Katie Maynor  

Success Essay

May 1, 2005

Facing Fears



            While watching TV a couple months ago I saw a special on this amazing woman and I came to this conclusion. Many people find success from physical ability. Some however, have to go beyond what they can accomplish physically and focus on what they can do mentally. Take for example, Brook Ellison. At the age of 11, Brook became paralyzed from the neck down. One day after school Brook decided that she would rather walk home with her sister then to ride the bus home. While crossing the street a bus came out of the corner and hit her.

            At first, Brook had the feelings of failure. She believed that her life was over and she would be hopeless the rest of her life. But realizing that she had so much life left, Brooks mind frame changed to proving what she can do with friends and family to help and support her . Even before her accident Brooke was very educated. She always made the grades and had the friends. When she went back to school nothing changed. Her grades were still excellent and her mom was there by her side helping with little things we would take advantage of. For example, when Brook had a question her mom would have to raise her own hand to be recognized by the teacher, or in math class her mom was there holding Brook’s calculator while she used a mouth piece to figure out a problem.

            Brook was able to graduate from high school at the top of her class. Later she attend Harvard University where she also graduated at the top of her class. Just recently Brook finished granulate school and is now going for her Ph. D . As for right now her and her mother are going around to different functions and speaking to children and young adults about achieving their dreams. She gives her testimony on how she struggled with her disability but overcame that to become what she is today.

            I believe that Brook Ellison is a strong woman and a great role model to all. She went through a horrific accident but still managed to come out on top. Most people these days are so self absorbed they complain about every little thing. Its just amazing to see her achieve so much  being paralyzed.