Karena Jennings





How Do I Learn Best?




††††††††††† What learning styles do I have? Do you know how I learn best? There are many ways you can study material. You may study it all day and never understand the information. Today there are new ways to find out what kind of learner you are so that you donít have to waste all that time study material a way you donít understand. Grades are important to a lot of people, but if you canít satisfy yourself by making good grades because of your studying strategies, maybe you should know what kind of learner you are.

What is Vark? Vark is a questionnaire that provides users with a profile of their preferences. The preferences show you what kind of learning styles you may have. VARK stand for Visual, Aural, Read, and Kinesthetic. Visual is seeing the material. Aural is listening to lectures. Read is reading material about the subject. Kinesthetic is hands-on, getting the feeling of things. †VARK was invented by Dr. Neil Fleming. Dr. Fleming is a teacher at Lincoln University and New Zealand. He has traveled to facilitate active workshops on a variety of topics in Europe and North America. He has worked with groups of elite sports coaches to learn hoe to approach to coaching. He manages the VARK website and makes solid wood furniture as a hobby. How do I learn best and what kind of learner am I? How can this VARK website help me? Is this website going to have an effect on me? These are questions that I think about.

How do I learn best? To me my best learning skills would be visual and kinesthetic (hands-on). Seeing charts and pictures helps me to learn much better because I can get what the instructor may be trying to explain. The picture and charts make you think more. They give you a challenge to figure out whatís trying to be said without words. I study the visual things because that material always seems to stay in my head.† The pictures can show and say more than what words can really say. I like having hands-on material helps me a lot too. Having the experience to work on material helps me remember what may have slipped my mind in reading the material. Hands-on material helped me a lot when I was attending nursing school because all the material was doing the work.† I had to do a lot of laboratory assignments and hands-on material. I had to prepare myself for work environment dealing with taking care of patients and clients.

††††††††††† How is VARK helpful to me? VARK website was helpful to me because it showed me different learning styles. It showed me what kind of learner I am, my weakness and my strong learning ways. It gave me questions to ask myself when having trouble with work. The website helped me a lot because there were a lot of things that I didnít know about my learning skills. By me knowing my weaknesses in learning skills, now I can do my best to work on that skill. I can complete my assignments without having to ask so many questions and reading extra material. I feel that this website may help a lot of young people. It can tell them what kind of learner they are, their weaknesses and strengths. It can helped them improve learning skills, which my help them improve their grades. The website can show them what kind of learner they are and give better strategies to learn the material they may be having a hard time on. This website can offer a lot of information to people wanting to learn

††††††††††† Having different learning skills is a good way to improve the way you learn. You can make learning material fun. Help yourself stay focus by getting to know what kind of learner you are. Going to different website or reading extra material may not be all that bad. The extra material helps you know a lot on the subject and helps you improve the way you learn. The website VARK helps a lot of people learn more and could help you too.