English 3: Computer-Mediated Preparing for College Writing II,
Fall 2012
Rick Dollieslager, Thomas Nelson Community College
the brain
brain cells

It's "tournament time" in English 3: Let's kick our synapses into high gear!

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Over-arching goals of English 3: "From Paragraphs to Edited Essays"

Class Resources
Fall Class Schedule
  • Essay #1: Profile of a successful student (8/23/12)
  • Essay #2: What we have in common (weeks 2 and 3)
  • Essay #3: The Natural Human Learning Process (10/16/12)
  • Essay #4: How emotions affect learning (11/8/12)
  • Essay #5: Multitasking (11/13/12)
  • Essay #6: In-class Final Essay (Week 15)


Week 1
Aug. 21 &23

Week 2
Aug.28 & 30
Week 3
Sep. 4 & 6
Week 4
Sep. 11 & 13
Week 5
Sep. 18 & 20
Week 6
Sep. 25 & 27
Week 7
Oct. 2 & 4
Week 8
Oct. 9 & 11
Week 9
Oct. 16 & 18
Week 10
Oct. 23 & 25
Week 11
Oct. 30 & Nov. 1
Week 12
Nov. 6 & 8
Week 13
Nov. 13 & 15
Week 14
Nov. 17 & 29
Week 15
Dec. 4 & 6
Dec. 11

Important Notice!!

At the start each class, open this web page to look at the agenda for the day. At the end of each class, return to this web page to get your homework assignment and view the agenda for the next class. You'll never miss an assignment, a due date, or an important announcement if you come to this page every day.

--Week One--

Tuesday, 8/21/12

In-class activities: 1] Introductions all around 2] Introduction to Perfect Copy

Thursday, 8/23/12

In-class activities:1] Work with Perfect Copy, 2] discuss successful students, 3] begin writing a profile of a successful student.

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 8/28/12: Write a one-page profile of a (real or fictitious) successful student.

--Week Two--

Tuesday, 8/28/12

Due: One-page profile of a successful student
In-class activities:
Group discussion, "25 things we have in common"

Homework assignment for Thursday, 8/30/12: Categorize the things you have in common with your class colleagues, according to any criteria that seems obvious to you from our class discussion. The categorizations may be academic, social, entertainment, community, religious, hobbies, politics--anything that you see that links you to your class colleagues based on our discussion.

Thursday, 8/30/12

In-class activities:1] Power Writing; 2] discuss Power Writing the paragraphs for essay #1 "The most important things my Eng. 3 colleagues and I have in common."

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/4/12: Write 3 or 4 paragraphs about what you think are the most important things that you have in common with your class colleagues. Discuss why these things are important to you. To your success. What do these things say about you? About your colleagues? How may it be useful to you to know what you have in common with your colleagues?

--Week Three--

Tuesday, 9/4/12
In-class activities: Pair-share--
assessing the drafted paragraphs on what we have in common.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 9/6/12: Write an essay with 3 or 4 Power Paragraphs in the body about what you think are the most important things that you have in common with your class colleagues. Discuss why these things are important to you. To your success. What do these things say about you? About your colleagues? How may it be useful to you to know what you have in common with your colleagues? If you answer those questions, how is the answer reflected in your thesis statement?

Thursday, 9/6/12
Turn in your essay
about the imortant things you have in common with your Eng. 3 colleagues
In-class activities: 1] Jump start the brain
with a
brain lesson wordle; 2] learn about the NHLP

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/11/12: Power Write a paragraph on the NHLP following this pattern: 1-2-3-2-3-2-3-2-3-2-3-2-3

--Week Four--

Tuesday, 9/11/12
In-class activities: 1] Power 4
sentences 2]
Get to know your brain: Neurons are like trees.

Homework assignment for Thursday, 9/13/12: Write a paragraph describing how neurons are like trees. (On Thursday, we will pick up our discussion of synaptic firing with slide #8 from the PPt.)

Thursday, 9/13/12
In-class activities: Lesson
on synaptic firing: Get to know your brain

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 9/18/12: Write (at least) two paragraphs. One paragraph describes how synaptic firing is like a spark plug firing. One (or two) paragraph(s) discuss HOW you can use this information about how the brain in order to optimize your own learning abilities and opportunities. Here are my suggestions for these two paragraphs:

--Week Five--

Tuesday, 9/18/12
In-class activities: 1] Turn in
your paragraphs 2] Register and begin using

Homework assignment for Thursday, 9/20/12: Work the three Aplia lessons which are due this week: Intro to Aplia, Diagnostic Assessment, Subjects and Verbs. If you want to work ahead, you may do next week's Aplia lessons as well: Nouns, Pronouns, Present Tense, Past Tense, Past Participles

--Week Six--

Tuesday, 9/25/12
In-class activities: Problems and progress
Aplia lessons

Thursday, 9/27/12
In-class activities:
Discuss proofing and editing

  • Aplia update: I have moved the first 8 Aplia assignments, those which were already due, down into "Week Five" in the list of Aplia lessons. You may go back and do those lessons if your scores were low. If you did not do them, you had better get them done or you will be completely lost!!! These consist of the Aplia tutorial, the diagnostic test, and the six lessons reviewing the parts of speech.
  • New Aplia lessons for "Week 3" in the Aplia list (Oct. 1-Oct. 5) have been posted. There are five lessons on sentence constructions, and it includes a lesson on proofreading. You will need to know this material in order to begin revising and editing your papers in class next week, so go to work on them ASAP. They range from about 40 to about 60 questions for each lesson; please don't try to do all of them at once.

--Week Seven--

Tuesday, 10/2/12
Begin proofing and editing activities.

Note: Folks, this is week seven. Anyone who is not caught up with all of the Aplia assignments and all of the writing assignments by mid-term (week 8 of 16 in the semester) is likely to be dropped so that a failing grade does not result for the semester. Be a success, friends, not a statistic.

Thursday, 10/4/12
In-class: 1] Questions about Aplia lessons on sentence constructions. 2] Overview of basic sentence patterns

--Week Eight--

Tuesday, 10/9/12
In-class: 1]
Practice with sentence patterns 2]
The Least You Need to Know About Editing (in order to get into English 111)

Homework for Thursday, 10/11: Edit your "What We Have in Common" essay to eliminate ALL fragments, run-ons and comma splices, and turn it in at the beginning of class on Thursday. Here is how to use the web page to prep for editing out any sentence boundary errors:

Thursday, 10/11/12
In-class: 1]
Mid-semester evaluations/updates, 2] Reconstructing Bertrand Russell, 3] Revising the NHLP paragraphs

Homework for Tuesday, 10/16: Revise your paragraphs into an essay per class discussion.

--Week Nine--

Tuesday, 10/16/12
In-class: 1]
Mid-semester evaluations/updates 2] Revise your NHLP paragraphs into an essay

Homework for Thursday, 10/18: NHLP essay will be organized as below (Note: it is EASY to write an intro. paragraph and concluding paragaph AFTER the body paragraphs are written)

  1. Introductory paragraph
  2. Body paragraph 1 = The NHLP according to Smilkstein
  3. Body paragraph 2 = How I learned __________ following the NHLP
  4. Body paragraph 3 = How I am using this knowledge about my NHLP
  5. Concluding paragraph

Thursday, 10/18/12
Developing style in writing:
Combining sentences for variety and aplomb. Practice sentence combining to rewrite this paragraph of simple sentences by copying the 7 sentence groups into an MS Word document and recasting them into 7 sentences, a fairly short paragraph.

Homework for Tuesday, 10/23: 1] View his video on sentence combining using coordination and this one on subordinating clauses, then combine these sentences using coordination, and these sentences using subordination. 2] Turn in your NHLP essays per the instructions posted on 10/16.

--Week Ten--

Tuesday, 10/23/12
In-class: 1]
Work with sentence combining to develop a variety of patterns

Homework for Thursday, 10/18: Finish the sentence combining assignment

Thursday, 10/25/12
In-class: 1]
Registration advisement. 2] Aplia lessons

Homework for Thursday, 10/18: Finish the Aplia lessons that are reposted for this week. Deadline is Saturday 11 p.m.

--Week Eleven--

Tuesday, 10/30/12
In-class: 1]
Work with sentence combining to develop a variety of patterns

Thursday, 11/1/12
In-class: 1] Pre-reading activities
for the multitasking article reading/writing assignment, 2]
Read the article and follow the instructions for analyitical reading. 3] Discuss summarizing.

Homework for Tuesday, 11/5:

  1. Do the pre-reading activities for the multitasking article (if you were not in class to write them),
  2. read the article on multitasking,
  3. follow the instructions on the lesson plan by answering the question in your own words,
  4. write the summary,
  5. and write a paragraph describing your own multitasking experience (Note: you better NOT conclude that you ARE a multitasker!!)
Aplia lessons have been reposted in Week 9 on the Aplia lessons list.

--Week Twelve--

Tuesday, 11/6/12
In-class: 1] Discuss
the multitasking article and the paragraphs you wrote about your own "multi-tasking" experiences. 2] Begin drafting a paragraph describing how you can apply this knowledge about multitasking to be successful in the classes you are currently taking.

Homework for Thursday, 11/7: Finish the paragraph you began in class (activity #2 above)

Aplia lessons and editing: The most important editing skills we need to exhibit in our writing in order to pass into English 111 are awareness of sentence boundaries (no fragments, comma splices, or run-ons), basic uses of commas, and appropriate academic diction (primarily regarding verb uses, including tenses and agreement in number with subjects). Work any Aplia lessons related to these editing conventions. Use my Least You Need to Know . . . guidelines, use Perfect Copy during class.

Thursday, 11/8/12
In-class: Discuss
how to write a good introductory and concluding paragraph for your essay about multitasking (for which you have already written the body paragraphs), and finish the essay. Here is an outline for that essay:

--Week Thirteen--

It's "tournament time" in English 3, now, time to push for the championship: a ticket to English 111. What will YOU do to prepare?

Tuesday, 11/13/12
In-class: 1] Finish
editing and turn in your multitasking essay 2] Begin revising brain biology paragraphs into an essay following this pattern:

The good news is that you have already written (or have been assigned to write) four of these five paragraphs. So now we revise them into a unified essay, edit carefully, both while inputing and after revising, and get them fully prepared for the final portfolio.

Homework for Thursday, 11/27: Revise and polish the essay on biology of brain development. You will be around lots of people, so have someone you trust do "aural editing" with you in order to make it ready for your final portfolio. If you were not in class on Tuesday, 12/13/12, your brain biology paragraph drafts are in a folder in my mailbox in room 852. Get them and revise and edit and prepare them by our next class on 11/27

--Week Fourteen--

Tuesday, 11/27/12
In-class: 1]
Review punctuation and grammar by playing
English 3 Jeopardy! Put it into the "slideshow" mode to operate it. Make note of any of the answers that you miss because that tells you what you need to study. Then work on those skills using Aplia, Norton's exercises from their on-line handbook, and the GGW. 2] Get our papers formatted correctly.

NOTE: The Guide to Grammar and Writing has handbook information on the editing skills you need and also Power Point slide shows.

Thursday, 11/29/12
Prepare your five papers for your portfolio: A successful student (posted 8/23), things we have in common (posted in weeks 2 and 3), the Natural Human Learning Process (posted 10/16), brain development during learning (posted 11/8), and the myth of multitasking (posted 11/13).

Some of y'all still need to work on titles, introductory paragraphs and thesis statements. Fix them up!!

--Week Fifteen--

Tuesday, 12/4/12
In-class: Begin writing the in-class final essay.
Try to get it all drafted today if you can so that you can devote all of Thursday to editing your essay.

Thursday, 12/6/12
In-class: 1] Finish writing and editing
the in-class final essay. 2] Turn in your portfolio with six papers (Including the in-class final essay), the self-assessment, which you may open from that link and type or you may write by hand, and three evaluation forms with your name and the date written on them.

Here is your final exam schedule for all your classes next week.

--Week Sixteen--

Tuesday, 12/11/12, 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.
In-class: Portfolio conferences.
Th-th-th-that's all, folks!!

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