Eric Brohimer

Skills For Professional Communication


            Communication is important for many reasons.  We communicate to get our point across and have our needs met every day.  Communication is important at home and in business, with family, children and acquaintances.  For me, communication has always been tough, but I am learning to overcome my fears of communication and realize my strengths.

            As a communicator, I feel I have many strengths.  One of my strengths is listening.  I happen to be a good listener rather than speaker.  When I am told to do a task by my boss, I listen carefully and then complete the task.  I make sure I listen well at work and school.  Taking good notes in class helps me emphasize my  listening skills.  My honesty, also, happens to be a communication strength, though some can consider it a weakness.  I like to speak my mind, whether it may seem a little offensive or complimenting.  I think there needs to be more honest communicators, especially in government.  Maintaining eye contact can be considered another one of my communication strengths.  When I communicate with my boss or an employer, I keep eye contact to show interest in what they are saying and that I understand them.  Patience and understanding is my additional strength.  All of these communication skills are the ones that help me become successful at work, school and in friendships.

            Many professionals need to have keen communication skills.  Professionals must be able to speak clearly and listen carefully.  For example, in my career interest of  engineering, one has to be able to communicate their ideas to their colleagues and interested contractors through public presentations.  Engineers constantly send e-mails back and forth daily, sometimes up to twelve times a day to communicate with their clients.  So writing grammatically is an essential in their communicating as well.  The most important thing professionals need is communication confidence.  They must have confidence in themselves and at the subject matter they are communicating.   

            I can definitely say my communication weakness is public speaking in front of audiences.  I was once chosen to give a presentation at my work.  The presentation was given in front of many medical professionals and was televised.  I was very nervous, but since I knew the topic well, I tried public speaking.  Unfortunately, I should have been more prepared for it.  Being prepared for your speeches is very important, and itís good to get more practice.  I can get more practice by reading passages from scripture at church, which can give the feeling of having a public audience and boost confidence.  As for public speaking, I am trying to participate more in class and give ideas at work conferences. 

            Overall, I feel that as I age, I am learning more about myself and gaining confidence in my communication skills.  Recently, through giving speeches in class and at work, I am learning that I am able to communicate my needs and thoughts verbally.  Additionally, through this class, I am learning to communicate my thoughts on paper.  Overall, I have come to realize that communication is an important set of skills to have and  transferable everywhere including home and the workplace.  Communication is important in every aspect of life and every day I am learning more and growing as a communicator.