English Fundamentals 1 & 2, Spring 2020, Rick Dollieslager,

Thomas Nelson Community College

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YOU determine your destiny. YOU are in charge of your success. Believe and Achieve!

"Victims always find an excuse; Creators always find a way." Tom Hale, Professor Emeritus, N.E. Okla. A & M College

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Week Two

Monday 1/20 MLK Day, no class today.

Wednesday 1/22/20 In-class activities: Take the Degrees of Reading Power pre-semester test

Homework assignment for Mon. 1/27/20:

Week Three

Monday 1/27/20 In-class activities: Previewing To a Kill Mockingbird. Begin reading chapter 1 after previewing the chapter reading prompt in your Canvas Reading Journal asignments section.

Homework assignment for Weds. 1/29/20:

Week Seven

Wednesday 2/26/20 In-class activities: 1] Discuss DRP pre-semester scores. 2] Read and summarize Prof. David Mirman's essay which gives advice to his students about how to create the outcomes they wish to achieve and enjoy in college and in life.

Homework assignment for Mon. 2/3/20:

Week Eight

Monday 3/2/20 In-class activities: Read and highlight the topic sentences of each paragraph from the following three pages excerpted from Chapter 2 of Dr. Skip Downing's book called On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life: "Adopting a Creator Mindset." While Dr. Downing does not give his specific definition of a Creator or a Victim (capital C and V), he describes their behaviors. Write out what you think his definitions are.

Wednesday 3/4/20 In-class activities: Discuss 3-2-1 responses. 2] Read and discuss "Succeding Against the Odds."

Week Eleven, 3/30-4/2

Wednesday 4/1/20 Discuss Chap, 21.

Week Thirteen, 4/13-4/15

Monday 4/13/20 1] Discuss Chap, 26 and 27, and the shift of focus to finishing the semester. We are asking for only three essays for your portfolio. It won't be necessary to include your choice of 5 reading journal entries. 2] Disuss the Creator Mindset essay (outlined in Canvas) 3] Discuss the reflective letter and the final essay.

Homework assignment for Weds. 4/15/20:


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