Delora Nixon


Learning Styles

 Excitement About Learning

VARK is a learning questionnaire that provides users with a profile on how one prefers to process information that takes in and putting out of information. VARK was developed by Dr. Fleming. He is a secondary and college teacher at Lincoln University in New Zealand. He has been an educator for forty years at various collegesí and universities. Dr. Fleming now travels extensively, putting on workshops all over the world.

VARK will illustrate a preferred process of receiving and the output of information. It will help explain and provide persons with other avenues of learning. VARK, while not a learning style, consist of four different process of learning. The learning styles are Aural, Visual, Kinesthetic, and Read/Write. These different learning profiles are also called learning modes.

Dr. Fleming defines each preference of learning as Visual which means you learn by flowcharts, graphs and lecturers who use gestures and picturesque language. Aural means you learn by attending class, discussing topic with teachers and others and using a tape recorder. Kinesthetic means you learn best by all senses, field trips and hands on approaches. Read/Write means you learn best by handouts, dictionaries ,text books, and teachers who use words well and have lots of information in sentences and notes.

VARK shows a person how they best process information and it demonstrates to them how to make improvements on other areas where they may be weak. Dr. Fleming also said that most people are multi-modal learners and that can be a good thing or bad thing. He tells us that multi-modals are people that possess more than one learning profile He says that there are no differences between menís preference in learning and womenís preference in learning.

VARK can even have an effect on relationships at home as well as at work. VARK will also help with communicating and relating to other people. When given the questionnaire to take, I was astonished with the results. I always thought that I was a hand on learner, but VARK showed me differently. The questionnaire showed that I prefer to process information best by listening and hands on. While my kinesthetic score was not as high as my aural score, both scores were high. There is another process that could be possible and that is that I maybe a multi-modal leaner. Multi-modal is having the ability to process information in more that one way. I now recognize that my read/write and my visual scores were not high scores. Those are areas that I need to work on and try to strengthen. I am not a good note taker and I need more than charts to direct me on how to achieve a given task. I am planning to find out if there some seminars that may give me a little guide line in how to take notes and to better understand charts and other visual information used to do a job.

I now realize that I often close my eyes when I am trying to get the full understanding of what is being taught or information that is going to be important in my studies. I would like to strengthen my other methods of learning. VARK has taught me ways to process information better and I am very excited about it.