English 111 & English Fundamentals (ENF) 3 , Summer 2012
Rick Dollieslager, Thomas Nelson Community College

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Okay, folks, we all know why we are here, so let's just DIVE IN!

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Summer Class Schedule

Week 1
May 17

Week 2
May 22-May 24
Week 3
May 29-May 31
Week 4
June 5-June 7
Week 5
June 12-June14
Week 6
June 19-June 21
Week 7
June 26-June 28
Week 8
July 3-July 5
Week 8.5/Finals
July 10 and 12

Important Notice!!

At the start each class, open this web page to look at the agenda for the day. At the end of each class, return to this web page to get your homework assignment and view the agenda for the next class. You'll never miss an assignment, a due date, or an important announcement if you come to this page every day.

--Week One--

Thursday, 5/17/11

Discuss the course, meet some colleagues, and begin completing the course syllabus by adding the "rules" to the "Rules for Success" category.

Homework assignments for Tuesday 5/24:

  1. Turn in the blank calendar I gave you in class with your classes/work hours penciled in AND the times and PLACES you will study for your Eng. 3 class this summer
  2. Compose a one-page description (typed and double spaced, 12-point font size) of HOW you are going to ensure that you succeed in Eng. 3 this summer. Be sure to include twothings in it: the specific things you need to work on (tell me so that I can help you!), and who your previous writing teacher was at TNCC. you don't have to say anything about your previous teacher. I know the approaches that my various colleagues take and the material that they tend to cover, so I will know more about what you've learned and what I need to teach to each of you individually.

--Week Two--

Tuesday, 5/22/11

In-class activities: 1] Introduction to Power Writing. 2] Introduction to Aplia

Homework for Thursday 5/24:

Thursday, 5/24/11

In-class activities:

Homework for Tuesday 5/31:


--Week Nine--

Tuesday, 7/10/11

In-class agenda: 1] Write the final (in-class) essay for your portfolios. 2] Turn in your portfolios.

Thursday, 7/12/11

In-class agenda: Portfolio evaluation conferences.


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