Michelle Williams


April 20, 2005


Communication in Business Administration

            Communication is an important duty in the profession of business administration. It is a very common task that is done by a lot of professional people. When communicating, the three factors are speaking, listening, and writing. These factors will show your client or whom ever you are speaking with that you are a professional. If you do not communicate with your client then you may sense disappointment and attitude from your client. The client will feel as if they are not important and they may also feel that you are disrespectful. My major is business administration and I would some day like to open my own hair salon. I developed my communication skills from my work place at a hair salon called Smart Styles. Communication skills are a major factor in a successful career.

            Speaking is a major factor in the field of business. When you are speaking you will like to speak clearly and use a medium voice so that the client will be able to understand and hear you. Most importantly, use good choice of words and eye contact. While working at a hair salon called Smart Styles I developed good speaking skills. When a client walks into the salon I would greet them with respect and introduce myself. For example, when someone walks into the salon I would say, “Good afternoon, how are you doing? My name is Michelle Williams, how may I help you today?” When approaching a client, you want them to look at you as a professional. If a person has a question about a hairstyle then it is up to me to answer their question and make them understand to my ability.

            Listen and understanding what is told to you is also important. At Smart Styles I had a bad run in with a client because I wasn’t listening. He wanted his hair cut with scissors, but I cut his hair with the clippers and took him shorter than he’d imagined. He was very disappointed, but we, the staff, gave him a free bar of Paul Mitchell tea tree soap and hair shampoo. After that incident I learned from my mistakes very quickly and turned my ears on. If I do not understand what the client is saying then I would ask questions and listen to their responses to help me out. I remember when a mother came up to me in the salon asking about her daughter’s curly hair. She said, “My daughter’s hair is extremely dry and frizzy. What do you suggest?” I told the lady, “Buy oil moisturizer suited for curly hair only.” She bought the product that I picked out for her and I told her to come back and tell me the results. When she returned to the salon she told me that the product was very successful in her daughter’s hair.

            Writing is likewise, a vital process that should be done in a business also. All of the information that is taken from a client should be saved and recorded. An information card or the computer can be used to save data. To reserve time, a lot of businesses are using computers to pull up people’s information. At Smart Styles we use information cards. We have three types of cards: regular service cards, chemical service cards, and waxing service cards. The regular service cards ask for a name, date, and the type of hair style that was given to the client. The chemical service cards ask for a name, date, the type of chemical service that will be received, descriptions of the hair, such as the texture, porosity, elasticity, and other chemicals that may still exist in the hair. This card has to be signed for three major reasons. The first reason is to make sure that the information is correct, the second reason is to give us permission to do the chemical service on them, and the third reason for the signature is for if anything goes wrong while applying the chemical then it will not be our responsibility and will not hold a good case in court. The waxing service cards ask for a name, date, signature, and for allergic reactions. For the same reasons that a signature is asked for on the chemical service cards are also the same on the waxing cards.  All the information is kept and stored in a safe place until the client’s next visit. The skill of writing should be used in every profession.

            Everyone has some type of communication skill, but is it being used correctly? All careers and other jobs require good communication skills, and while working at Smart Styles I learned to put the skills to use. Speaking, listening, and writing are three ways to converse with others. Business administration is my major and I will be having a lot of business with people. I want to come to my clients in a professional manner and try to understand them as well as they understand me. There is no business without communication, and that’s why my business will be revolved around it.