Cheri L.Powers

In-Class Final Essay

April 18, 2005


Three Reasons to Attend a Community College

            As a first year College Student in my forties attending college since leaving High School has been a real challenge.  My major was Early Childhood Development and my first courses were English classes.  English is part of our every day life and it will be with us no matter where we go, it will part of our jobs, school and rearing our children.  Education is also of importance to attend college, our minds are very intelligent and it shouldn’t be wasted.   An education can help you find out which type of career you wish to have and be successful at it.  Lastly it will help steer you onto the right path to a career you have always dreamed of there are workforce training classes to help you with the career of your choice.

            For some students who wish to have Journalism for their career, English is of the utmost priority to over come and be successful at.  While partaking in College Prep Writing II I have learned how to use the VARK system.  VARK is the acronym from the letters which form and identify the four sensory preferences (Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic).  Visual learners learn best when teachers use pictures, videos, posters and slides.  Aural learners have a strong preference by learning by aural methods (hearing).  Aural learners learn best when overheads are of use pictures and videos.  Read/Write learners learn best with dictionaries handouts and readings from the library.     VARK has a questionnaire that has a series of questions that helps provide students with a different profile of their learning preferences. To become a successful Journalism writer the VARK system just may help you on your way to a writing career.

            No one can get enough of Education, when I stepped foot back in a classroom after thirty years, I was hungry and eager to learn.  We are individuals that learn new things everyday.  Getting an education can improve your skills in which career you wish to have for the rest of your life, your role in your occupation depends on your everyday writing and reading skills.  Getting an education will help you with your children, what they learn from us they will pass on to their own children.

            You entered College for a reason, to further your education, for your enlightment or to get ahead start in your career. If training is available on your campus you might want to check out the Workforce Development Center.  Your Workforce Development Center works with the community, government, businesses, and the industry which are partners with the academic classes in your college.  Your workforce training center may offer short training courses not only for students, but other groups seeking to enhance their career skills.  These courses may include computer training, software training, language, and health courses.

            English, Education and having a career go hand in hand.  It will be your every day activity throughout your life.  You’ll always have English to speak properly and for writing.  The Education is your background and knowledge to which career you have chosen.   Going to College gave you the skill and the training to be successful in what you do best.