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Welcome to Fall 2014 English 111/ENF 3, folks!

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Class Video Resources
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Fall Class Schedule
  1. Avoiding plagiarism and using MLA documentation style (16 min.)
  2. What do I need to cite? (1 min.)
  3. Plagiarism: You can't just change a few words! (1 min.)
  4. Quoting and paraphrasing (3 min.)
  5. Citing without quoting (3 min.)
  6. Citing websites (2 min.)
  7. Punctuating in-text citations (6 min)

Mr. D's email address: dollier@tncc.edu

Week 1


Researched Essay Topics:

Grading Criteria for all Essays and projects, and the course syllabus

Week One

Wednesday, 8/20 1] Getting started: Introductions, "house-keeping," and success behaviors. 2] View and analyze the advice of these two professors on how to email your professors: Prof. Richardson's advice. Professor DeCoster's advice. Take notes from the videos outlining appropriate and inappropriate ways to communicate with your professors via email, the "do's and the don'ts" of emailing.

Monday, 8/25 1] Discuss the course syllabus and the habits and characteristics of successful college students.

Homework assignment for Tuesday 6/3:
Bring your Living in the World book to class.

Week Three

Wednesday, 9/3 1] Read the course syllabus, particularly the "expectations" and "classroom deportment" sections and be prepared to discuss any changes to it. Finish the syllabus. 3] Collaboration project/intro. to Google Apps: Creating a Class Email Policy Poster. 4] View your class email policy poster, your first group collaboration of the semester! 5] Preview the readings for Monday

Homework assignment for Monday 9/8:
1] View videos on the Creator mindset and the Victim mindset (as defined by Dr. Skip Downing and others): You will be writing about this, so take notes! Dominic, Jesse, the Professors
2] Read
these three pages excerpted from Chapter 2 of Dr. Skip Downing's book called On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life: "Adopting a Creator Mindset." While Dr. Downing does not give his specific definition of a Creator or a Victim (capital C and V), he describes their behaviors, so in your notes include what you think his definition of a Creator is (in one sentence) and his definition of a Victim (in one sentence), written in your own words.
3] Read examples of Creator and Victim behaviors and language from Prof. David Mirman's teaching blog. Take notes because you will summarize this article later--from your notes only.
4] Write in your notes about someone you know personally whom you regard to be a Creator. Include in your notes some examples of this person's behaviors that show him or her behaving and speaking as a Creator. You will use your notes to, first, discuss in class in small groups, and later to write a paragraph about this person.

Week Four

Monday, 9/8 1] Take the DRP, Degrees of Reading Power, test of critical reading skills to establish a semester baseline for improvement.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 9/10:
The same homework posted (above) for today is due on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 9/10 1] Discuss Creator and Victim mindset and "The Late Paper" case study. 2] Discuss Creators that we personally know. 3] Preview Chapter 1 of Living in the World, "Myanmar's River of Spirits."

Homework assignment for Monday, 9/15:

Reading/note taking: "Myanmar's River of Spirits" pages 3-19

Writing: (Note: Always type your assignments, save them multiple ways, and make sure you can access them during class or that you bring them with you.)

  1. Revise your notes from Mirman's blog post into a one-paragraph summary of it.
  2. Draft a paragraph (appx. 150-200 words) describing a specific time when you played the Victim role. SHOW what you did, said, etc. in that situation with specific details, not just generalizations.
  3. Draft a separate paragraph describing a Creator whom you know personally. (i.e., you do not personally know Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Dr. M. L. King--but you DO know Creators in your own lives.) SHOW what he or she did, said, etc. that makes you regard that person to be a Creator.

Week Five

Monday, 9/15 1] Group discussion and presentations of critical reading questions at the end of the Myanmar article. 2] Previewing reading: an overview. 3] Preview "The Power of Writing"

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 9/17:
Take voluminous notes to prepare for the test on Wednesday on "The Power of Writing"

Wednesday, 9/17 1] Open notes test on "The Power of Writing." 2] Previewing "Guardians of the Fairy Tale: The Grimm Brothers"

Homework assignment for Monday, 9/22:
1] Write a paragraph (appx. 200 words in length) in reply to one of the first three "Critical Responses" questions in column one of page 43, or in response to "Writing Topic" #3 on that same page. Print it out before class to turn in at the beginning of class.
2] Finish previewing the article,
"Guardians of the Fairy Tale: The Grimm Brothers," and write questions in the cues column of your notes which you will answer during reading. Leave plenty of space on your pages if you are note-taking by hand so that you can fill in important information while you read that was not already recorded in your cues column when you had finished your preview skimming.
3] Read and be prepared to discuss or take a test on "Guardians of the Fairy Tale: The Grimm Brothers"

Week Six

Monday, 9/22 Registering and using Basic Writing 1 Aplia software lessons from Cengage Publishing. In class we will do the tutorial and begin the Diagnostic Assessment. If you missed class or did not have your access code with you today, check your email from me for the Course Key, which is the number you will need in order to get into our Eng111/ENF 3 course shell in B.W.1. Folks--I do not care if you were not in class today: you are still responsible for registering your product and working the first 6 assigned lessons in Basic Writing 1. So do it. Don't come with excuses; come prepared.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 9/24: The following B. W. 1 lessons time out at 7:45 Wednesday morning, so do them today or tomorrow. Two were started in class, but perhaps not finished, so finish them and the new ones that I have added below:

Wednesday, 9/24 1] Open notes quiz on the Grimm brothers article from the National Geographic reader. 2] Discuss "Guardians of the Fairy Tale: The Brothers Grimm." 3] View "Analytics" features on B.W.1 Aplia software so that you can see how I will track your progress and how you can track your progress. 4] Reading activity or journal writing.

Homework assignment for Monday, 9/29: Write three paragraphs and read several fairy tales, per the instructions below. This is DUE at the start of class on Tuesday. Folks do NOT come into my classroom and tell me that you wrote the paragraphs but that they are on your computer at home or you forgot your flash drive or your dog chewed up your flash drive, or, or, or. For that, you will get a series of zeros for grades that will chuck your whole semester in Eng 111/ENF 3 down the tubes, and you will end up taking it over. Be Creators, not Victims!! Save your documents to your home computer, laptop etc., but also to "cloud" storage, such as Google docs, iCloud, DropBox, Evernotes, OneNote, email attachments. Your professors, me included, do not care why you do not have your material with you; we simply require you to have it. I will say no more about that for the rest of the semester; I will just award zeros--because it is so very, very EASY to save your work so that it is accessible to you at all times.

Resources for completing Monday's assignments

The reading and writing assignments for Monday:

  1. Write a paragraph (appx. 150-200 words in length) describing where the stories came from, and when, why and how the Grimm brothers put together their collection of tales. Summarize this from your notes, from the reading in the book, and from Prof. Ashliman's chronology.
  2. Read some Grimms' stories. "You live a fairy tale life," people sometimes say. Read some of the tales to select one which you did not previously know which resonates powerfully with you because it represents something about you and who you are, or it is about something that has happened to you. Don't try to cop out and choose "Cinderella," "Snow White," "Beauty and the Beast," "Rapunzel" or any of the other well- known Disney or Hollywood adaptations of the classic stories. Choose one that is new to you, but that represents something about you.
  3. Summarize: Write a paragraph (appx. 150-200 words) which summarizes the story that you have selected. Put it ALL in your own words. You may use a sentence or two of direct quoting from one of the characters in the story you select if the direct quotes are necessary to show what happened in the story or what is important about the story.
  4. Compose a third paragraph (appx. 150-200 words) which discusses how this tale you have summarized reflects something about you or about some aspect of your life. Remember: the fairy tales are said to be "universal"; if so, we all live fairy tale lives. No?

Week Seven

Monday, 9/29 1] Peer review (a) background paragraph about the Grimms and their stories, (b) paragraph summarizing a fairy tale, (c) paragraph discussing the applicability of one of the tales to your own life or your own experiences. 2] Add documentation to paragraphs one and two.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 10/1:

  1. Revise the three assigned body paragraphs (assigned for today) for the fairy tales essay, per class discussion and the evaluation rubric.
  2. Spell-check and grammar-check your paper using those functions of M.S. Word
  3. Run it through PaperRater
  4. Listen to it with Natural Reader 11 or 12 (download the free version)
  5. Revise and edit it per the relevant and useful electronic feedback
  6. Do the plagiarism tutorial. Do not have your results sent to me, but rather write down your pre-test soore and your post-test score, which you will submit to me on Wednesday as an attendance quiz. I will not record your scores but will give credit for your having done the tutorials, so be honest in reporting your scores to me.
  7. Basic Writing 1 lesson, "Moving from Paragraphs to Essays"

Wednesday, 10/1 1] Attendance/homework quiz: Turn in your pre- and post-test scores from the Plagiarism Tutorials (2 pts. simply for being prepared for class: What a deal!!) 2] Group activity: Reconstructing Bertrand Russell.

Homework assignment for Monday, 10/6:

Week Eight

Monday, 10/6 1] Document the essay with a parenthetical citation at the end of the first body paragraph and with the works cited entry which we developed together in class. If you quote, paraphrase or summarize from any of the sources provided or from other sources, be sure to add the appropriate in-text citation and works cited entries for each. Let's preview source citing conventions, and try a citation generating tool, the Son of Citation Machine. Note: the citation generating tools (this one and others, such as EasyBib and this feature on M.S. Word, for example) are all tools. They will NOT give you perfect output. It is YOUR responsibility to look up your citation models and the works cited models that are appropriate for YOUR sources. 2] Discuss results of the open-notes test on the Grimm brothers article.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 10/8:

Wednesday, 10/8 1] Identifying topics, main ideas, and supporting details. 2] Group note taking.

Homework assignment for Monday, 10/13:

Week Nine

Monday, 10/13 1] Reading notes check (2 pts. for good notes which identify topics, main ideas and main supporting details) 2] Discuss purposes for note-taking and useful notes 3] Group activity: vocabulary in context; add to your Chapter notes the 25-30 most important words to know in order to fully understand "Sketching the Civil War"

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 10/15:

Wednesday, 10/15 Vocabulary Jeopardy from "A Sketch in Time: Bringing the Civil War to Life" (Big money for the winners.)

Homework assignment for Monday, 10/20:

Vocabulary completion: Add any of the 26 vocabulary words and their correct definitions to your vocab. notes from this article (correct = as used in the context of the article). Turn these in at the start of class on Monday.
Turn in your multitasking experiences paragraph draft if you did not turn it in on 10/15.
Th-th-th-that's all, folks!

Week Ten

Monday, 10/20 1] Discuss SQ4R note taking, and select the next article to read and take notes on.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 10/22:
Read and take copious notes on any article of your choice, i.e., one article from the National Geographic reader. I will collect your article notes on Wednesday and grade them for the equivalent to an essay grade (6 points possible, so do well!)

Wednesday, 10/22 1] Turn in your homework--thorough notes from a reading of your choice, identifying main ideas, supporting details, and important vocabulary. 2] Identifying main ideas and strongest supporting details for the professional communication project.

Homework assignment for Monday, 10/27:
Finish all four stages of "Reading Question 1" from the project about communicating as a professional.
Turn in your documented paragraph which paraphrases the three or four most compelling arguments given by Adams and the three or four most compelling arguments made by Weins for developing and using good grammar.

Week Eleven

Monday, 10/27 Discuss how to execute the next phase and practice SQ4R note taking in researching Reading Question 2 of the communicating as a professional project.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 10/29:
Complete all five steps of Phase 2 of the professional communication project.

Wednesday, 10/29 1] Turn in paragraph #2, 2] Begin close reading activity, identifying main ideas and supporting details

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/3:
1] Finish the close reading activity we began in class, and submit it at the start of class on Monday.
2] Revise and EDIT
Paragraph 1 of the professional communication project, including the attributions which establish Adams' and Weins' credibility, and the parenthetical citations, as well as a correctly formatted works cited entry. Print these paragraphs separately from your vocab. worksheets and paraphrasing notes, which I have already graded.

3] Use the editing tools before you submit your paragraphs, including M.S. Word's Grammar Check, PaperRater, and Natural Reader. If Natural Reader does not work for you, then search online for another free text-to-speech program which will read your prose aloud to you. If you cannot find one, use a human reader (not yourself!!) to read back your prose to you exactly as written so that you can listen for the errors in your own writing that you are not likely to see when you read it back to yourself silently or aloud. Listen to your prose and you will hear most of the errors. You do not want ME to be the first person to see or hear them when I grade your work, do you?

Week Twelve-Fifteen = Revision Month!

Monday, 11/3 1] Turn in revised/edited Paragraph 1 from the professional communication project and the close reading activity. 2] Access The Least You Need to Know about Editing, and pretest yourself on each editing conventions by scrolling to the bottom of the page from the Guide to Grammar and Writing, then read the page and its examples, and then post-test yourself. After that, work the same lessons in Basic Writing Skills 1, scoring above 80%. 3] Once you have completed one set of lessons, write notes (which you will turn in on Wednesday) paraphrasing from the sources the following information: How this error is defined, how to recognize it, and how to correct it. If there are multiple answers to those questions (for instance with sentence fragments and comma applications) write notes on the variety of answers.

B.W. 1 Aplia Lessons to work (they time out Wednesday at 8 a.m.):

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 11/5:
1] Finish the B. W. 1 lessons at 80% or better and THEN . . .
2] Finish your paraphrased notes
on the punctuation and editing conventions listed on "The Least You Need to Know . . ." lesson page

Wednesday, 11/5 1] Discuss and begin revising paragraph #2 and discuss how to use and apply this information while 2] drafting your plan for how you will develop the requisite communication skills necessary for entry into and success in your chosen profession.

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/10:
1] Finish drafting the entire essay on communicating as a professional: Revise and edit Paragraph 1 and Paragraph #2, and finish describing your plan for how you will develop your skills (Paragraph 3).
2] THEN, follow the instructions for completing the essay, which are outlined on the grading rubric. That's what you will be graded on, folks, so please do it my way. I want you to get good grades on this project.
3] Submit your draft at the start of class on Monday, 11/10.

Week Thirteen

Monday, 11/10 I am sick today, folks. :-( See you on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 11/12 1] Peer review each other's professional communication essays. 2] Discuss revisions and editing on the Grimm brothers essay.

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/17:

Week Fourteen

Monday, 11/17 1] B.W. 1 lessons: In the week 15 list, work "Proofreading to Correct Your Personal Errors." This lesson instructs you how to identify your patterns of error. Then do "Putting Your Proofreading Skills to Work." Follow the instructions from the previous lesson to self-assess your editing error patterns. 2] Review your marked draft of the Grimm Brothers essay to ascertain your patterns of error which I marked. Then write a paragraph discussing your patterns of errors and what you will specifically do to overcome them. Draw on the advice from the first lesson on proofreading as well as on the resources available to you now and beyond the end of the semester.

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 11/19:

Wednesday, 11/19 1] Discuss returned projects. 2] Discuss revision of the Creators and Victims paragraphs (collected on 9/15) into an essay on developing the Creator mindset.

Homework assignment for Monday, 11/25:

Week Fourteen.five

Monday, 11/24 Be thankful for family and friends this week.

Week Fifteen

Monday, 12/1 Begin your academic webfolio using Wix.com (unless you have already begun a web site using another product or web hosting service, which you may use for your webfolio instead. Let's view some tutorials and then help each other to make a home page today, which will include the following:

Homework assignment for Wednesday, 12/3:

  1. View webfolios of recent English 111 students' work from the links at the bottom of this page
  2. Complete your home page per the instructions above

Comprehensive Semester Finals will cover the following Eng. 111/ENF 3 student learning outcomes:

  • Reading comprehension, with the DRP post-test
  • Independent researching skills
  • Knowledge of MLA documentation conventions
  • Revision, editing and grammar skills
  • Computer literacy skills

Wednesday, 12/3 1] Begin the three-day comprehensive exams by taking the Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) post-test. 2] Begin independent research skills exam in this way. Find two viable on-line sources which discuss why and when it is not appropriate to use second-person point of view and the word "you" in your academic essays. Paraphrase the information (no direct quoting allowed) and document it with parenthetical citations and two correctly formatted works cited entries.

Homework assignment for Monday, 12/8:

  1. Turn in the Creator's mindset essay after final revisions and edits.
  2. Complete the research and documenting test which is to paraphrase advice from two sources on why/when/how to avoid using second-persn point-of-view and the the word "you" in academic essays.

Week Sixteen

Monday, 12/8 1] Self evaluate your Creator's mindset essay using the grading rubric. 2] Thesis statement shoutout. 3] Tweaking the documentation and peer reviewing the C/V essays. 4] Discussing revisions/edits to professional communication essays.

Homework assignments:

Final Class, 8:00-10:30 a.m.

Monday, 12/15 1] Revise and edit the Creator's mindset essays. 2] Peer review webfolios. 3] Perfect and publish webfolios. 4] Write course evaluations. 5] Go forth boldly into the rest of your life. :-)

Webfolio evaluation. Webfolios will total 6 point per essay (which will be regraded if you have already received a grade for them individually), and 6 points for the webfolio itself. Webfolios will contain the following:


Your class webfolios index

Take a look at your colleagues' webfolios, folks. Great work on these sites, everyone!

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