Karena Jennings

February 23, 2005


Communication In the Medical Field


Becoming a nurse in the medical field was very hard. I had to good communication skills but I needed to work on them. I had to research on communication skills as a nurse to see what I needed to know to become a nurse and what communication skills I had to improve. Having good communication skills as a beginner was okay but itís best to work on them. Improving communication skills is something that takes time and patience.

My communication skills in the medical field as a CNA, Certified Nurse Assistant are excellent. Iím very good at listening to my patients, and clients as well as my co-workers. As a CNA you are required to do and know a lot. You are to know your patients charts, what kinds of sickness they have, what they are immune to,† how they eat, how many times they have a bowel movement, their likes and dislikes, how they feel about others and most of all how they feel. I listen to every cry, and all the phrases and words my patients try to say to me. I let them take their time to try to explain the problem or situation. When speaking to my patients I talk clearly so they understand. I talk at slow pace and keep eye contact for those who are hard of hearing. Even though they may be irritated because they may feel I am staring at them for a long time I just have to show the right body language and have the right tone of voice. I try to speak in a nice tone nice to keep them clam without disturbing my patients. Observing my patients, I take time with them. Spending time with my patients gives me the time to get closer to them and lets them know that Iím there to help them in any way that I can. I observe my patients to make sure that they are comfortable and are in good health. I research any thing that Iím not sure that I know. I look up medications, charts, and other materials that my job requires me to look up.

†Researching in the medical field is very important. Nurses are always looking up information because in long term care facilities there are always signs and symptoms people need to know more about. The technology used, need lots of research because you never know how things could be different from what you know. You have to familiarize yourself with a lot of information so researching is the best thing to do if you donít know. Also asking someone would never hurt either, but to be safe always back check because you never believe any ones information but your own. So I feel I have good communication skills because I always listen, observe, speak in a good tone and clear so that my patients, clients and co-workers understand. I research materials so that I could avoid making mistakes and to better myself with the knowledge of other things that could better me.

As a nurse I need to improve on observing skills. I feel that people always forget to look for something dealing with the patient instead of looking for the things that are right in their face. I want to be able to do a full assessment on my patient without making any mistakes or overlooking something thatís wrong with the patient. I think that with the observing skills I need to look and listen more to my patients that are able to speak clearly for me to understand. Instead of me asking them whatís wrong with them I should be able to sit and do a full assessment on their bodies and listen to them to get a better understanding of whatís going on in their bodies. In the medical field you need more time with your patients because there could be things wrong with them but you may never realize it because you have too much on your hands in such little time. I have about 12 to 22 patients a night, I feel that if I had more time with them I could know more about them and they could know more about me. Instead of the patients sometimes feeling upset and do not want people to touch them, if they knew their nurses a better from the more time we spend with them they would feel comfortable. The only reason I need to observe more is because I donít have enough time with my patients to get the full assessment they deserve everyday. All nurses need to get in touch with their patient because we are there to make them feel as comfortable as they can but without the time and good communication skills we are just there doing a job.

In conclusion, communication is very important in the medical field. Communication is a skill that is needed in any career field. It is best to know your weaknesses so that you can improve them. Having good communication skills doesnít affect your life; it just helps you reach another level in your career. Communication is something that everyone should try to improve. Having good or bad communication skills, it is something you need when entering into a career field.