English Fundamentals 2, Spring 2013
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Over-arching goals of ENF 2: "From Paragraphs to Edited Essays"

Writing Assignments
Class Resources
Class Schedule
  • Introduction of yourself, a one-page "news story" (draft due 1/15/13; final due 1/17/13)
  • Essay #1: Importance of developing good grammar skills (2/7/13, draft due)
  • Essay #2: The Myth of Multitasking (2/14/12, draft due)
  • Essay #3:
  • Essay #4: In-class Final Essay (Week 15)


Week 1

Important Notice!!

At the start each class, open this web page to look at the agenda for the day. At the end of each class, return to this web page to get your homework assignment and view the agenda for the next class. You'll never miss an assignment, a due date, or an important announcement if you come to this page every day.

--Week One--

Tuesday, 1/8/13

In-class activities: Doing the DRP test

Thursday, 1/10/13

In-class activities: 1] Discuss successful students, 2] Introduction to Power Writing

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 1/15/13:
1] Draft a Power Paragraph describing a successful student. Use this pattern: 1-2-2-2-2-2-2.
2] Go on line to look up answers to the following questions and write or type the answers. (A) What are the "6w's" of journalism? (B) What is the purpose of the 6W's method? (C) What is a summary lead? (D) Clip out, retype or copy and paste an example of a summary lead.

--Week Two--

Tuesday, 1/15/13

In class Power Warm Up: Draft a Power Paragraph describing what you have learned about Power Writing. 1] Discuss 6W's and summary leads. 2] Draft a news story about yourself. Save it in MS Word format or .rtf (Rich Text Format) 3] Here is how to post it in the Fodey News. 4] Save a document and send it to yourself as an attachment in your TNCC email account.

Homework assignment for Thursday: 1] Draft a news story of about 250 words (a "one-pager") about yourself. 2] Save it in MS Word format or .rtf (Rich Text Format). 3] Bring it to class on a flash drive.

Thursday, 1/17/13,

In-class activities: 1] Peer review the 250-word news stories about yourselves. 2] Print and submit the news story. 3] Post the news story to Fodey and print the clip. 4] Discuss returned "successful student" power writes and discuss the qualities and behaviours of successful students to add this material to the course syllabus.

--Week Three--

Tuesday, 1/22/13
In-class activities:
importance of grammar

Homework assignment for Thursday, 1/24/13: Finish "The Importance of Good Grammar" assignment. It is due at the start of class on Thursday.

Thursday, 1/2413
In-class activities: 1] Pair-share: Reread, review and revise your paragraphs on the importance of good grammar. 2] Introduction to Norton's workbook and handbook

Homework assignment for Tuesday, 1/29/13: Read your college email to collect your assignment for next Tuesday

--Week Four--

Tuesday, 1/29/13
In-class activities:
introduction to the
Norton Field Guide to Writing and to its wonderful exercises.

Resources for completing the revisions and edits:

Homework assignment for Thursday, 1/31/13:

Thursday, 1/31/13
In-class activities:
1] Draft a paragraph discussing the grammar skill you need to develop this semester. Include the feedback you got from me when I marked your news stories about yourself as well as the Grammar Journal entries that I assigned for today. Do you know all of that material, or do you need to learn more about phrases, or clauses, etc.? 2] Let's document the paragraphs about the importance of grammar in the workplace, using the citation generator and handbook links below. 3] Begin the multitasking reading/writing assignment in class.

Resources: Research paper section of the Norton Field Guide to Writing
Citation generator: Son of Citation Machine

Homework assignment for: Do steps 1-4 of the multitasking reading/writing assignment

--Week Five--

Tuesday, 2/5/13
In-class activities:1] Discuss resources for learning the editing skills you need to develop--on campus, on line, at home, off campus. 2] Draft a paragraph
outlining your plan for overcoming the editing problems you discussed in the previous paragraph. the multi-tasking article and 2] your experiences when you have tried multitasking. 3] Begin drafting a paragraph describing your multitasking experiences.

Thursday, 2/7/13
In-class activities: Begin
sentence patterns and punctuation worksheet

Homework assignment for 2/12:

--Week Six--

Tuesday, 2/12/13
In-class activities: 1] Discuss the multi-tasking
article and 2] your experiences when you have tried multitasking. 3] Begin drafting a paragraph describing your multitasking experiences and revise the paragraph summarizing the article about multitasking.

Homework assignment for 2/14: Write your 5-paragraph essay on why and how you will improve your grammar and editing skills.

Thursday, 2/14/13 Turn in the grammar essay
In-class activities: 1] Discuss
multi-tasking, and 2] begin drafting a paragraph about your experiences attempting to be a multi-tasker

Homework assignment for 2/19:
Write a paragraph on your experiences attempting to be a multi-tasker
Note: I am revising step 7 on the multitasking lesson plan, and we will do it in class on Tuesday

--Week Seven--

Tuesday, 2/19/13
In-class activities: 1] Practicing the reading process
for step 7 of the
multitasking lesson, and 2] taking notes from sources on multitasking for the multitasking essay we will be writing next week. Finish steps 7-9 on the multitasking lesson page.

Thursday, 2/21/13
In-class activities: 1] Make
a time management matrix, 2] discuss time management, and 3] begin writing a paragraph about time management, per steps 9, 10 and 11 on the multitasking lesson page.

Homework assignment for 2/26:
Finish assignments through step 11 on the multitasking lesson page. You should have drafted four paragraphs following the instructions on that lesson page.
Note: Steps 4, 6, 8 and 11 result in the four paragraphs that will comprise the body of the researched essay on multitasking and time management in college. Step 12 models the outline for this researched essay. We will follow it when we revise the paragraphs into the essay.

--Week Eight--

Tuesday, 2/26/13
In-class activities: Revising
the four paragraphs on
multitasking and time management into a researched essay. Let's start by reconstructing Bertrand Russell's "What I Have Lived For," the quintessential five-paragraph theme.

Homework assignment for 2/28:
Complete step 12 on the multitasking lesson page, revising your paragraphs into the essay, following the outline.

Thursday, 2/28/13
In-class activities: 1] Finish
the intro. and concluding paragraphs if they are not complete, 2] Edit your multitasking/time-management essay, or 3] Begin the "inference" activity by doing the story crossword if you have completely finished drafting the essay

Homework assignment for 3/12:
Complete the story crossword

Grammar Videos

Schoolhouse Rock Grammar videos

Punctuation/editing videos



--Week Nine--

Tuesday, 3/12/13
In-class activities:
1] Prepare Cornell pre-reading notes for a short article on
George Orwell's "rules for writing." 2] Begin writing the summary

Homework assignment for 3/14:
Write a summary (appx. 200 words in length) of "George Orwell's Rules for Writers" from your reading notes that we began in class. Turn in your notes with the summary.

Thursday, 3/14/13
In-class activity: 1] A sentence-combining overview. 2] Revise these sentences taken from another of Orwell's essays about his life in Burma, called "A Hanging." Combine them in whatever way seems most appropriate stylistically.

Homework assignment for 3/19:
1] Rewrite the Orwell sentences so that you have an example of each sentence pattern outlined on this sentence construction and patterns exercise.
2] Identify each sentence pattern you have revised these sentences into.
3] Add an entry
in your grammar journals discussing what you know about each of these sentence patterns.

--Week Ten--

Tuesday, 3/19/13
In-class activities:
1] Discuss the sentence combining exercises. 2] Work on the sentence patterns exercise together in class. Use the
Norton Online Handbook for reference, e.g. [S-1], [P-1a], [P-6a], etc.

Homework assignment for 3/21:
Finish the sentence patterns exercise. You may use the sentences from Orwell's essay that we worked with for the sentence combining lesson OR you may make up your own sentences following those patterns.

--Week Eleven--

Tuesday, 3/26/13
Skills and drills day: 1]
Let's go to the Norton Handbook's exercises section and work two lessons on each of the editing skills listed below. First, work a
10-question multiple choice lesson and then work a pargraph editing lesson on the same topic. 2] After working the two lessons on each topic, record your scores in your grammar notebook, and add notes discussing what you now know about the topics. Here are the topics:

Homework assignment for 3/28:
Practice the SQ4R reading techniques to preview these two short articles.
Read the articles closely,
one at a time, and answer the questions after reading each.
Print out
your answers and bring the printout with you to class.

Thursday, 3/28/13
In-class activities:
1] Answer questions about the punctuation and grammar lessons. 2] Discuss our answers to the reading questions assigned for today.

Homework assignment:
Read your email every day and come to this class page every day.

--Week Twelve: Cyber Week!--

Tuesday, 4/2/13
As you recall, I will be at a VCCS conference in Roanoke this week, so we will conduct "class" in cyber space today and Thursday. You may do this in the classroom in collaboration with your colleagues, or you may do it on your own, wherever you have access to a computer which links to the Internet and has a word proccessing system. Take this link to
the Icarus assignment. Answer the first three questions using the readings links which are provided on the page. The link to the stories about Daedalus are halfway down the page that begins with a description of Theseus in Bullfinch's Mythology on line. After reading the selection and answering the research questions 1, 2 and 3, go to step 4, which is to punctuate the poem as ordinary prose sentences--as if it were a short paragraph describing the painting rather than the lovely poem that it is now.

Next week, we will discuss William Carlos Williams, Daedalus and Icarus, and your reconstruction of the poem into prose. Don't change any words or add any to the poem when recasting it into sentences.

Homework assignment:
Read your email every day and come to this class page every day.
Finish the Icarus assignment entirely by Friday 4/5/13

Thursday, 4/4/13
Activity: 1]
Review these sentence patterns described in a page of the Purdue OWL. 2] Either find an example of each pattern from the sentences you wrote in your multitasking essay, or reconstruct one or two of your sentences from that essay to reflect each of the patterns. Type or paste those sentences into the same document that you created for the Icarus assignment, with the Icarus assignment above and the sentence patterns below it.

--Week Thirteen: Begin revising--

Tuesday, 4/9/13
In-Class: 1] Formatting your essays
for portfolio preparation using MLA style: Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12-point font, one-inch margins all around, 1/2 inch indent for new paragraphs, name/date/assignment in heading on page one only, a good title, no extra space between paragraphs, two works cired entries at the end. 2] Begin revising the news stories about yourself, which were written near the start of the semester. Folks, these are essays. They must have complete sentences. "Hampton boy injured in a skateboarding accident" is NOT a sentence. Let's get these fleshed out to a page and a half in length. 3] Begin mini-conferences on the other essays.

Essays for your portfolios:

--Week Fourteen: Editing, editing, editing--

Tuesday, 4/16/13
In-Class Activities:
1] Discuss how to pass the portfolio review: "
The Least You Need to Know" 2] What are your patterns of error? Use the resources below to work lessons on those editing skills that you need to bring up to par and demonstrate in your own writing portfolios.

Resources for completing assignments and brushing up:

Thursday, 4/18/13
In-class activity:
Begin drafting the in-class final essay

--Week Fifteen--

Tuesday, 4/23/13
In class: 1]
Finish composing, then proofread, & edit. 2] Finish and print out the four papers and submit in them your portfolios.

Thursday, 4/25/13
In class:
Complete the Degrees of Reading Power test.

--Week Sixteen--

Tuesday, 4/30/13
In class:
Exit conference on portfolio evaluation and DRP placement results.


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