Katie Maynor

Communication Skills   

May 1, 2005


Becoming Successful

            To become successful in todayís society, it is very important to have great communication skills. Many jobs require you to communicate among co-workers, business representatives, and the customers. Without strong communication skills, important information may be either missed or misunderstood, causing a great deal of stress and chaos throughout the work area. Communication is an important link in becoming successful in a job, within my own personal experience I have witness both my strengths and weaknesses.

            In the field of physical therapy, a profession I considered going in to, listening and speaking are two important communication skills needed in order to accomplish a goal. Listening to the patient is vital because he/she is the one in pain, and he/she are the one who know where it hurts. Therefore itís the trainers job to listen very closely because neither the  patient or the trainers would want to redo months of therapy, due to lack of communication. Listening is also important because of the one-on-one conversations that are needed on a daily basic. The purpose of this is to find out the progress of each session. Speaking is another important communication skill that is needed in physical therapy. When having those one-on-one conversations it is important for the trainer to speak clearly and to have all thoughts laid out, so the patient has an idea of what is yet to come.

            I  believe that speaking in large groups is one of the communication skills that I need improvement in. In order to overcome this problem, I should look into taking public speaking classes at school. This could help me in many ways. It will show me the right and wrong things to do while speaking in large groups. Also there are students that  are in my class who may have the same problem as me, so we could help each other out in trying to get rid of our fears. Another way to overcome this problem would be to start speaking in smaller groups and gradually grow in bigger crowds as I  get more comfortable with the situation. A good place to start would be at my church. Every Wednesday our young adult class meets and each of us teaches a lesson. This helps me out a lot because I am speaking to a fairly large group and it seems like I get praise every time I am done. For example a couple weeks ago, we had the topic on stress and how to related to Daniel. Well I had a study guide that I read off of and I also lead the group in discussions on how stress relates in their own life. I think if I was more confident I would have no problem in public speaking. I would have the knowledge of knowing that I will do good.