Karena Jennings

April 18, 2005




Someone Special




To My Aunt,

There is a special someone in my life that has helped me become a better person. Someone that stayed by my side no matter what I did. Someone that helped me go all the way by supplying me, helping me when I needed it, and being a good care giver. My special someone has known me all my life and treated me as her own child. She was more of a guardian angel too me because she was always there. She is someone I hope to never lose.

            My special someone is you, Aunt Sabrina. You are a person that raised me to become a successful person. My aunt that stayed by my side through the bad times. You helped me deal with everything as just hill to climb. You never let the family down. When my mother went to prison and you raised my brother, sister and I. Even though you had three kids of your own she would never leave us alone. You took us to visit our mother every weekend. You kept us healthy and dressed very nice.

You helped me with all my school work. You never let me do anything before doing school work. You helped me realize that it wasn’t as hard as I made it to be. As long as I kept my grades up, you let me play sports. I played basketball, softball and ran track. You helped me maintain a busy schedule, so that I wouldn’t end up doing bad things. You helped me find out who I was in the inside. You helped me to a better self-esteem towards myself.

You gave me something no one could ever give. You gave me a dream, a dream to become a nurse, helping those in need. You showed me how much I have the gift to help those in need. You helped me make my dream come true. You were helping with my projects. Providing me with what I needed in school as well as out of school, and being there. I became a nurse because of your love and helped.

You helped this young girl become a young lady. You changed me into someone who can believe in dreams. You helped me set a goal and meet it. I became a CAN, certified nurse assistant. I followed my dream because you helped me make it come true. You brought out the better in me, just by being who you are. You are someone that everyone in this world could use in their life, to guide them the right way. You changed my life and I am very thankful for it. Thank you for changing me into a young lady making smart chooses. I love you Aunt Sabrina for improving who I was.