Michelle Williams


April 20, 2005


Babies Having Children Makes for Struggles and Knowledge

††††††††††† Being young with a baby had me worried about my future. I was fifteen years old and in the ninth grade. I had two main goals set for me and they were to finish high school and to attend college. Having a baby did three things that made me feel as if I couldíve given up on everything. The first thing was it made it harder to achieve my two main goals, the second thing was not having too much free time to myself, and the third thing was trying to give my baby full attention when she needed it. But when it all came to me to do it, it was ready to be done.

††††††††††† Trying to achieve two of my major goals in life was a difficult task. When I found out that I was pregnant I thought to myself, ďBut I want to get my diploma from high school and go to college.Ē After I had my daughter, Niaja A. Williams, I found myself not knowing what I wanted to do or be when I finished high school. When I was in the ninth and tenth grade I wanted to be a choreographer, but when I took the dance class in Warwick High School I really felt like I didnít have enough skill to go through that type of career. I wanted to also be a computer technician because I thought I loved computers, but come to find out I ended up hating computers. Everybody was asking what did I want to be and I couldnít tell them anything. When I was in the tenth grade, the school guidance counselors went to all the tenth grade classes to discuss the New Horizon School, also known as Vo-Tech. It was a school that could give you the knowledge and skill on the listed careers that was inside a booklet. My friend Angie told me to sign up for the cosmetology class. I told her no, but I gave in and signed up for the class. I got accepted in the program, but Angie didnít. The cosmetology class gave me my career. After two years of hard work in my cosmetology class, I took my state boards test and passed. I graduated from Warwick High School and New Horizons in June of 2004. I now have my license to do hair in any shop I would like. I now attend Thomas Nelson Community college. I am majoring in Business Administration. My plan is to open up my own hair salon and to have at least two of them, one in Virginia and one in New York.

††††††††††† Not having free time for me and friends was very boring. My life was going to school and coming straight home to my child. Not having the freedom to do the things that teenagers did was heartbreaking to me. I notice that after I had my daughter I grew up to fast. Almost all my friends had babies, but they had their chances to be teenagers even though they had babies. Not so much I can say for myself, my mother only kept an eye on Niaja when I was in school and I respected her for that. In school I had my associates, I gave people my phone number and that was my way of keeping in contact with people outside of school. A baby really made my life boring when it came to going places, but when it came to the baby she kept me busy.

††††††††††† All the attention I gave Niaja was unbelievable. I sit and ask myself how did I finish school and attend college. She cried a lot and of course mommy to the rescue came running to her making baby sounds and with rattling toys. I was like super mom. I had pampers in my pocket, wipes in one hand and diaper rash cream in the other hand, and a bottle. It was tough raising a newborn alone knowing that the future holds a lot for you. Taking off a day or two in school for either doctorís appointments or because she was ill was not a good thing. My mother started to see all the days I was missing and volunteered to take care of her if help was really needed. My mother was and still is a working woman. Her shift didnít end until early in the morning so it was a hardship for her too. Her father, Tony, was in and out of her life and I refused for her to go through that. I told him to make a choice and his choice was her, but he didnít really stick with it. He is now being the father that all children dream of.

††††††††††† Trying to achieve something in life takes hard work, but when you have something or somebody that is holding you back from it, it would take a blessing and a miracle. Finishing Warwick High School and attending a college was my top goals in life at the age of fifteen. That was the same age I became pregnant and had a struggle getting through life. The baby almost affected my top two goals, I had no free time for myself, and I spent my days giving my daughter, Niaja A. Williams, the attention she needed. As days went on, everything was better than I thought. How do I know? My top two goals were accomplished.