Karena Jennings

February 2, 2005


Succeeding in Hard Times




††††††††††† As a young girl, things in my life were very difficult. My mother had gone to prison, I was put in a foster home and I had depression and attitude problems. My body and mind was suffering a lot. I never thought that I would be able to move on to accomplish my goal of becoming a nurse. No matter what I wasnít going to let any of those things affect me more than what they had already done. I went to school everyday, paid attention and brought home good grades. I also entered into a nursing program to help my career. I graduated from high school and became a nurse.

††††††††††† Entering into a new school was very hard for me, because I moved into a foster home I had to do it. The school I was going to was full of kids that did not complete work for their grades, which made it hard for me. I was brought up that you do your work and ask questions if you need help or do not understand. I was trying so hard but it seemed that no matter what there was always trouble in my classes. The teachers could not handle the students or give lessons if they wanted because the classes were all full. So I had to do what was best for me. I studied hard, got extra help from a local church and went to the library to research more on information that no one else could help me on.

††††††††††† Then when the time was right I entered into a nursing program. I was in the tenth grade taking three classes at my high school plus taking all the nursing course classes. I had to make my schedule just right to interact with other activities. I made my nursing class the very first thing I did, and then I went to school to complete the other courses. In my nursing class I had so much to do I was learning at a higher rate compared to my other classes. I had to convert so many numbers and learn so many skills. Then there were my clinical days when I had to get up a whole two hours early to go do hands on and still had to go to my other classes. No one in my house understood how I did it but they never doubted me. My foster mother helped and guided me in every way she could.

††††††††††† The day had come for me to walk across stage. I didnít think that it would be so easy, but all the hard work had paid off.† Even though I was going through some bad things I couldnít let them change me. Those things encouraged me to become a better person. With all the stress and problems in school I still kept my head up. I made the problems seem as a motivator, doing good things for a good cost. All the pain and stress that was caused really paid off in the end.

††††††††††† If not for me having kind, loving people in my life I would not be here today. People stood by me no matter how mean and depressed I was. They guided me the correct way. They helped me in everyway they could, didnít matter if it was just a ride to school. They helped me become stronger than what I am today. I became a better person on the inside as well as on the outside. I became a nurse working full time in a long-term care facility. I got my own apartment. Iím also attending college full time to better my career and become a Registered Nurse.