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Class Resources

Contact Mr. D. by email,; by phone, 825-3543; or in person, room 874, first floor of Templin Hall

Week One, Aug. 24-26

Monday, August 24
In class: Foundations. Graduation game, getting started, introductions and information-gathering for colleagues quiz 2] Cooperative Learning Activity: "Wordles"

Homework for Day Two: Make a one-page list of the behaviors of successful people that you know and the beahivors you have observed of the most successful students that you have known.

Wednesday, August 26

In class:1] Accessing SIS/email 2] Discussing syllabus

Homework for Monday 8/31:
Read Chapter I by Monday read, pages xvii-21

Week Two, Aug. 31-Sept. 2

Monday, August 31
In class: 1] On Course
pre-semester self-assessment 2] Discuss journaling and, 3] Write journal entry 1,

Homework for Wednesday 9/2:
Write: Finish writing journal entry #1. I will chek them in class and award points so that you have immediate feedback on whether your journal entries will earn you full credit (5 point max for following the instructions on page 6 and diving deep--i.e.. about 250 words of response per journal entry)

Wednesday, September 2
In class: 1] Finish syllabus 2] Colleagues Quiz 3] Check Journal entry #1 4] Group discussion of NHLP

Homework for Wednesday 9/9:
Write: Finish writing journal entry #1. I will chek them in class and award points so that you have immediate feedback on whether your journal entries will earn you full credit (5 point max for following the instructions on page 6 and diving deep--i.e.. about 250 words of response per journal entry)
Read pages 21-34 in On Course
Write Journal entries 2, 3, 4. I will collect and grade your journals with the first four entries on Wednesday 9/9
Read about how to do Cornell (and "STAR") note taking from lectures:

Week Three, Sept 9

Mr. D's Chapter II summary: The paths our lives take are not predetermined or written in some cosmic scriptbook that can't be known to us. Rather, we create our lives by the choices we make and the attitudes we hold to. Creator or Victim choices are not "good" or "bad" per se. They direct the processes by which we arrive at the outcomes and experiences we wish to create in our lives, so make the appropriate choices to make the things happen which you desire as outcomes. Whether we want them to or not, the choices we make (and even passively deciding to do nothing is a choice we make) create our lives.

Wednesday, September 9
Growing dendrites: Activity: Understanding the
Natural Human Learning Process

Homework for Monday 9/14:
Write, at the bottom of each page of your Cornell formatted class notes from today, a brief summary of the information on each page. You will use this on Monday, so make sure you write it. Plus, be prepared to tell me why you should thank your professors for giving you assignments in which you have to write summaries.
*In addition to the PowerPoint that I used in class (linked above at today's date 9/9/09), below is a 30-page (.pdf) file that is essentially a condensed version of the book that I used to prepare the PowerPonit and the lecture on how the brain functions during the learning process. The book is called We’re Born to Learn: Using the Brain’s Natural Learning Process to Create Today’s Curriculum," and it is by Dr. Rita Smilkstein. We're Born to Learn condensed into 30 pages This .pdf file is well indexed on the first page and it includes all of the graphics that I used in the PowerPoint presentation, in case you want to print those out (but not in our classroom!) and save them in your class notes folder.
Read pages 34-50 in On Course
Write: Journal entries 5 & 6

Due at the start of class:

  1. Your class notes with page summaries written. I will collect these and record a quiz grade for them (up to 5 points) and then return them to you during class. Five points will be rewarded if all of the notes I wrote on the board are in your notes and if you have written a useful summary of each page in the summary section at the bottom.
  2. Journals with entries 1-6 completed (5 points are possible for each journal entry)

Week Four, Sept. 14-16

Monday, Sept 14
In class: 1] At the start of class, turn in class notes from 9/9/09, with summaries. 2] At the start of class, turn in journals with entries 1-6. 3] Read and discuss "The Late Paper" case study, and some sidebar discussion questions about
classroom deportment. 4] Group activity: anticipating a test by writing "Q's" in the "cues" column.

Homework for Wednesday 9/16:
Click on "Ace the Test" and take the practice test on this web page
Read "Locus of Control" by navigating these web pages, and take the two inventories about the degree of control you have in your life.
Write "test" questions in the Cues column of your Cornell notes from 9/9/09

Wednesday, Sept 16
In class: 1] Discuss Creator and Victim language 2] Activity: Analyzing Victim and Creator messages in songs lyrics.

Homework for Monday 9/21:
Finish the song lyrics assignment, following the instructions (5 points possible)
Copy and paste lyrics from 6 songs of your choice into a word document and analyze them in the same way. You probably don't need to copy ALL they lyrics of each song in order to make your point about whether they are Victim or Creator messages (5 points possible)
Read pages 58-64 in On Course
Write Journal entries 7 & 8

Week Five, Sept. 21-23

Monday, Sept 21
In class: 1] At the start of class, turn in song lyrics assignment. (10 points possible) 2] Discuss "Celebrate What's Right" 3] Discuss "success teams" AKA "base groups"--what do we
need from each other in order to be successful?


Homework for Wednesday 9/23:
Read pages 64-79 in On Course
Write Journal entries 9 & 10
Bring Journal entry #10 to class with you. We will work an in-class project with this assignment.

Wednesday, Sept 23
In class: Email the Survival exercise to me (or give it to me during class)

Homework for Monday 9/28:
Read pages 80-107 in On Course
Write Journal entries11, 12, & 13
Check your email: I will give you an accounting of the marks I've recorded for the first 12 assignments, and we will talk about this on Monday. One third of the way through the semester, so it's time to talk about how to survive.
Bring journal entry # 10 to class with you

Week Six, Sept. 28-30

Monday, Sept. 28
In-class group activities: 1] Introduction to Perfect Copy 2] Work 2 Perfect Copy lessons in class

Wednesday, Sept. 30
In-class group activities: 1] Time wasters 2] Time savers

Homework for Monday 10/5:
Read pages 107-119 in On Course
Write Journal entries14

Turn in Journals 7-14 at the start of class on Monday

Week Seven, Oct. 5-7

Monday, Oct. 5
In-class group activities: 1] What we want from our support teams 2] Tweaking the affirmations (journal 10) 3] Time wasters 4] Time Savers

Homework for Wednesday 10/7:
Read pages 120-133 in On Course
Write Journal entries15-16

Wednesday, Oct. 7
In-class group activities: 1] discuss "Professor Rogers' Trial" case study, pg 121-22 2] Discuss the
Goose Story questions, and 3] Write your individual response to the Goose Story

Homework for Monday 10/12:
Read pages 133-146 in On Course
Write Journal entries 17 & 18

Week Eight, Oct. 12-14

Monday, Oct. 12
In-class group activities: 1] View and discuss
The Global Brain a fascinating metaphor for understanding interdependency on a higher level. "George Lakoff, a linguist, and Mark Johnson, a philosopher, suggest that metaphors not only make our thoughts more vivid and interesting but that they actually structure our perceptions and understanding." ("Metaphors We Live By")

Homework for Wednesday 10/14:
Write a paragraph of approximately 150 words discussing this prompt: How might the world we live in be different if the majority of the population adopted the Global Brain metaphor and the Gaia Hypothesis? Paragraph is due at the start of class on Wednesday. (a 5-point assignment, equal to a quiz grade or journal grade)

Wednesday, Oct. 7
In-class activities: 1] Discuss "The Global Brain," 2] Group activity: Research best practices in writing timed essays

Homework for Monday 10/19:
Read 147-158 in On Course
Write Journal Entries 19 and 20

Week Nine

Mr. D’s Chapter VI Summary: Self-awareness refers to having conscious knowledge of the things that motivate us and of the inner workings of the self that result in emotional reponses to outside stimulus.  Memories are embedded almost from birth in our consious and our sub-conscious mind. In the sub-conscious they may not be fully known to us because our “Scripts” were written early in life and, in many cases, in ways that we are not aware of.  If we are aware of our Scripts and how they operate in us, we can manage them and change them so that our sub-conscious responses reflect our conscious, responsible decision making and our desired behaviours result.

Monday, Oct. 19
In-class group activities: 1] Finish researching how to most effectively write in-class essays, 2] Prepare to present what you have learned to your colleagues. (Before drafting, composing, revising/editing.)

Wednesday, Oct. 21
In-class group activities: 1] Present what your group has learned about how to write a timed, in-class essay. 2] "How am I doing?" Individual accounting of grades, absences, your status in Eng 109

Week Ten, Oct. 26-28

Note: I will not be in class this week as I have three professional conferences to attend in Richmond. Nonetheless, you will have classes in my absence. This will give you opportunities to develop your interdependency and collaborative learning processes as you will conduct class activities and complete projects independent of my presence. Understand, please, I am not on a vacation, but am attending professional activities and making presentations at the conferences. In other words, I am in class this week, just not in our regular 109 classes, so we will all be working hard: me as well as you.

Monday, Oct. 26

In-class group activities: Form into groups of three for this activity--not two, not four, but three. Go to this page from the Hunter College Writing Center, and either print out the page from their website, or copy and paste the instructions and the essay into a Word document and print that out. Follow the instructions that precede the essay, make all the marks and corrections that are necessary, sign all three names to your document and place it in my mailbox in room 852 of this building. If you slide the document under the door of my office or place it anywhere but in my mailbox in my Division Office, you will receive a 0 for this project for not following instructions.

Wednesday, Oct. 28
In-class individual activity: Access the Perfect Copy lessons on your computer. During class you will work four Perfect Copy lessons from the "Series 2" column.

Please note: these lessons will be worked during assigned class time today. I will monitor your use of the Perfect Copy program electronically to ensure that you have worked these lessons during class time on Wednesday 10/28. Ensure that the classroom environment is conducive to good concentration by minimizing all chatting and disruptions.

Week Eleven, Nov. 2-4

Monday, Nov. 2

In-class: Registration workshop

Homework for Wednesday 11/4:
Review and sumarize your notes on brain development from week 3 (Sept. 9th, above)
Turn in Journals on Weds., through entry #20

Week Twelve, Thirteen & Fourteen

Preparing for English 1 portfolio submissions

In-class: Review of basic editing skills (punctuaion, grammar, sentence structure); class feedback on editing; peer review; read-aloud (aural) editing.

Week Fifteen, Nov. 30-Dec. 2

Monday, Nov. 30

In-class small group research: Creating a class resource, "Test-Taking Skills." What to do before taking tests, during the test, and after the test in order to optimize successful results.

Homework for Wednesday 12/2:
Last chance to turn in Journals through entry #20

Wednesday, Dec. 2

In-class small group research: Creating a class resource, "Test-Taking Skills." What to do before taking a test, during the test, and after the test in order to optimize successful results.

Week Sixteen, Dec. 7-9

Monday, Dec. 7

In-class: Want to know the secret to success? It's The Secret.

Wednesday, Dec. 9

In-class: 1] Finish viewing The Secret and discuss it. 2] Writing course evaluations

Note: During finals, which are Tues. Dec. 8 through Fri. Dec. 11, classes may meet at irregular times, so make sure you know when your final class meets.

Eng 109-01 (regular meeting time 9:30-10:45 M-W) meets 12/9/09 10:00-11:45
Eng 109-02 (regular meeting time 11:00-12:15 M-W) meets 12/9/09 12:00-1:45



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