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Learning and Study Resources
Study Resources and Course Schedule

Week 1

Week One

Wednesday, August 20
In class: Foundations. Introductions and information-gathering for colleagues quiz.

Week Two

Monday, 8/25/14
In-class: Access
Chap. I of On Course online 2. On Course pre-semester self-assessment. 3] Access O.C. Chap. 1 and read about journal writing.

Homework for Wednesday 9/3:
1] Preview
the Table of Contents
2] Read pages xv-9 of On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life
3] Bring your notes from the first-day handout. We will discuss and use these on Wednesday.

Week Three

Wednesday, 9/3/14
In-class: Discuss completion of the course syllabus.

Week Four

Monday, 9/8/14
In-class: 1] Discuss and draft Journal entry #1. 2] Access the revised syllabus, tweak it if needed, and agree to it by concensus.

Homework for Wednesday 9/10:
1] Read
pages 13-30 in On Course
2] Write journal entries 2 and 3 to add to J#1 which we wrote in class
3] Bring your journal to class
4] In your notes write about a skill or body of knowledge that you have learned very well or have mastered--something which you have learned outside of school or outside of formal class instruction. Just make a bulleted list of the steps in your learning process, why you learned this thing and how. These are just notes, but they are very important, so bring these notes with you to class

Wednesday, 9/10/14
Cornell note-taking from lecture: "An Owners Manual for Your Brain" 2] Input contact info, etc. into TeacherKit App.

Homework for Monday 9/15:
1] View videos on the Creator mindset and the Victim mindset (as defined by Dr. Skip Downing and others): You will be writing about this, so take notes! Dominic, Jesse, the Professors. What got Jesse back on course? What got Dominic back on course? What is the most notable quote from any of the professors?
2] Read pages 31-69
3] Write journals 4, 5, 6, 7
4] Calculate reading time. (29 pages, 5 days = 4 pages per day. That's do-able.) Calculate writing time. (Four journal entries, 5 days = appx. 30 minutes per day? That's do-able.) Calculate viewing time. (3 videos, 16 minutes = ___ Huh? It's only 16 minutes of viewing time. Just watch the danged videos. It's do-able.) ;-)

Week Five

Monday, 9/15/14
In-class: 1] Journal check (I am not collecting them--just want to give you feedback on how I WOULD grade them if I collected them today.) I will collect them for grading on Wednesday. 2] Discuss Victims and Creators mindset. 3] Academic skill focus:

Homework for Wednesday 9/17:
1] Read examples of Creator and Victim behaviors and language from Prof. David Mirman's teaching blog.
2] Write a summary (appx. 150-200 words) of Prof. Mirman's article. Include a correct MLA-style works cited entry. You may use citation generator tools such as such as EasyBib, Son of Citation Machine, or M.S. Word's citation generating function; however, these tools are all inaccurate, so find and compare your works cited source to a correct works cited sample from the research handbook of the Norton Field Guide to Writing.

Wednesday, 9/17/14
In-class: 1] Submit your journal at the start of class. 2] Submit Mirman's summaries (to peer review on Monday after I take notes on my reading of them). 3] Label the brain cell first, from memory; then, in your groups, make notes in your own words for the brain test. I will put words and concepts you will need to know on a web page. Use the Central New Mexico college resources about the NHLP and learning development, and use my own links as the sources, as well as your notes.

Homework for Monday 9/22:

Week Six

Monday, 9/22/14
In-class: "
Reconstructing Bertrand Russell," an essay structure, organization and development activity

Homework for Wednesday 9/24: Use the grading rubric to finish your Creators and Victims mindset essays. It is due at the start of class on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 9/23/14
In-class: 1] Document our C/V mindset essays with two parenthetical citations and two works cited. 2] Preview and begin note taking on Chapter 3

Homework for Monday 9/29:
Read pages 75-110
Write Cornell-format notes on the chapter, through page 102 and study pages 103-110 carefully. I will collect your notes for chapter three to grade next week rather than journals 9, 10, and 11. (We will do the journal 9 and 12 activities in class next week.)

Week Seven

Monday, 9/29/14
In-class: 1] Study Groups: Prepping for brain development test (20 questions, 20 points). 2] Take the test. 3] Discuss journaling for max points.

Homework for Wednesday 10/1:

Wednesday, 10/1/14
In-class: 1] Case Study: "Popson's Dilemma" 2] SQ4R and SQ3R note-taking 3] Calculating our level of motivation (J#9 in class) 4] Making our affirmations

Homework for Monday 10/6:

Week Eight

Monday, 10/6/14
In-class: 1] Post-test review and discussion of results and how to improve them. 2] Share note-taking strategies in informal "mini-presentations

Homework for Wednesday 10/8:

NOTE: Hey, folks, it is midsemester, and we are halfway through the book and halfway through writing the journals. Yay!! If you are doing well so far, it is smooth sailing from here. If you are not, what do you need to do to amp it up? Let's make it so.

Wednesday, 10/8/14
In-class: 1] Mini-presentations: Note-taking strategies. 2] Writing our personal affirmations

Homework assignment for Monday, 10/13:
Do Phase 1 of the
multitasking and time management researched project. Go to the lesson page at the link and do all of the activities in the box called "Phase 1." There are four steps in this first phase of the project: 1] the Wordle freewrite (to jump start your brain), 2] the vocabulary definitions--use context clues and a dictionary to define the words as they are meant in the context of the article, not just any of the definitions, 3] the paraphrasing activity (answering my questions in your own words), and 4] the article summary.

Week Nine

Monday, 10/13/14
In-class: Discuss the multitasking article, summary, and documenting

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 10/15:
Do Phase 2 of
multitasking and time management researched project, a paragraph about your personal experiences as a "multitasker."

Wednesday, 10/15/14
In-class: 1] Discuss the multitasking paragraphs. 2] Discuss Phase 3 of the multitasking and time management researched project.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 10/15:
Revise Phase 2 of the multitasking and time management researched project, the paragraph about your personal experiences as a "multitasker," per our class discussion. Remember the paragraph sandwich. :-)
Do Phase 3 of the multitasking and time management researched project, which includes steps 7, 8 and 9 of the project. When you do the matrix, you will probably want to start anew and not use the one you did for Journal 13 from the On Course book because on the whole, those were not very good. That is why I wanted to spend some time in class today clarifying Covey's 4 Quadrants grid for priortizing our activities and responsibilities. Follow the steps in this process as instructed on the lesson page because I will be grading you on your information gathering process in this phase as well as grading the paragraph that you produce; i.e., you will turn in your Cornell notes from step 7.
Completed by Monday: You will have the revision of the paragraph summarizing the Sparks article, you will have revised the paragraph describing your personal multitasking experiences, and you will have taken notes on and drafted a paragraph summarizing the time management article (which is Phase 3).

Week Ten

Monday, 10/20/14
In-class: Group discussion, then note-taking for summarizing the
new article posted on the multitasking/time management project page.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 10/22:
Do Phase 3 of the multitasking and time management researched project, which includes steps 7, 8 and 9 of the project and uses the new article that I linked to today because the old one had been deleted by the publisher of the MindTools website. MindTools is still an excellent source of information on developing life skills and successful work habits, so add that site to your bookmarks on your computers and iPads, etc.
I will collect your notes from Phase Three of the project at the start of class on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 10/22/14
In-class: 1] Group discussion/Phase Four: How do I get myself into Q2 in order to achieve my academic and professional goals? I your discussion, first state what your academic goals are because that will be in the topic sentence of your paragraph. Be specific in your discussions and give each other useful suggestions and feedback. Take notes during your discussions. 2] Begin composing body paragraph four of the multitasking and time management project.

Homework assignment for Monday, 10/27:
1. Complete Phase 4 of the multitasking and time management researched project, which we began in class, and . . .
2. Finish the project by completeing Phase 5, skip step 12, an activity which we already did a few weeks ago, and focus on following the grading rubric which is posted as step 13.
3. Run your paper through M.S. Word's spell check and grammar check functions, and also through Paper Rater and Natural Reader before submitting it.
4. Turn in your time management and multitasking researched essay at the start of class on Monday 10/27

Use the Guide to Grammar and Writing and the W. W. Norton editing lessons to identify and overcome the types of editing errors marked on your paper.

Week Eleven: Essay week!!

Monday, 10/27/14
In-class: Discuss the revisions and edits for the returned Creator and Victim essays.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 10/29:
Work editing lessons from the
W. W. Norton site and the Guide to Grammar and Writing, focusing on the editing conventions that were marked as incorrect on your C/V mindset essays.

Wednesday, 10/29/14
In-class: Discuss documenting with parenthetical citations and works cited sections for the multitasking and time management essay. Print and submit the essay by the end of class.

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/3:

  1. Work editing lessons from the W. W. Norton site and the Guide to Grammar and Writing, focusing on the editing conventions that were marked as incorrect on your C/V mindset essays.
  2. Edit and revise your Creator and Victim mindset essays per my comments and marks. Submit the graded and the revised versions of the essay at the start of class on Monday. I will average the revised grade with the original grade for the paper.
  3. Read pages 181-200 in On Course
  4. Write journals 21, 22, 23

Week Twelve

Monday, 11/3/14
In-class: Believing in Yourself: Writing your own rules. 1] Popcorn reading of pages 201-203. 2] Write our own rules. 3]
Find an image that represents your belief in yourself and save it.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 11/4: VOTE!! It is your responsibility as a citizen to vote and as a responsible, educated person it is up to you to be informed about the people running for election. Live up to your responsibility or the fools we elect to government will shut down the very government that we elect them to run! (Again!!!) Enough is enough. Make our public servants serve US (the public, "we the people") and not just themselves.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 11/5:

1] Bring a poster (at least 8.5" x 11") titled "My Rules for Success" at the top, showing your "belief" image under the title, and your rules listed beneath the image.
2] Separately, finish journal entry 24, instruction #2
3] Read pages 197-200 and 204-214
4] Believe!!

Wednesday, 11/5/14
In-class: Jump starting Chapter 7 "Lifelong Learning." Let's assess our learning styles and information processing preferences using the
Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument and the VARK learning preferences questionnaire.

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/10:
1] Write three paragraphs, one discussing the HBDI results, one discussing the VARK results, and a third discussing the differences or similarities between the two instruments and the results that you got from them.
2] Read pages 215-231 (top)
3] Write journal entry 25

Week Thirteen

Monday, 11/10/14
I am ill today so we won't have class. :-(

Wednesday, 11/12/14
Multiple intelligences: It's not about how smart you are; it's about how you are smart. Harvard Professor Howard Gardner began M.I. research over 30 years ago.

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/17:

Extra Credit Opportunities: In your college email in-box you have a calendar sent by TNCC that shows the remaining four student success seminars for November. In December, your calendar will show two more success seminars. You may earn 5 points of extra credit for each seminar you attend if you (1) turn in more than a page of Cornell-format notes from the seminar you attend, and (2) get the signature of the presenter on your notes page.

Week Fourteen

Monday, 11/17/14 1] Case Study: "After Math" p. 254 2] View Daniel Goleman (developer of the concept of EI) discussing Emotional Intelligence. Take notes from the video.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 11/19:

Wednesday, 11/19/14
In-class: 1] Turn in your E. I. paragraph. 2] Turn in your journals 21-28 (sans 26). 3] Interdependency challenge: Creating your own web site. This project will flex our interpersonal and intrapersonal and emotional intelligences muscles. Let's "Get Started with Google Sites"

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/24:

Week Fourteen.five

Monday, 11/24/14 Web site building workshop: Wix, a Google Sites alternative.

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/24:

Week Fifteen

Monday, 12/1/14 1] On Course post-semester self-assessment. 2] Write Journal 33. 3] Turn in journals 29, 30, 31, 33

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 12/3: Send your homepage URL to Kayla's email address, which is In the subject line, write your first and last name and the words "home page," like this: "Bob Bullhead's home page." (Minus quotation marks.) In the body, paste in your URL and write any pleasantries you may want to share with Kayla for volunteering to coordinate collection of the home page URLs.

Wednesday, 12/3/14 1] Website workshop today. 2] Revising and posting an essay. Your home page will include the following:

Week Sixteen

Monday, 12/8/14 Webfolio prep workshop: 1] Collaborate on Google Docs to create an index page for your webfolios 2] Check each of your colleagues' web pages and provide feedback to them on anything you see that is not correct, and on the things you see that they did great!

Monday, 12/15/14, 10:45-1:15 Final class:

1] Revise/edit returned essays in your webfolios per my suggestions and marks on your papers. You will need this link: W. W. Norton (Publisher) On-line Handbook

2] Remake Webfolios index page. (My apologies: it did not get saved.)

3] Course evaluations

IMPORTANT: Bring your On Course journals to class today to ensure accuracy of point totals since the journal and the webfolio of revised work are your grade sources for the semester.

Webfolios will include the following:

Here are some webfolios from my Eng 111/ENF 3 class, which just now finished their final.

These are your most excellent webfolios. Check them out. See what your colleagues have done. Give each other some feedback

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