Katie Maynor  

 VARK essay

 May 1, 2005

VARK:A Key Tool

            Itís getting harder and harder for students now a days to pay attention in class. Listening to the professor go on and on about something you already forgot because he wonít stop talking. For many of us this causes us to loss our interest or maybe fail an up coming test. So, that us why each student should take the VARK questionnaire. This would help them understand their best learning skills.

            VARK which stands for Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic is a questionnaire designed to show how someone can most effectively process information. Neil D. Fleming is the creator of VARK. He has taught at Lincoln university and is now traveling around the world helping out others in finding how their learn best. Charles C. Bonwell is also part of the creation, he is the co-author and contributor. Developed in 1998 these two men sought out to try to help both men and women learn more about how they learn best. People should use VARK because it can help find how we learn best. Itís important to know this because if someone has always been taught that listing is the best form of learning, but they have a short attention span it would be very hard for them to learn. Taking this test could help them see that they could be stronger as a visual learner. VARK is very useful in the sense that it can help out in the long run. It helps many develop better study habits.

            In taking this questionner I found out that I am a Read/Write. This information was helpful because it showed me that I can take in information better is words are emphasized and listed. I believe that my best strategies I can use to optimize my learning retention is to make a learning package by converting my notes into a study guide. Its hard for me however to display these strategies in the class room because most of my teachers are lectures, so its really hard for me to take in all the information at once. What I have to do in this situation is just to write down as much information as they say. I believe I could learn best from these lectures if I had a better attention span to hear and soak it all in as they talk. With the information I learned from Flemming, its best for me while studying for tests that I write the information over and over again. I can also read the text in my head then convert it over to reading it out loud.

            The study and learning information on the VARK site can be helpful to me based on my identified learning VARK preference because it shows me what the best learning and study strategies best fit me. For instance I learn best when I read things over and over then write it down on paper. This helps me soak in all the information that I need in order to pass. Anyone can use this study skill information posted on the VARK website. All they have to do is practice the different learning methods.

            VARK is a key tool in understanding what someoneís best learning skills are. This can be helpful for students because it helps them study for tests. Knowing the right ways to study can be helpful in passing school without any stress.