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What happens to a dream deferred?

Welcome to Spring 2015 English 111/ENF 3, folks!

Office Hours in room 916: M & W 9:30-10 a.m.; T & Th 12:30.-2 p.m.
HT Campus in room 233: W 6 p.m.-7 p.m.
In my office, room 874: M & W 12:30-2 p.m. T 5 p.m.-7:00
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Class Video Resources
Class Internet Resources
Fall Class Schedule
  • Plagiarism and citing videos:
  1. Avoiding plagiarism and using MLA documentation style (16 min.)
  2. What do I need to cite? (1 min.)
  3. Plagiarism: You can't just change a few words! (1 min.)
  4. Quoting and paraphrasing (3 min.)
  5. Citing without quoting (3 min.)
  6. Citing websites (2 min.)
  7. Punctuating in-text citations (6 min)

Mr. D's email address: dollier@tncc.edu

Week 1

Researched Essay Topics:

Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects, and the course syllabus

Week One

Day One discussion topic: Respect & Responsibility = Success in Eng. 111/ENF 3

Monday, 1/12 1] Submit a diagnostic writing sample per instructions on the whiteboard. 2] Discuss the course syllabus and the habits and characteristics of successful college students. 3] Identifying topic sentences and thesis statements in an essay: "Succeeding Against the Odds" Copy and paste them into a M.S. Word document where they are stated outright; parapharse each in your own words if the topic is not stated outright.

Homework assignment for Wednesday 1/14:

Wednesday, 1/14 1] Respect and Responsibility posters: A Google Apps collaboration project. 2] Browse the assignments menu. We will discuss and agree on three projects that reflect what you want to learn, so take notes about the lessons you are most interested in learning more about. I will select the other two major projects we will work on this semester.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 1/21:

Week Two

Monday, 1/19 Celebrate Martin Luther King Day (by NOT going to classes? Huh?)

Homework assignment is in your email

Wednesday, 1/21 1] Cornell note taking format: 2] The NHLP and brain development during learning.

Homework assignment for Monday 1/26:

Week Three

Monday, 1/26 1] Discuss paragraphs and document them using a citation generator, The Son of Citation Machine 2] Brain Lesson #2: How we grow dendrites

Homework assignments for Wednesday, 1/28:

Wednesday, 1/28 1] Brain biology quiz. 2] Discuss Paragraph #1 for Brain Development paper and begin paragraph #2

Homework assignment for Monday, 2/2:

Week Four

Monday, 2/2 1] Ask me about extra credit opportunities! Okay, then, here is how: Attend a College Success Seminar or a cultural event, such as a play or musical or outside lecturer's presentation, and write two pages of notes (from a success seminar or outside lecturer's presentation) or a summary (of the cultural event); turn in your notes and you will earn 2 points of extra credit. You may submit as many as three of these extra credit opportunities, which would equate to an entire letter grade by the end of the semester. 2] Peer review paragraph #2--neurons are like trees. 3] Begin brain development paragraph #3, a paragraph about how synaptic firing is similar to a spark plug firing. This one should include the following terms and corollary descriptions:

Homework assignments for Wednesday, 2/4:

Wednesday, 2/4 1] "Interfacing" conferences (via computers, in-class) with me regarding the synaptic firing paragraphs. 2] Discuss the topic of the next paragaph, "Emotions Affect Learning"

Homework assignments for Monday, 2/9:

Week Five

Monday, 2/9 1] Share examples of paragraph 4, via "spy in the sky" interface. 2] Discuss how to write the final body paragaph which "applies" this information.

Homework assignments for Wednesday, 2/11:

Wednesday, 2/11 1] Essays due at the start of class, ready to turn in. 2] Peer review, final edits to brain development essays. 3] Begin "The Least You Need to Know" activity in this way: First click on a link to the Guide to Grammar and Writing online handbook (one at a time). Second, when the page opens, scroll to the bottom or middle and work one quiz as a "pre-test" of your knowledge of the grammar or punctuation convention. Next, read through that page of the GGW handbook. And, finally, do a second quiz (your choice, but choose a different one from your pre-test), and record your score from pre- to post-test in your notes, or self-assess your results where scores aren't given. You will turn those scores or self-assessment notes in to me at the next class (2 points).

Homework assignments for Monday, 2/16:

Week Six

Monday, 2/16 1] Turn in your pre- and post-test scores from "The Least You Need to Know" activity, and turn in the completed Grammar Crossword, with ALL answers correct. 2] Begin the "Icarus project" by reading the linked material and discussing your answers with your colleagues during class. Work together once you have read the associated material so that you get off to a good start. Note: All of the Icarus project questions are answereed if you find the Easter Egg, so dive deep.

Homework assignments for Wednesday, 2/18:

Wednesday, 2/18 1] No classes thanks to winter storm Octavia :-(

Week Seven

Monday, 2/23 1] Paired "cheating": reworking the Icarus assignments--finding deeper meaning in readings and punctuating text to make or alter meaning. 2] Begin reading strategies notes project, due Weds.

Homework assignments for Wednesday, 2/25:

Wednesday, 2/25 1] Turn in reading strategies notes. 2] "Reading Pairs" critical reading activity. 3] Begin Sample Sentences from the Grammar Crossword: Write, by corresponding number, a complete and original sentence reflecting the punctuation, grammar, or spelling convention (or error) described in each of the following clues:

Homework assignment for Monday, 3/9:

Week Eight

Monday, 3/9 1] Turn in grammar crossword sample sentences. 2] Do the Hartman inventory to ascertain your personality color. 3] Read and take notes about what the Hartman personality profile means and what it shows about a person. 4] Begin errors analysis projects.

Homework assignment for Monday, 3/16:

Wednesday, 3/11 No class today. I am attending and making a presentation at a conference in Asheville, NC.

Week Nine

Monday, 3/16 Workshop day! 1] Turn in errors analysis projects or NQAs at the start of class. 2] In your assigned group ensure that each member's errors analysis is complete and follows the instructions on the Errors analysis project page and on the classroom whiteboard. Make the needed corrections, changes or improvements following your group discussion, and turn in the three parts of the project by the end of class. 3] If you have not prepared your errors analysis on time, finish it during class. 4] Work with a partner of your choice to read each others three "Hartman" paragraphs which were due today.

Soapbox time: Seven absences today, and that is because a major project was due. If you missed, in class, your colleagues worked together to ensure that their errors analyses projects will achieve maximum points--even the folks who were not ready got the opportunity to ask questions and work on any problems. You missed that opportunity.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 3/18:

Wednesday, 3/18 1] Trouble-shooting the errors analysis project: What question do you have about the handbook, resources, or indecipherables? 2] $ for commas!! Woo Hoo!!!

Homework assignment for Monday, 3/23:

The "meta": Once you have completed it, go through your Errors Analysis document, and tally up the number of different errors you made (for instance, P-1a 6 times, S-3 7 times, S-5a 11 times, etc.), so that you can see what your patterns of error are. Record that on a Word document (underneath your name and the date.) Then write a paragraph or two discussing your plan, your specific plan, for how you will overcome the specific errors. In other words, what resources you will use, how you will use them, how often, when and where you will be when you work on these problems, how much time you will spend, etc. DO NOT say "I should . . . I ought to . . . I plan to . . ." Do not make generalizations: make a plan! For instance:

"S-2, sentence fragments: I will work all of the fragment lessons in the online Guide to Grammar and Writing and in the Norton Exercises from the class webpage, as well as all of the sentence fragment lessons and activities in About.com which is linked to the class webpage. I will also proofread my paper in reverse order, sentence-by-sentence reading each sentence aloud to listen for completeness. And I will then have my brother read aloud to me each of those sentences that I have corrected so that I can hear whether they are complete. When drafting my next essay, I will write a note to myself at the top of the paper to run the paper through MS Word grammar check and PaperRater. Additionally, I will find other free, online grammar checkers to help identify where I may have sentence fragments, and then I will read those aloud to listen to them for completeness. Before submitting the paper, I will meet with Prof. Engle in the Writing Center to ask her to help me look for fragments, and I will come to class 45 minutes early to ask Mr. D. to help me identify fragments in my paper"

Do this for each of your recurring errors, so that you can learn this material and, therefore, won't keep repeating the same errors in subsequent papers. Of course, the plan I like best is this one, from the Guide to Grammar and Writing: "I will give Mr. D. $5 for each comma in my paper, and he will give me $5 back for each comma I use correctly." Let's do THAT one!! :-)

Week Ten

Monday, 3/23 1] Turn in errors analyses. 2] Discuss Taylor Hartman and his color test: the inventory, your profile, what the colors mean, and how to use the Hartman inventory

Wednesday, 3/25 1] Check parenthetical citations, works cited entries. Try the Son of Citation Machine's MLA-stylebook home page citation generator. 2] Peer review the body paragraphs.

Homework assignment for Monday, 3/30:

Week Eleven

Monday, 3/30 Editing/Revising workshop: Perfecting the Hartman essay

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/1:

Wednesday, 4/1 Reversing our roles group project: Marking "Sally Student's" essay for editing and revision using the Norton Handbook section codes and Mr. D's revision comments

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/1:

Week Twelve

Monday, 4/6 1] Wix Week!! Wix.com webpages workshop: The fun begins! 1.1] When you register, you will want to use your personal email address since this will be your personal site, and you may want to keep developing it past the time that you are a TNCC student. 1.2] There are issues with Wix interfacing with the I. E. browser, so please use Mozilla or Chrome. 1.3] Check out these smashing examples that were created by some of my Fall 2014 Eng 111 students using Wix.com

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/8: Begin your Wix.com website for hosting your Eng. 111 class projects. Starter suggestions for what to put on your homepage follow:

Wednesday, 4/8 1] Webfolio workshop: (1.a) Let's share what's cool and where you found help videos or instructions for building your Wix webpage. (1.b) Finish your home page which will include the elements above. 2] Extra credit: Antigone. 3] Preview Orwell and Hughes.

Week Thirteen

Monday, 4/13 1] Collect webfolio URLs. You will need to save and publish your home page in order for the rest of us to access it. 2] Begin Hughes and Orwell project with the reading analysis guide. Folks, this is a class in critical reading and college composition. The first step in reading critically is following instructions, so follow all the instructions on the assignment page for analyzing the readings. In other words, READ the instructions before doing the assignment: don't do it however you want--do it my way. I can't award credit if you don't do it MY way. That's what it means to follow the posted instructions.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/15:

Wednesday, 4/15 1] Turn in the reading analysis project for "Shooting an Elephant" and "Salvation." 2] Discuss the two essays and how to write summaries. 3] Draft a 150-200 word summary of each of those narrative essays including one or two direct quotes--no more than that.

Homework assignment for Monday, 4/20:

Week Fourteen

Monday, 4/20 1] Discuss what we know about the lives and work of Hughes and Orwell. 2] Select your topic for the final essay. 3] Attend "Celebrating Cultures" events from 11-1:00 in the campus courtyard. Write reviews of each to include in your webfolios.

Wednesday, 4/22 1] Discuss documenting the sources. 2] Turn in your two summaries, on two separate M.S. Word documents. Make sure that both sources have works cited and that each has one or two direct quotes (no more than two directly quoted sentences).

Homework assignment for Monday, 4/27:

Week Fifteen

Monday, 4/27 Workshop day: Compose, revise or edit Hughes or Orwell defining moment essays; begin revising returned papers and summaries; post revised/final drafts to webfolios.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 4/29:

Wednesday, 4/30 Workshop day: 1] Discuss documenting questions about Hughes or Orwell defining moment essays. 2] Revise and complete the Orwell or Hughes essay 3] Post drafts to webfolios

Week Sixteen

Monday, 5/4 1] Submit Orwell or Hughes essays. Upload final versions to webfolios. 2] Meet for final next Monday at 8:00-10:30

Check the Final Exams schedule for ALL of your classes. Note: starting or ending times will be different for all classes except once-a-week, three-credit courses.

Webfolios will include the following:

Final Class: 8:00-10:30 a.m.

VERY IMPORTANT Notes about the Orwell or Hughes essays:


Average of grades for the Orwell or Hughes essays (of the all essays that were turned in on time, i.e., on 5/4/15): 3.2 of 6. :-(

Did you:

If you did not do all of these things, do you understand your grade? Do you understand that all of these things are expected of a college essay for any class in college? Do you understand that college is about learning and not just about making a grade?

Monday, 5/11 1] Revise and edit returned final essay (Orwell or Hughes) and the Hartman essay (with no intervention or feedback from me). Then upload final versions to webfolios. 2] Miniconferences and final grading of webfolios during class if finished. Check your recorded grades on BlackBoard. I absolutely will not accept anything that has not already been submitted, but I will correct any grade that was recorded incorrectly if you have that paper with you.

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