Delora Nixon


Story of Success


The Most Inspiring Person I Know


My husband is the most inspiring person I know.  He is from Amityville, New York, a suburb near the city of New York.  He is a retired military Sergeant and currently a truck driver for the Miller Oil Company.

When he was six years old, his mother started physically and mentally abusing him and this continued until he reached the age of ten years old.  During these years of abuse, he was constantly told he would not amount to anything and would be dead at a very young age.  When he reached the age of ten years old, he started running away from home, sleeping in abandoned cars, or riding the trains and subways into the City of New York.  When he was hungry, he would take food from his home or take food from stores. He would do anything to stay away from home and the terrible abuse he was receiving.

When he would run away, the police would catch him and return him to his home. The policemen knew him on a first name basis and often asked him why he continued running away.  He would tell why, but in those times abuse was hard to prove.  So, the cycle of running away and being returned home continued until he was eventually taken from his parents’ home and put into a group home for boys and girls. The home was managed by the State of New York.  He adjusted well; adopting the other boys and girls as his brothers and sisters He told me it was as if he had a very large family with all kinds of backgrounds.

At the age of nineteen, he graduated from high school and immediately entered the U. S. Army.  Being in the military, he traveled to many places and had many rewarding experiences.  I met him when he was twenty-two years old, stationed at Fort Eustis, Virginia.  We married after a courtship of two years and from this marriage we have produced two wonderful sons! 

My husband is currently forty-four years old and a great mentor for our sons and the young boys and men of our church and community.  He often shares his stories years, with groups of young boys that are typically going through abusive relationships with their parents and peers.  He has shared his experiences, good and bad, with our oldest son who is 19 years old and will one day tell our youngest son who is 5 years old his life experiences.  He constantly reminds our sons that they can become what ever they desire. He tells them look at what he had to go through in his life but I never give up for one minute. Often he says, “God has always looked out for me!” His religious belief on life and living is quite simple, “Obstacles that come into our lives can make us stronger.  If we believe in God, and keep a positive attitude, life itself will provide.

In summary, his strengths and positive attitude has instilled in me and our children, a firm commitment to “positive thinking” and a firm belief that “no matter what your situation, something beneficial is always being taught.