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Class Resources

English 109 syllabus (including graded assignments and grading criteria.)

A success web site developed by the COL students in Fall 2006: Becoming a Master Learner

Webster's Dictionary Online & YourDictionary.Com

I use the On Course Student Success index as a resource for teaching and supplementing this class.

The "On Course Principles" are excellent guidelines for keeping yourself on course to academic success and to success in life!

Advice and guidelines for analytical reading of texts: SQ3R

While designed for working professionals, the Mind Tools web site has many useful self-help links, including techniques for memorizing.

Contact Mr. D. by email (, by phone (825-3543), or in person (room 874, first floor of Templin Hall)

Week One

Tuesday, 8/21
In class: Foundations, housekeeping, getting started, finishing the syllabus (discuss expectations of students and expectations of instructor to add to syllabus).

Homework for Thursday, 8/23: 1] Bring to class two folders for use in English 109 and one folder for each of your other classes. 2] Write (a.) a list of the expectations you have of your colleagues in order to have a successful course experience in Eng. 109, (b.) a list of expectations I should have of you in a successful Eng. 109 experience, and (c.) a list of expectations you have set for yourself in order to achieve a successful Eng. 109 experience.

Thursday, 8/23

In class: 1] Cooperative learning exercise 2] Do: On Course pre-semester self-assessment.

Homework for Tuesday, 8/28: 1. Read "Preface" (pages xi-xviii) and Chapter 1, "Getting On Course to Your Success" (pages 1-19). Do not write the journal entries (1 & 2), however, because we will do those in class. 2. Do the Wordles and New Equations exercise. Be resourceful!!

Week Two

Tuesday, 8/28
In class: 1] Quiz: Who are my COL colleagues? 2] Discuss journaling and 3] Write journal entry in class

Homework for Thursday, 8/30: 1. *Extra credit: I'll award 5 points of extra credit to each person who can describe and submit to me in writing the name of the place depicted in the photo, where it is located and who designed it. 2] Read all of Chapter 1 and 3] Write journal entries 1 and 2, due at the start of class on Thursday.

Thursday, 8/30
In class: Advice and guidelines for analytical reading of texts:

In class: Modeling the Cornell note-taking method, making lecture notes you actually can use to predict test questions. Here are links to two sites that describe how to use the Cornell note-taking method and that model the process. I even have some blank templates: One is a lined template, and one is unlined. You should always use unlined paper when taking notes in a math or physics class, or in any other situation in which you will be writing mathematical formulas, because the lines themselves can restrict how you take the notes or detract from how you read your notes back later. (Note: the Cornell templates appear to have lines when viewed normally on MS Word, but they will not print out that way. You can view them on "Print Preview" to see what they will look like.

Homework for Tuesday, 9/4:
Read pages 24-39, "Adopting the Creator Role" and "Making Wise Decisions"
Write journal entries 3, 4, and 5.

Homework for Thursday, 9/6:
Read pages 40-48, "Personal Responsibility at Work"
Write journal entry 6.
Write SQ4R notes on all of Chapter 2, including pages 46-48; this will be an important graded assignment (worth three quiz grades = 15 points).

Week Three

Mr. D's Chapter II summary: The paths our lives take are not predetermined or written in some cosmic scriptbook that can't be known to us. Rather, we create our lives by the choices we make and the attitudes we hold to. Creator or Victim choices are not "good" or "bad" per se. They direct the processes by which we arrive at the outcomes and experiences we wish to create in our lives, so make the appropriate choices to make the things happen which you desire as outcomes. Whether we want them to or not, the choices we make (and even passively deciding to do nothing is a choice we make) create our lives.

Tuesday, 9/4

Note: Homework for Tuesday, 9/4:
Read pages 24-39, "Adopting the Creator Role" and "Making Wise Decisions"
Write journal entries 3, 4, and 5.
In class: 1] Exercise and discussion related to changing Victim language to Creator language. 2] Do an activity related to Victim and Creator language.

Homework for Thursday, 9/6:
Read pages 40-48, "Personal Responsibility at Work"
Write journal entry 6.
Write SQ4R notes on all of Chapter 6, including pages 46-48; this will be an important graded assignment (worth three quiz grades = 15 points).

Thursday, 9/6
In class: Practicing Interdependency (Chap. V topic). Okay, folks, you get to sharpen your collaborative skills during class today, without any interference from me. By the end of class today, I want you to place your SQR notes of Chap. II in my mailbox in room 852 (1st floor of Templin Hall--this building).

Due at the end of your class: Chap. II SQR notes, placed in my mailbox in room 852. I really want you to get all 15 points for this project, so it has to be on time and well executed.

Homework for Tuesday, 9/11:
Research: Find on line, or from a CD cover that you have, lyrics of six songs that you know. Find at least three that convey Creator messages and at least one that conveys Victim messages. Copy and paste the lyrics into a MS Word document, or type them from your CD cover, or just print out the lyrics page so that you can write your take-home quiz on the bottom of the pages. The "quiz" is explained below.
Take-home quiz: Analyze the lyrics you have selected in order to 1) explain, in a few sentences, why you feel they are Victim messages or Creator messages and what the outcomes of the attitudes or behaviors will be, and, 2) suggest what the "Victims" should do differently to change their behaviors to achieve Creator's outcomes. Turn this in at the start of class on Tuesday 9/11. Do this project without collaborating much with your colleagues because I want us to have a lot of class kick-off music, and if everyone turns in the same 4 Creator-message songs, we will get sick of hearing those four tunes over and over and over. OR, you can listen to MY music the rest of the semester. ;-)

Week Four

Thursday, 9/13
In class: 1] Read the
expectations I've compiled (from class discussion and email and paper submissions) for a successful semester; we'll discuss and tweak them. Be ready to tell me the 6 traits of successful people. You know what they are. 2] "Celebrate What's Right" video 3] Begin research for your web site.

Hey, would you like $100?

Homework for Tuesday, 9/18:
Read pages 49-57, "Discovering and Committing to Your Dreams"
Write Journal entries 7 and 8

Homework for Thursday, 9/20:
Read pages 58-76, "Designing a Compelling Life Plan "
Write Journal entries 9 and 10

Bring electronic storage media with you to every class meeting hereafter (jump drive, 3.5" disk)

"By celebrating what's right, we find the energy to fix what’s wrong." Dewitt Jones

Week Five

Tuesday, 9/18
In class: Write your responses to "
The Goose Story," and discuss them. Discuss building a vision for you life and begin to build it. No, really!

You will get lots of good ideas from English 109 students who have done this for themselves. Check them out: Becoming a Master Learner

Homework for Thursday, 9/20:
Read pages 58-76, "Designing a Compelling Life Plan"
Write Journal entries 9 and 10

Thursday, 9/20
In class: 1] View and discuss "Celebrate What's Right" 2] Discuss Journal 10 topics: developing a personal affirmation.

Homework for Tuesday, 9/25:
Bring Journal entry #10 to class with you. Very important becasue we are going to work with that in class

Week Six

Tuesday, 9/25
In class: RE-brainstorm your personal affirmation, developed in journal 10. Turn in Journal 10 with your affirmaation or your revised affirmation.

Homework for Thursday, 9/27:
Take-home quiz (10 points):
SQ3R notes on ALL of Chapter 4. This will make it easier. I have posted the quiz question from the instructors manual, and I want you to
1] print out the quizzes for Chapter for from this link.
2] Print out three or four pages of the lined template OR of the unlined template (your choice).
3] Turn the quiz questions into questions you can write in the left column (also called the "cues" column) of the note-taking templates. Leave space between them so that you have plenty of room to write your answers in the right, note-taking section of the paper.
4] In the note-taking section you will write two things from the book in answer to each question in the cues column: a] You will write the answers from the book, and b] under the answer, you will write how that "cue" was highlighted in the book as being important.
For example, your first question in the cue column will be "What are two Quadrant I actions?" And in the answers in the note-taking section will be "Important and Urgent." Underneath the answer you will write. "In the book, QUADRANT I ACTIONS (Important and Urgent) was bold faced in the text."

Read pages 77-89, "Acting on Purpose "
Write Journal entries 11 and 12

Thursday, 9/27
In class: Writing and practicing your affirmation.

Homework for Tuesday, 10/2:
Read pages 90-108, "Developing Self-Confidence"
Write Journal entries 13 and 14
Due: You will turn in Chap. IV (SQ3R) notes and your On Course journal through entry #14

Week Seven

Tuesday, 10/2
In class: 1. Collect Chap. IV notes and journals (through entry 14) 2. Case study: The Procrastinators. 3. Reflecting on the affirmations process.

Homework for Thursday, 10/4:
Read pages 109-118, "Developing Mutually Supportive Relationships & Active Listening "
Write Journal entries 15 and 16

Thursday, 10/4
In class: Web site workshop

Homework for Tuesday, 10/9
Read pages 119-134, "Active Listening & Interdependence at Work"
Write Journal entries 17 and 18

Week Eight

Tuesday, 10/9
In class: 1. Case Study: Professor Rogers Trial 2. Assessing the affirmations process

Homework for Thursday, 10/11:
Read pages 135-144, " Identifying Scripts & Rewriting Outdated Scripts"
Write Journal entries 19 and 20
Take home quiz: Research and write down what you regard to be the best six suggestions, tips, or techniques for effective test taking. At least one suggestion will relate to what to do before testing, at least one will relate to what to do during testing, and at least one will relate to what to do after testing. Record the source from which you found the information including the title of the book (if it is a print source) and the page numbers; or the title of the website and the URL. Due at the start of class on Thursday (5 points).

Thursday, 10/11
In class: Do the HBDI's Learning Styles
short form and an activity related to analyzing your learning style and adapting to alternative teaching styles.

Note: If you were not in class today, you are still responsible for the material we covered. Find out from your colleagues what we did an do it on your own before class on Tuesday.

Homework for Tuesday, 10/16:
Read pages 145-160, "Self-Awareness: Writing Your Own Rules for Life"
Write Journal entries 21 and 22 DUE: Journals, through entry 22, will be collected at the start of class on Tuesday 10/16
Read pages 161-175, "Discovering and Adapting Your Learning Styles"
Write Journal entries 23 and 24

Week Nine

Tuesday, 10/16
In class: 1. Collect Journals, through entry 22. 2. Activity: Your life as a puzzle 3. The
VARK inventory

Thursday, 10/18
In class: 1. Collect the take-home quiz. 2. Do the VARK inventory and begin an analytical activity related to your learning style

Homework for Tuesday, 10/23:
Read pages 176-193, "Lifelong Learning"
Write Journal entries 25 and 26

Week Ten

Tuesday, 10/23
In class: 1. Play the Graduation Game and apply it to essay writing. 2. Composition workshop: drafting the learning analysis essay: Write first body paragraph in class.

Homework for Thursday, 10/25:
Read pages 195-207, "Emotional Intelligence"
Write Journal entries 27 and 28
Due: 1st body paragraph of learning analysis essay (which you started in class on Monday). Topic: myself as an HBDI learner

Thursday, 10/25
In class: Composition workshop. Drafting the learning analysis essay: Write the second body paragraph in class. Topic: My VARK learning profile. While you are drafting paragraph 2, I will be reading paragraph 1.

Homework for Tuesday, 10/30:
Read pages 208-223, "Emotional Intelligence"
Write Journal entries 29-30

Week Eleven

Tuesday, 10/30
In class: Composing workshop: writing learning analysis paragraphs.

Thursday, 11/1
In class: Composing workshop: writing learning analysis paragraphs.

Homework for Tuesday, 11/6:
Due: FIVE separate learning analysis paragraphs as follows:

Week Twelve

Tuesday, 11/6
In class: Composing workshop: 1) finish body paragraphs of learning analysis project. 2) Write blocking outline of learning analysis essay, including plans for the introductory and concluding paragraphs. I will read and give feedback on the drafted paragraphs while you are working on the outline and the introductory and concluding paragraphs.

On-line writing resource: Writing essay introductions and conclusions (from the Guide to Grammar and Writing)

Homework for Thursday, 11/8:
Due: 1) FIVE separate learning analysis paragraphs. 2) Blocking outline of the essay, including plans for the introductory and concluding paragraphs.

Thursday, 11/8
In class: Composing workshop: Finish drafting the learning analysis essays by adding the introduction and conclusion.

Homework for Tuesday, 11/13:
Due: Completed learning analysis essay, at the beginning of class.

Week Thirteen

Tuesday, 11/13
In class: Let's look at those learning analysis essay drafts. Here's a
good model of one.

Thusday, 11/15
In class: Finish drafting the Learning Analysis essays. Turn them in at my mailbox today.

Week Fourteen

Tuesday, 11/27
In-class Workshop: 1) Learning Anaylsis essays, editing/revising, 2) Prep. Annotated Webliography of on-line success resources

Thursday, 11/29
In-class DUE at end of class: finish
annotated webliographies of on-line success resources.

Here are some of my online resources that you will probably want to use. It is an annotated webliography for my Center for Teaching Excellence.

Here are a couple models of the final product: a web page with success resources, created by former COL students, Karen Ablonsky and Brittany Campbell.

Homework (ONLY if you want to): Make a complete elf of yourself!

Week Fifteen

Tuesday, 12/4
In-class Workshop: 1) Revise/edit/correct: Annotated Webliography of on-line success resources which I will return, marked for corrections, 2) Prep. webfolios which include the following:

  1. Images of my successful future
  2. Learning analysis essay
  3. Annotated webliography
  4. Your best essay from your Eng 01 portfolio
  5. "My Wisdom" a web page made from journal entry 25
  6. Links to Eng. 109 web site, TNCC web site, and what other links?

Thursday, 12/6
In-class DUE at end of class: Webfolios

Finals: Week Sixteen

Tuesday, 12/11
Class meets today 9-10:45, Workshop: Revise/edit/correct/perfect webfolios.

Semester has ended.
Go forth and MAKE the life you wish to live!

(I'll miss you!)


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