two simple sentences that are positioned next to each other in one of your essays, and recast them to fit the patterns. Incorporate the revised sentences back into your essays. I will give your sentences to Prof. Weiser, who will be looking for them when he reads the edited draft of your papers. This in-class project is due at 10:30; I will collect it then. Second phase: Using two sentences from each group member, diagram or represent the sentences using Cuisenaire rods. (A brain-friendly strategy for visual learners.)

Thursday, 10/16
In class: 1] Attendance quiz due at 9:40 2] Finish the Group Grammar project. Reform into your groups from Tuesday. Use cuisenaire rods to diagram your sentence. Prepare to teach this construction to your colleagues using the Elmo projector and the Smart Board. 3] Do you think you can handle this?

Homework for Tuesday, 10/21:
Read: Pages 147-163
Take notes on these pages, Cornell style, which you may use for the quiz next Tuesday
Write: Journal entries 19, 20, 21

Homework for Thursday, 10/23:
Read: Pages 164-174
Write: Journal entry 22
Due: Journals 19-22

Week Ten

Tuesday, 10/21
1] Open notes quiz: On pages 147-163. You may use your notes but not your textbook for this 10-point quiz. View video: The Secret

Homework for Thursday, 10/23:
Read: Pages 164-174
Write: Journal entry 22
Due: Journals 19-22

Thursday, 10/23
In class: 1] Finish the video 2] Discuss the power and purposes of visualization. 3] Begin gathering images of our future.

Week Eleven

Tuesday, 10/28
1] Envisioning our gloriously successful future: Let's go out on the web and find images of our future home, car(s), family life, job, workplace, lifestyle--Woo hoo!! Save the images for your web site, which we will work on next week. 2] Start the research for your annotated webliography of personal success resources. Here is how: the instructions and sample page.

Thursday, 10/30
Note: This is another travel day for ME. The classroom will be open for you to conduct your research and make your annotated webliography, and so that you can collaborate with your colleagues; however, I won't be there. As you know, I can't cancel classes in my absence, but I do not care where you do your research and compile your annotated webliography. You can do this work anywhere in the world that you are comfortable. My only stipulation is that you have compiled at least 20 sources (following the instructions linked to above) by the start of class next Tuesday, 11/04/08 (which is also election day!!).

Homework for Tuesday, 11/04:
Twenty resources and a one-to-two sentence annotation describing how the site is useful to YOU, not to others, but to you, per the instructions posted above.

Week Twelve

Tuesday, 11/04
Due: Draft of your annotated webliography. I'll check that they are done and give a quiz grade (5 points) if so.

Homework for Thursday, 11/06:
Get your final essay drafted for English 01!!

Thursday, 11/06
Pair up to make the annotated webliographies fit the criteria and then put them in the prescribed format.

Chapter 7 is about lifelong learning, and about understanding your learning style, so today we will do that by taking the VARK learning styles questionnaire and discussing how to use the VARK web site and apply the information.
Quiz grade: Print out an extra copy of your VARK profile, put your name on it, and turn it in to me. OR you may email it to me via the VARK results webpage. 5 points

Due today, a 20-point project: The annotated webliography of at least 20 on-line resources, following the instructions posted above. If these are in my mailbox or are sent to me sometime today, as an MS Word email attachment, they are on time. If they are not submitted today the total possible will drop by 2 points for each day they are late.

Homework for Tuesday, 11/11:
Read pages 210-225 in Chapter 8: "Emotional Intelligence" (Quiz on Tuesday)

Week Thirteen

Tuesday, 11/11
Quiz: "Understanding Emotional Intelligence" & " Reducing Stress" (pages 210-225)
Geocities workshop: 1] Saving your annotated webliographies in .html format and posting them to your website. 2] Posting the images of your successful future. 3] Posting "My Rules for Success" from journal entry 22.

Homework for Thursday, 11/13:
Read about Howard Gardner's theory and research on Multiple Intelligences
Take an M.I. mini-inventory

Thursday, 11/13
In-class: 1] If you have not read the page about Multiple Intelligences, read this page before you do anything else. If you have not yet responded to the M.I. mini-inventory, do so after reading the M.I. page. On that M.I. inventory site, there are links just below the site title. After you have printed out the graph showing your results, click on the "What Are Multiple Intelligences?" link and review that information. 2] Look at your M.I. survey results. Write a brief paragraph for each Intelligence, showing that it is true of you, or discussing how or why you think it is not true of you. For example:

I have high scores in Kinsesthetic Intelligence. This is true to my experience as I have been very athletic all of my life. When I was a young child, I had older brothers who played sports, so I naturally began to play sports and developed very quickly at baseball in particular because I was learning from accomplished players with skills much greater than mine. I wrestled as well and became dominant at that sport in my weight classes, for the same reasons--my brothers were my mentors and they were much larger than me, so I developed quickly. In more recent times, I have coached fast-pitch softball for ten years and play the sport while coaching it. I learned to pitch in my mid 40s. I also golf regularly and usually win, and I bicycle, swim and sail whenever I get a chance. Mr.D.

Homework for Tuesday, 11/18:
Write: Finish writing the M.I. self-analysis we began in class. Respond to each of the 8 areas defined as intelligences. Show that you have these intelligences, as I did in the paragraph about my own Kinesthetic Intelligence score just above. Don't just say something like, "Yes, it is true that I am smart in math." Show that this is true. Analyze your own Intelligences. This is a 10-point assignment, so give it some good effort. I will not grade it for editing skills; I just want to see you develop the content and be honest about yourself. Due at the start of class on Tuesday. We will not work on this in class again.
Correct any errors in content, editing, or format of the annotated webliographies. These will be graded again in your webfolio.

Week Fourteen

Tuesday, 11/18
Due: M.I. self analysis at the start of class

Case Study: After Math

Thursday, 11/20
Geocities workshop: 1] Posting the images of your successful future. 2] Posting "My Rules for Success" from journal entry 22. 3] Interlinking your own pages

Here is my annotated webliograhy instructions and sample entries. Tell me what is wrong with this page, please:

Week Fifteen

Tuesday, 12/2
Geocities workshop: Let's get all the images in place, the links working, the typos cleaned up.

Thursday, 12/4
Geocities workshop: Let's get all the images in place, the links working, the typos cleaned up.

Homework for FRIDAY, 12/4:
1] Finish your web folios* so that I can grade them before we meet next week for the final time. 2] Email me your "teaser." I'll make an index page with links to everyone's webfolio, but you have to submit your "teaser"--in other words, how are you going to get a visitor to go to YOUR pages? I will be in our classroom from 9 am unitl 1 p.m. on Friday. If you want help finishing your webfolio project, join me at that time and get it done.

Mr. D's email address:

*Requirements for the webfolios. Include at least three web pages: 1) your home page, 2) your annotated webliography of success resources, 3) at least one of your essays from Eng. 01. If you include all of your Eng. 01 essays, I will give you credit for doing more than required when I grade the webfolios. The specifics for each web page follow.
Web page 1: Your home page includes the following information (at least):

Web page 2: Your annotated webliography of success resources. Make sure that it links back to your home page, that it is grammatically correct, and that the links to your resources sites all work.

Web page 3: Select your favorite or best essay from your Eng 01 portfolio and post it as a web page. Make sure that it links back to your home page. If you post all of your Eng 01 essays, I will give you more rcedit for the webfolio, but make sure that they are all well edited and that they link back to your home page.

Week Sixteen

Thursday, 12/11, 9:00 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.
Final class: Let's finish the class project page

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